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With a low-slung front, special aerodynamic shape at the sides and an extended rear for peak performance, it is clear at first sight that the new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport has been designed without compromise for optimal aerodynamic performance. Bugatti engineers developed the new hyper sports car for top speed while fully embracing both luxury and comfort.

"With the Chiron Super Sport, we are following our long-standing tradition of combining top speed with absolute luxury," says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. "The Chiron Super Sport stands for increased comfort and elegance coupled with even greater performance and higher speeds. With this new creation, we established another distinct personality within the Chiron family. It is the essence of what we learned and developed in recent years - the ultimate grand tourer." The Chiron Super Sport embodies a part of Bugatti's broad spectrum of performance - a counterpart to the Chiron Pur Sport, which was made for cornering and lateral agility.

Design - made for speed

Bugatti developed a new vehicle design with optimized aerodynamics for the Chiron Super Sport's streamlined bodywork. The new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is an uncompromising reincarnation of the Bugatti design mantra, 'form follows performance'. From the front splitter to the rear diffuser, every centimeter of its skin is designed for top speed.

At speeds over 420 km/h, a vehicle must offer sufficient downforce alongside minimal drag. "Our aim was to give the vehicle a neutral setup at its top speed while also giving it as streamlined a shape as possible." explains Frank Heyl, Deputy Design Director at Bugatti. The uplift forces exerted on the bodywork at 440 km/h are immense. The body of the Chiron Super Sport generates massive downforce to counter this uplift and perfectly balance the forces. "The design process was therefore in particular about achieving aerodynamic efficiency," Heyl continues. The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport's extended rear, which is known as a long tail, gives it new proportions and very distinctive aesthetics. An optional, new, horizontal color split visually extends the proportions of the Chiron Super Sport even further, making the hyper sports car appear even lower.

As for aerodynamic performance, the rear has been increased by about 25 cm to keep the body flowing for as long as possible. Bugatti designers have also widened the cross-section of the diffuser, pushing the rear edge of the diffuser higher and thus reducing the rear edge surface of the car by 44%. As a result, slippage and wind resistance are significantly reduced - factors that reduce vehicle speed. A welcome benefit of these technical modifications is that the rear has even better proportions and is both wider and lower. The long tail helps to keep the laminar airflow clinging to the body for as long as possible.

Even from a distance, the Chiron Super Sport remains unmistakable due to its repositioned exhaust profile. To increase the effect of the diffuser and create more space for it, Bugatti moved the central exhaust system to the side, with the pipes aligned vertically. The exhaust system also gives a deeper and richer sound. "If we can generate downforce with a diffuser, then we don't need to generate it with drag-sensing blades. This means we can retract the wing as far as we can," explains Frank. as possible on Top Speed ​​for minimal drag" Heyl.

Therefore, the front also has to be perfect to achieve seamless airflow over the bodywork. On the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, features such as the louvers next to the air intakes improve airflow from the front to the wheel arches, keeping it close to the side of the vehicle. “This minimizes drag and improves airflow through the side panels,” explains Frank Heyl. The new, focused facial expressions with slanted headlights and modern design language perfectly match the aggressive personality of the Chiron Super Sport.

The nine air vents on each fender are more than just a highlight for the Bugatti EB 110 Super Sport - they also help to release air pressure from the front wheel wells, thus creating downforce on the front axle properly. physical. The auxiliary outlets behind the front wheel arches also help balance the aerodynamic load.

To bring even more exclusivity, new aluminum wheels with a 5-spoke Y-spoke design are exclusive to the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. These new Super Sport wheels are also available in a diamond cut option. The Chiron Pur Sport's iconic magnesium wheels, which help reduce the weight of the unsprung mass, are also available as options.

The interior is a combination of timeless elegance and incomparable comfort. It is a blend of natural elements such as leather and polished aluminum, along with high-tech applications of carbon fiber. This is an interior perfectly suited for high-speed transcontinental trips.

With a strong focus on engineering maxims during development, the demands of the new super sports car are very precise. Even at a top speed of up to 440 km/h, it should be easily and safely controlled.

Higher efficiency and higher revolutions per minute

Bugatti overhauled the entire 8.0-liter W16 engine for the Chiron Super Sport, increasing its performance from 100 PS to 1,176 kW/1,600 PS. At the same time, the vehicle weight is reduced by 23 kg. Engineers made modifications to the turbocharger, oil pump and cylinder head with valve system, as well as the transmission and clutch. "We've increased the revolutions per minute (RPM) for greater vertical acceleration and a more emotional driving experience," said Michael Kodra, Head of Powertrain Development at Bugatti. The engine rpm is increased by 300 up to 7,100 rpm, for a significant increase in performance. Torque of 1,600 newton meters can now be achieved from 2,000 to 7,000 rpm, instead of up to 6,000 rpm.

