2022 SAIC Unveils A 'Whale' Of A Concept At Auto Shanghai 2021 | Cars in China

Today, design trends in the automotive sector are definitely abstract. Take this particular crossover concept, which recently debuted at Auto Shanghai 2021. It boasts narrow LED lights with a chunky angled front lens, which we've seen before. And its great overall design is in line with popular crossover trends. However, that grille is…something.

Hi Jing, which Google tells us is the Chinese translation of whale . It is a product of SAIC Motor and it will be joined by the automaker's Roewe brand. It's really a production concept that showcases what's to come, but the whale connection is certainly no coincidence. The vertical slats of the grille closely resemble the underside of a whale, and in case you're wondering about the traditional Chinese characters on the license plate, it's a stylized version of Jing. At least the automaker fully owns the whale connection, and so we suspect the white color choice for this concept was no accident.

Style aside, what is the story for Jing? According to Leblog Auto, production versions that look a lot like this concept will hit the market later this year. Specifics about the powertrain are still unknown, although reports say it won't be a fully electric product. Standard plug-in hybrid and internal combustion versions will be available, though output information has not been announced. A related model with an all-electric powertrain will also enter the market, although it will likely not share a striking face. In addition, Jing should hold the main position in Roewe's lineup.

Since this is a production version, don't expect the whale-themed nose to change much once it hits the market. We have no information on pricing or possible features, and as a SAIC product, it will almost certainly remain a product for the Chinese market.

2022 SAIC Unveils A 'Whale' Of A Concept At Auto Shanghai 2021 | Cars in China 2022 SAIC Unveils A 'Whale' Of A Concept At Auto Shanghai 2021 | Cars in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on June 17, 2021 Rating: 5

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