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Starting price: £20 759

Renault's budget arm Dacia is introducing a mid-cycle update to its Duster compact crossover, bringing a host of changes both inside and out. Starting with the exterior, the revised subcompact model sports a new Arizona Orange paint job and features slightly tweaked headlights with new Y-shaped LED daytime running lights that first appeared on the 2021 Logan sedan and Sandero hatchback.

Since we mentioned the headlights, the 2022 Duster is the first Dacia production car with LED turn signals at the front. As seen in the Logan and Sandero, the B-segment crossover uses low-beam light-emitting diodes. LED lights also illuminate the license plate to reduce power consumption and make the SUV a bit more efficient.

Shocking prices ... Available on the market since 2010 with city car prices, Dacia Duster has shaken the SUV segment. A true revolution of Dacia! With more than 1.9 million units sold, the Duster has been the number 1 vehicle in terms of retail sales in the European SUV segment since 2019.

Following on from previous generations, the New Dacia Duster is aimed both at customers looking for a comfortable SUV with an attractive design and those who want a powerful, versatile 4x4.

True to its legacy, the New Duster remains a family SUV with a pioneering spirit. It is a companion for everyday use and for adventures in the open air. Its timeless design has evolved, especially in terms of the lights and grille, giving it a stronger personality and improved CO2 efficiency.

Inside, the car is equipped with a high center console with armrests, two multimedia systems with a new 8-inch screen and an automatic dual-clutch EDC transmission. As flexible to drive as ever, the New Duster is available in 2WD and 4WD versions. The latest version boasts a rich 4x4 Display system.

The New Dacia Duster will go on sale from September 2021.


Debuting at launch with the new Arizona orange bodywork, the New Dacia Duster features a more modern design. However, the evolution in its styling serves a purpose, by improving its aerodynamics for greater efficiency.


New Duster adopts the stylistic features of the new Dacia visual identity that first appeared on the All-New Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan. New light units include Y-shaped daytime running lights, a new shape inspired by the 3D reliefs on the new chrome grille. This more modern front end reinforces the New Duster's personality.


The always-on lighting system at the front (ECOLED type) and at the rear is characteristic of the new Dacia lights. Dacia Duster is the first Dacia model to be equipped with LED front directional lights. This technology is also used for embedded headlights (with automatic main beam activation standard) and license plate lights. In addition to lower power consumption, LEDs provide better lighting, day and night, providing better visibility for both drivers and other road users.

Better Kinematics and Efficacy

Thanks to the joint efforts of designers and engineers, aerodynamics is increasingly progressive in style. The design of the new rear spoiler and new 16 and 17" alloy wheels have been wind tunnel tested. The CO2 optimizer (new wheel and tire bearings, LED lighting) includes the bumper area (SCx) ) allows a maximum reduction of 5.8g CO2 on the 4x4 version of the New Duster.

And where CO2 reduction goes hand-in-hand with lower fuel consumption, Duster's improved aerodynamics are a dual benefit for customers.


New Duster improves occupant comfort. The more attractive passenger compartment is equipped with new upholstery, new headrests and a high center console with wide armrests. It also offers two multimedia systems with a new 8-inch touchscreen.


100% brand new Dacia Duster seat cover. The new headrest material and shape improves ergonomics and eases maintenance. The slim profile of the rear car improves visibility in the passenger compartment, allowing rear passengers to see forward and vice versa.

The main new feature is the inclusion of a tall center console with a wide armrest that retracts 70 mm. It has a collapsible 1.1-liter storage compartment and two USB charging sockets for the rear passengers (available on some versions).


Regardless of the trim level, standard equipment includes a built-in computer screen, automatic main light activation and a speed limiter with backlit controls on the steering wheel.

Automatic climate control with digital display, cruise control with backlit controls on the steering wheel, heated front seats and a hands-free card are available on select models.


In addition to the Dacia Plug & Music audio device (radio, MP3, USB and Bluetooth), there are two new, easy-to-use multimedia systems: Media Display and Media Nav. The control panel now includes a new 8" touchscreen.

With Media Display, the unit includes 6 speakers (2 "boomers" and 2 tweeters at the front), DAB radio, Bluetooth® connectivity, two USB ports, and a wired smartphone clone compatible with Apple CarPlay. ® and Android Auto®. Specific controls on the steering wheel are used to activate voice recognition that allows the driver to control their iOS smartphone or Google assistant with their voice.

With Media Nav, the multimedia system is enriched by integrated navigation and Wi-Fi connectivity for Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®.

The interface on Media Display and Media Nav has a Vehicle tab for accessing economical driving information, and on the all-wheel drive version a 4x4 Display (altimeter, inclinometer, compass, etc.).


True to its heritage, the Dacia Duster is a true family and off-road SUV. High ground clearance, new tires and a specific 4x4 Display (on the all-wheel drive version) mean it's at home on the road and off the beaten track.


New Duster is your everyday companion, both on and off the road. To keep you moving comfortably, it continues to offer practical all-terrain features, namely:

Ground clearance is 217 mm on the 2WD version and 214 mm on the 4x4.

Breaking angle 21°.

Approach angle 30°.

The departure angle is 34° on the 2WD version and 33° on the 4x4.


The all-wheel drive version of the New Duster comes with 'green' CO2-optimized tires as standard, which reduces rolling resistance by 10%.

On the 4x4 version, the tire meets the official 3PMSF requirement. The excellent grip these provide means winter tires are no longer needed.