With improved performance delivered by a larger turbocharger with a more efficient compressor wheel, a seven-wheel dual-clutch transmission at full load and a top speed shift from six to seven at 403 km. / H. The Chiron Super Sport accelerates from 0 to 200 km/h in 5.8 seconds and to 300 km/h in 12.1 seconds. The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport accelerates from 0 to 400 km/h 7% faster than the Chiron. The seventh gear boasts a 3.6% longer transmission.

To achieve seamless acceleration at full throttle, boost pressure must remain near maximum while the super sports car quickly builds momentum and reaches optimum speed. When shifting gears, the pressure drops only very quickly for 0.3 seconds, then returns to the maximum boost pressure of 2.8 bar to fill the Chiron Super Sport's W16 engine. Michael Kodra explains: “Despite its immense power and tremendous vertical acceleration, the Chiron Super Sport still delivers a comfortable, quiet and balanced ride. Even above 6,000 rpm, acceleration remains undiminished, giving the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport a strong thrust up to 7,100 rpm. "The attributes of this engine perfectly match the fastest Chiron." Michael Kodra said.

New frame setting for maximum speed

Bugatti has developed a new chassis dedicated to the new high speed and aerodynamics of the Chiron Super Sport. The steering and dampers create a tighter and stiffer bond with the vehicle from the steering feel, resulting in tighter steering for smoother steering movements. Firmer springs stabilize the entire bike at top speed, and engineers have also tweaked the electronically controlled chassis. It adjusts settings in real time within six milliseconds and adapts to driving behavior. There are four drive mode choices - EB, Handling, Autobahn and Top Speed.

With an elongated rear end and revised front end, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport achieves balanced aerodynamics at top speed. Jachin Schwalbe, Head of Division explains: "Even on long turns at high speeds, the rear remains calm and neutral, resulting in a very calm ride in the Chiron Super Sport. Chassis development at Bugatti This steady directional stability, together with the quietness and rigidity of the steering and significantly increased performance make the Chiron Super Sport unique.

The newly developed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires optimized for top speed offer more stiffness and ride comfort than the grip-optimized tires fitted to the Chiron Pur Sport. Moreover, it is the only tire that can continuously drive at 500 km/h. This is made possible thanks to reinforced belts that can withstand great forces - proven on test benches originally built for the Space Shuttle. Each tire is x-rayed after the manufacturing process to rule out even the slightest irregularities.

Jachin Schwalbe explains: “We adjusted all possible parameters when developing the chassis to achieve the best possible setup for strong acceleration as well as an exclusive luxury and comfort experience. unique of Bugatti". "Compared to the Chiron Pur Sport, which is a free-turning car with lateral dynamics that provides a lot of downforce down to 350 km/h, the Chiron Super Sport remains very neutral and quiet even above this in the high-range ranges top speed, he explains. This greatly increases the sense of security.The result: extremely precise handling that the driver can predict, along with confident steering and a smooth body.

Super Sport's Three Ancestors

The new Chiron Super Sport joins the ranks of several famous Bugatti predecessors. Bugatti first unveiled the Type 55 Super Sport at the Paris Motor Show in 1931. The major automaker combined purebred racing technology with the comfort of a sophisticated two-seater. With the help of a compressor, the 2.3-liter 8-cylinder engine produces 160 PS and accelerates the Type 55 Super Sport to more than 180 km/h. Several versions of the bodywork were designed by the young and talented Jean Bugatti, and only 38 were produced until 1935.

Bugatti did not build a follow-up to the Super Sport until 1993 to 1995. 39 EB 110 Super Sport were produced. The EB 110 is again about lightweight construction, performance, luxury and exclusivity, and becoming the best super sports car of its time. It was the first super sports car with a carbon fiber body, four-wheel drive and four turbochargers. The turbocharged V12 engine puts out more than 610 PS and sets multiple records in the EB 110 Super Sport, including a record speed of 351 km/h.

Two decades later, Bugatti has brought the Super Sport back to life. The Veyron 16.4 Super Sport boasting a capacity of 1,200 PS broke the 2010 speed record with a top speed of 431.2 km/h, thereby earning its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the road sports car. fastest in the world - a record it once held. many years. It's the only Veyron to feature NACA ducts rather than the typical large air intakes, and the only model that covers most of the engine. Bugatti has developed a special horizontal color scheme for the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.

History then repeated itself in the summer of 2019 when Bugatti crossed the 300 mph threshold with the Chiron Super Sport 300+, with the record-breaking car reaching a staggering 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h). This is the basis for a few models of only 30 pieces with similar design and color elements.

Bugatti will soon begin production of the Chiron Super Sport in Molsheim, France. Deliveries of the super sports cars for 3.2 million euros (real) are expected to begin in early 2022.

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