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The TRD Sport trim, which Toyota already offers on the Tacoma, comes to the 4Runner SUV.

Unless you go to Toyota's website and see the page dedicated to the 4Runner SUV, you may not realize how comprehensive the 4x4 lineup is. After all, the Toyota 4Runner only has a single body style (four-door, fixed roof), so it doesn't seem to offer as many configurations as the Jeep Wrangler (two wheels, some roof, etc.). But oh, the 4Runner lineup is deep, and it's going even deeper in 2022 with the addition of a new TRD Sport trim level.

The 4Runner TRD Sport mimics the trim of the same name on the Tacoma pickup truck. It's a sporty handling, a mock off-road change of the similarly positioned TRD Off-Road version with plenty of body-color trim and street-focused tires. , 20-inch wheels paired with 4Runner Limited trim and lots of TRD Badges and stickers throughout. TRD, remember, stands for Toyota Racing Development, and is the main driver of domestic car performance. Finally, there is a roof section added to the TRD Sport.

So, what makes TRD Sport stand out from 4Runner's existing trim levels like SR5, Trail Special Edition, SR5 Premium, TRD Off-Road, TRD Off-Road Premium, Venture Special Edition, Limited, Nightshade Special Edition and TRD Pro? Aside from the 4Runner's (off-roading) sleek looks and exotic appeal, the 4Runner TRD Sport borrows its elaborate X-REAS Cross-Linked Relative Absorption System from 4Runner Limited. This suspension setup incorporates adaptive dampers at all four corners as well as a central "control shock absorber" that cross-links the shock absorbers at opposite corners of the vehicle, like the letter 'X.'"

While pricing is forthcoming, we can assume that — based on the Tacoma lineup — the TRD Sport will be positioned below the Limited in the 4Runner family, which makes the inclusion of the X-REAS a bargain. The real deal (as long as you want the feature). Toyota notes that the TRD Sport is based on the entry-level SR5 trim. TRD Sport's SoftTex seats (Toyota talks about leatherette) are heated up front; Gray TRD logos are stitched into the headrests and also appear on the floor mats and gearshift knobs – significant upgrades over the standard SR5 price.

You might be wondering if the 4Runner lineup needs a "sporty" model that isn't geared toward off-road adventures. No worries. Just like on the Tacoma, the TRD Sport is more of a looks package than an actual sports package. To that end, you can expect the Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport 2022 to be just as powerful and less drivable on the road as any other 4Runner, with dents in the nose when you hit the brakes and tough steering response. understand. The X-REAS suspension might cut some of that, but at the end of the day it's just another chip off the 4Runner ol' block.

Want to go off-road? Choose one of the 4Runners that has that phrase in its name. If you just want a Toyota-branded midsize SUV and are willing to acknowledge your preference for paved roads, then the TRD Sport might be for you. Heck, Toyota even offers the 4Runner TRD Sport with rear-wheel drive to keep driving home.

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