The 4x4 version equipped with Media Display or Media Nav also includes a 4x4 Display system that sends various types of information to the central display:

Side Inclinometer: displays the angle between the left and right sides of the vehicle, useful when driving on uneven surfaces.

Slope angle: this feature uses Hill Start Assist and Adaptive Downhill Control data to notify the driver when going uphill and uphill.

Compass: now available with stationary vehicle, it helps to navigate using North and South magnetics.

Altimeter: altitude is displayed on one part of the screen, climb log on the other.

After off-road or mountain driving, the 4x4 Display shows a summary log of the journey.


The engine range has been completely overhauled to combine driving pleasure with reduced CO2 emissions. The new Dacia Duster is now equipped with a 6-speed automatic EDC transmission with the TCe 150 engine, while the LPG tank capacity on the ECO-G 100 version has increased by 50%, equivalent to 49.8 liters.


The 2WD version of the New Duster is now available with a 6-speed automatic EDC transmission paired with the TCe 150 engine. It delivers the comfort and enjoyment of an automatic transmission while keeping fuel consumption and emissions low. CO2 is close to that of a manual transmission.

The EDC (Effective Dual Clutch) transmission has two clutches: one for odd gears (1,3,5) and one for even gears (2,4,6 and reverse). The gear change is controlled via an electric actuator, which in turn is controlled by a computer to select the ideal gear required by the driver. During gear shifting, the engaged clutch opens at the same time as the next gear's clutch closes. Shifts are quick and torque is continuously transmitted. No energy is lost and no motor jerks, providing greater efficiency and comfort.

The EDC system reduces engine rpm by ensuring that the vehicle is in the highest possible gear at a given speed, thereby controlling fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


New Duster has a full range of Euro 6D Full engines designed for every use.

Diesel engine: dCi 115 (2WD or 4WD) combined with 6-speed manual transmission


TCe 90 (2WD) combined with a 6-speed manual transmission.

TCe 130 (2WD) combined with a 6-speed manual transmission.

TCe 150 (4WD) combined with a 6-speed manual transmission.

TCe 150 (2WD) combined with 6-speed automatic EDC transmission

Biofuel (petrol-LPG): ECO-G 100 (2WD) combined with 6-speed manual transmission.


Dacia is the only manufacturer to offer a bi-fuel (gasoline-LPG) ECO-G option on all its internal combustion engine models. Factory fitting this proven technology into the ECO-G 100 engine is a guarantee of safety and reliability. The manufacturer's warranty period, service intervals, and bootability are all the same as the petrol-only version. The LPG tank is installed under the trunk floor, instead of the spare wheel.

When running on LPG, the New Duster ECO-G emits an average of 9.5% less CO2 than a comparable petrol engine. In addition, it has a range of 235 km thanks to two tanks with a combined useful supply of nearly 100 liters: 50 liters of gasoline and 50 liters of LPG (total capacity: 62 liters). The amount of useful LPG supply increased by 16.2 liters compared to the previous generation of Duster LPG, increasing the operating range by more than 250 km.

Behind the wheel, the transition between fuels is immediate and imperceptible. The new, more ergonomic and better integrated petrol-LPG switch can be operated manually by the driver at any time. The switch to gasoline will happen automatically if the LPG tank is empty.

The onboard 3.5" TFT computer display informs the driver of the fuel level in each of the 2 tanks.

With Dacia, LPG combines comfort, driving pleasure, reduced CO2 emissions and an excellent range.

In some countries, biofuel-LPG cars are encouraged or taxed - meaning low fuel prices at pumping stations, no green fines and access to restricted areas.


In addition to the latest generation speed limiter and ESC, offered as standard, and cruise control from the steering wheel (optional, depending on the finish), the New Dacia Duster features a variety of driver assistance systems (ADAS).


Operating between 30 km/h and 140 km/h, the blind-spot warning warns the driver of the possibility of a collision with other vehicles present in the blind spot. Four ultrasonic sensors (2 mounted at the rear of the vehicle and 2 at the front) detect moving vehicles - including two-wheelers - in the blind spot. If there is a vehicle in the area, the LED indicator will illuminate on the appropriate door mirror. If the directional light is on when there is a vehicle in the blind spot, the LED on the mirror will flash.


Four ultrasonic sensors built into the rear bumper activate an acoustic signal during movement. Depending on the version, they can be accompanied by a display from the rear camera with dynamic instructions on the center display and visual warnings of approaching obstacles.


When restarting after stopping on an incline, this feature prevents the vehicle from rolling backward more than two seconds after the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal, thus giving them time to press the accelerator.


Especially useful when driving off-road or downhill roads, this system, controlled from the dashboard, acts on the brakes to prevent the vehicle from running away and to ensure an adaptive driving speed (in accordance with the requirements of the vehicle). driver's demand) from 5 to 30 km/h. It works in first and reverse gear. The driver only needs to think about the steering wheel but can forget about the brake pedal and accelerator pedal.


The Multiview camera system (four cameras: one at the front, one on each side, and one at the rear) tells the driver about the vehicle's surroundings. Side cameras are fitted underneath the door mirrors that project the front wheels directly to locate the vehicle accurately. This system is useful for parking maneuvers or in complex off-road situations. It activates immediately when inversion is performed and manually via the MVC key on the piano remote. The navigation screen shows each camera one by one. The camera automatically changes the angle when forward gear is set. The system is switched off via the MVC key or when the vehicle's speed exceeds 20 km/h.

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