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Starting price: $35.000

On June 22, we learned from BYD officials that the BYD EA1 is officially named the Dolphin, the car was first shown at the Shanghai International Auto Show in April this year. Different from the car of the dynasty, the new line to which Dolphin belongs is positioned more youthful and has more new energy attributes. BYD hopes that Dolphin can become a new "cute pet" accompanying the urban life of a generation of active and creative young users.

BYD Dolphin is the first model built with the design concept of “Marine Aesthetics”. BYD Global Design Director, Wolfgang Eiger, creatively formulated the design concept of “ocean aesthetics” with marine life and waves as the main lines, using emotional flowing lines. .

BYD Dolphin has a distinctive appearance and rounded lines. Its shape resembles the back of a "dolphin" on the water. In this new "cute pet" of urban life, "dolphin" is not just a static animal image, but a part of vivid urban life, it is given a living form, with a sense of power and speed. In many design details including car lights and wheels, you can see the "dolphin" image come to life.

In terms of color combinations, the design team took the gray on the back and the white on the belly "Dolphin" as inspiration to give the BYD Dolphin a two-tone body that vividly matches the image." Dolphin". And the bold combination of jumping colors and color contrasts, the color combination makes the car more personal.

It is not difficult to imagine that the interior of the BYD Dolphin will also embody the vitality of the ocean, while offering a rich and varied color combination.

The BYD Dolphin will come equipped with a "blade battery" as standard and an industry-leading eight-in-one electric drive assembly, which has more advantages in terms of energy consumption and durability.

BYD Dolphin will provide users with two different versions. As for battery life, users also have two different choices.

As the first model built with BYD e-platform 3.0, the new logo and new technology will bring new travel experiences and will surely gain the trust of new generations of young users.

2022 BYD EA1 is officially named Dolphin - "Marine Aesthetics" | Cars in China  2022 BYD EA1 is officially named Dolphin - "Marine Aesthetics" | Cars in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on June 25, 2021 Rating: 5

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