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Starting price: ~ $22,900

First of all, Sehol is a new brand, followed by China's Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group and Germany's Volkswagen Group. The relationship between the two parties is not the bottom line. You just need to understand that the new car of the Sehol Brand has Volkswagen behind it in terms of technology.

Among them is a concept-MIS, the full name is "Modular Intelligence Structure" smart car modular architecture.

Foundational and architectural concepts emerged one after another. What are the characteristics of Modular Intelligence Structure?

It is the cousin of the Volkswagen MQB from China. At this year's Shanghai Auto Show, Sehol officially unveiled the MIS architecture, its main structure and key parts are 90% similar to Volkswagen MQB, especially the chassis structure and control German style dynamics.

Younger design, practical space

Today's car consumers are mostly young people, and the styling has to be more in line with their preferences. Sehol QX is inspired by the game and the universe, the design is quite creative, such as the front with integrated split headlights and LED daytime running lights. The back has the sci-fi name "Star Trails". It looks spacious and cool enough. The twin lightning bolt logo in the center of the front end mostly matches the meaning of SOl (sun) in Spanish.

The bodywork has smooth lines, with clear upper and lower ribs. The roof rack, chrome trim strips on the lower edge of the windows, as well as the black contours and wheel rims give the body a distinct and 3D look. The Sehol QX is a standard compact SUV with a length, width and height of 4605/1890/1700mm and a wheelbase of 2720mm, on par with competitors Haval H6 and CS75 PLUS.

The rear shape of the car also has many elements that are popular today, the rear diagonal taillights are illuminated to a good effect, the lampshade unit is relatively delicate, the official name is "Double Beidou". The chrome-plated part at the D-pillar position also feels like a floating hood, combined with double exhaust pipes, so the overall look is also quite good. The 18-inch 5-spoke petal wheels are also available in two tones, tire sizes are 235/55 R18, please note that this is standard across the range.

The interior space is airy.

SUV users attach great importance to interior space, Sehol QX is considered to be suitable for the characteristics of a practical model, the car has a height of 1.83 meters with relatively spacious and comfortable space in the row. front and rear seats.

Of course, it would be better to be able to adjust the backrest angle of the rear seats, so that passengers can find a more comfortable sitting position. Currently the rear seat backrest of Sehol QX can be folded down to 4/6, the operation is simple, after lowering is a flat load space, can easily transport large items, embodies the SUV line of versatility and practicality.

The interior of Sehol QX integrates technology and has a very scientific layout. The 12.3-inch digital clock and center console touchscreen are integrated. There are three different themes to choose from, corresponding to simple, tech and sporty styles. Smart Listen 4.0 car network system includes satellite navigation, car network, multimedia, etc., which can be easily operated via touch screen or voice.

In terms of intelligence, the Sehol QX is equipped with the latest Journey 2 second-generation AI chip from Chinese manufacturer Horizon, which is the domestic advanced automotive-grade AI chip. In addition, the motorcycle system has also introduced industry-leading suppliers such as Huawei and HKUST Xunfei to bring young people the most familiar experiences.

Safety, with 12 ultrasonic radars and 4 high-definition cameras, it can realize ACC adaptive cruise, AEB emergency braking, LDWS lane departure warning, BSD blind spot monitoring, LKA lane keeping assist , TJA parking assistance system, ADAS functions such as HMA near and far light assist, up to L2 level of driving assistance. In the case of high-speed driving or urban traffic jams, reasonable use can reduce the burden on drivers on the basis of safety.


Sehol QX is equipped with a 1.5TGDI inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with a maximum capacity of 135kW (184 hp) and maximum torque of 300N.m / 1800-3500rpm. Among the 1.5T engines of the same level, the power parameters of this engine are still quite eye-catching, especially the extremely strong torque, so it is also known as 300T capacity.

Compared with JAC's previous 1.5T engine, Sehol QX 300T's technology is more advanced, in addition to the direct fuel injection system, the car also uses a low-inertia turbocharger and integrates continuous cooling technology to improve the fuel efficiency. improve turbo lag. The application of DVVT valve control technology and low friction technology further improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.

The transmission system uses a 6-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission, applying a trendy knob-shifting mechanism, which is easy to operate, the steering wheel has gearshift paddles, which can quickly shift gears when needed.


Measured by the standards of hundreds of thousands of urban SUVs, the newly launched Sehol QX has performed very well in its segment. The car demand of the main consumer groups has been taken into account. Appearance, space, configuration and power are all located very well. There are also some bright spots, such as comfortable and smart performance. Thanks to Volkswagen technical support, the hardware platform is also available.

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