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Starting price: $ Expect a modest price increase.

The Japanese manufacturer has finally confirmed the Toyota Fortuner Hybrid 2022. The model will launch in the first quarter of 2022 and will have the option of a hybrid powertrain. In addition, Toyota added new driver assistance features and more. This is a next-gen model, so we also expect to see various visual updates.

Even the interior will benefit from the latest changes. However, we are mainly interested in the specifications of the new hybrid model. With all these novelties, the new Fortuner will be more upscale, look more attractive and the interior will offer a higher level of comfort.

Fortuner Hybrid redesigned 2022

One of the highlights, of course, is the complete redesign of the exterior. The Toyota Fortuner Hybrid 2022 is on the way and won't differ from the normal Fortuner SUV in terms of aesthetics. Toyota offers a new ENE platform (electrical and electronic). This architecture is a body-on-frame structure that will fit in a hybrid configuration. That's a huge step forward for this SUV.

In terms of design, the 2022 fortuner car has a more elegant appearance. The front end features a revised grille and new headlight graphics. Both ends will have more chrome accents and we like the new LED daytime running lights. Aerodynamics are improved and this SUV also comes with a more aggressive look.

Furniture review

New Toyota Fortuner Hybrid 2022, you will also get a new interior. Comfort should be better, along with the cabin layout. Normally, we think the Fortuner SUV offers more than enough interior space. However, a smarter layout and a new platform will provide more space. There will be three rows of seats and a room for seven people.

Toyota will introduce a new display with a size of 7 inches, while the largest unit of 8 inches will be optional. All trim levels will receive the same upgrades, but we also expect to see more driver-assist features. As a result, the Fortuner SUV will be more modern and also provide greater safety.

There are two hybrid systems offered

The 2022 Toyota Fortuner Hybrid generation will be based on the new ENE architecture. Toyota's chief engineer confirmed the new hybrid setup, but declined to provide further details. At this point, we know that the Fortuner Hybrid will offer two hybrid configurations. The entry-level model will use a mild hybrid system.

On the other hand, the higher trim levels will provide a more robust profile. Unfortunately, the specs are not yet available. However, both versions will use a diesel engine, possibly a 2.8-liter one. This is not official yet, so we are waiting for Toyota to reveal the exact specs of the Fortuner Hybrid.

The next Toyota Fortuner Hybrid 2022 will hit the market in the first quarter of 2022. USA

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