2021 BEIJING-U5 PLUS Interior and exterior Walkaround | Cars in China

At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, BEIJING Automobiles brought to the exhibition venue many models, including the BEIJING-U5 PLUS and the BEIJING- EU5 (configuration/requirements) PLUS which has just started pre-sale.

In terms of appearance, both cars adopt a family-style front fascia and are equipped with LED headlights, which effectively enhance the vehicle's technology-sensing and recognition capabilities.

BEIJING-U5 PLUS uses a polygonal grille, which looks more fierce and powerful. The inverted L-shaped daytime running lights are the finishing touch.

The shape and size of the two wheels are the same, both using newly designed 5-spoke sport wheels, the tire style is suitable for size 215/50 R17.

BEIJING-U5 PLUS does not use an exposed exhaust port design, but hides the exhaust pipe, making the car look more aggressive.

Inside, there are still some differences and changes between the two cars, but the design concept of the surrounding cockpit and the 12.3-inch dual screens remains the same.

The engine is equipped with a completely new mobile phone connection system, which can perform many functions such as voice interaction, smart connection and online navigation, and is also very smooth.

The air conditioner control panel is designed separately, the biggest advantage of this is that it is easy to operate, moreover can directly select the temperature of the air conditioner.

The BEIJING-U5 PLUS uses a traditional gear design, while the BEIJING-EU5 PLUS uses an electronic gearshift paddle, which is more technological.

The right seat is the highlight of these two cars, not only using electric adjustment, but also adding lumbar support adjustment, seat ventilation, heating and memory function.

BEIJING-U5 PLUS will continue to be equipped with 1.5L and 1.5T engines, combined with 6-speed manual transmission and CVT continuously variable transmission. The BEIJING-EU5 PLUS comes standard with a liquid-cooled temperature control system, combined with an intelligent electronic control system and a single-pedal energy recovery system, with a maximum flight range of 501 km.

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