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Previously known as the K900 in the U.S., the model still exists in Korea and is looking more upscale than before.

Although it was recently dropped from Kia’s U.S. lineup, the K900 luxury sedan continues on in Kia’s home market of Korea. Called the K9 there, it’s now the beneficiary of a comprehensive update that brings a new look and presumably an upgraded interior.

Kia has only shared photos of the exterior so far, and the new K9 has a classier look that’s somewhat reminiscent of the related G90 sedan from Hyundai's Genesis luxury brand. The new front grille is imposing, and the updates at the rear include an interesting new taillight treatment with a full-width light bar that goes across the trunklid.

The K900 offered a single powertrain in the U.S., a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. Other engines are available globally, including a 5.0-liter V-8 and a naturally aspirated version of the V-6, but Kia has yet to release detailed specs for the updated version.

We don't think the K9 will make its return to the U.S. market, as sales were slow here and the Genesis division has taken over as Hyundai-Kia's luxury marque of record. But we can still admire Kia's large-sedan lineup from afar, as both the K9 and the slightly smaller K8 are introducing some interesting designs to the lineup that may eventually propagate to other Kia models that will be sold on our shores.


Kia's latest flagship vehicle, the K9 which is soon receiving a facelift, has revealed its interior that is looking increasingly plush - so much so that it can be pitted internally with the luxurious Genesis brand. Kia, like Genesis, is a fully owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motors, the South Korean automotive major. Alongside vehicles from Genesis, it also looks like it could compete with the Hyundai Grandeur which will also get a next-generation model in 2022. The K9 is more of a successor to the K900 which was released in the US.

It gets an upgraded 14.5-inch step on the inside, diagonally placed just like on the Genesis models. It also gets the fingerprint authentication system that was first revealed in Genesis. It could also have multiple user profiles for the sake of personalisation. This way the vehicle will be able to automatically change the seat position, climate control settings and even the side view mirrors. It will even change the driver's digital instrument cluster layout.

The system Hyundai revealed a couple of months ago, also postulates the possibility of making payments through the fingerprint scanner ridding the need for a credit card. Like most modern vehicles, the car also supports over-the-air updates which could bring a heads-up display. There will be a smartphone app that will also allow owners to remotely open the vehicle, and even start the car and be spatially aware.

The car features an extended array of safety and driver assistance features including predictive shifting of the gears which is based on the radar and cameras that are already there on the vehicle. This sedan also has a lot of insulation to make the vehicle quieter via sound-insulating glass. It also gets new wood trims and a posh upholstery, and a new feature called "Ergo Motion" that enables the driver's seat to extend for greater comfort.
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