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The Porsche 928 wowed the world in 1977 with its futuristic styling, luxurious 2+2 cabin, superb performance and predictable handling. Originally designed with the goal of inheriting the legendary 911, sales never spiked, with a total of 61,000 units leaving the factory during 18 years of production - and it was discontinued in 1995. , while 911 is still going strong.

Note: This is an independent design study from Guilherme Knob and João Schendel and is not associated with or endorsed by Porsche

About the designer: Guilherme Knop is a professional automotive designer from Brazil, having worked for Volkswagen design studios in Potsdam (Germany), Wolfsburg (Germany) and Sao Paolo (Brazil) mainly designing automotive design for the South American Market. He designed the interior of Fox , contributed to the exterior design of Nivus , wrote the 2016 Gol GT concept car and the 2018 Tarok Pickup and developed many projects for the production line such as Gol, Polo, Virtus and T-Cross. Guilherme also has product design experience in Electrolux home appliances. He recently founded his own design consulting firm “Gak Design” that helps startups and his YouTube channel “O Design” introduces the automotive design process.

The impressive 3D design and 3D rendering was created by industrial designer and CGI expert João Schendel from Sao Paolo, Brazil, who is also an avid Porsche fan.

Even so, 928 has a loyal fan base. Among them, Brazilian automotive designer Guilherme Knop, who was fascinated by the 928's sexy silhouette, decided to test his skills and create a modern version of the touring car. with the help of CGI expert João Schendel .

Today, the rear-engined 911 and its numerous variations still hold the crown as one of the finest sports cars ever made, getting better and better with every generation. However, we can't help but wonder what will happen to the Porsche range as we move into the era of electrification. Speaking of all-electric cars, the 2020 Porsche Taycan is a prime example of automotive engineering so it's clear Guilherme used the J1 platform as the basis for his independent design research.

Visualizing the modern 928 as a large all-electric vehicle did not bring about significant changes to its characteristic shape. The digital concept car remains true to the original front-engine rear-wheel drive layout and proportions. After all, the 928, designed by Wolfgang Möbius under the supervision of Porsche Design Director Anatole 'Tony' Lapine, is the first front-engined Porsche in development, despite the 924 being newly launched. market first.

Guilherme fell in love with 928 after seeing the Tom Cruise movie Risky Business. He also said that the body volume of the Porsche flagship is similar to that of the 1972 Volkswagen SP2 designed for the Brazilian market.

As is the case with all modern cars, the hypothetical 928 successor has increased in size and is naturally fitted with large-diameter wheels. The designer kept the long bonnet, boxy fenders, sloping roofline and signature B-pillars, simplifying a few details for a cleaner look while making the body more muscular. more corn.

At the front, the headlights are flanked by the flat bonnet, emphasizing the wide fenders. Their rounded shape is reminiscent of the original pop-up units and the four-point LED graphics follow Porsche's latest design trends.

The large black opening on the front bumper is mostly covered because an all-electric vehicle doesn't need the same amount of coolant. However, it serves its purpose as a sporty graphic like Porsche's GT models and makes the front end look sportier with the help of a splitter.

Moving in the rear, a 928 is not a 928 without the large rear windscreen and characteristic triangular rear window. However, the taillights in the high position are much thinner and have full-LED graphics with Porsche inscription similar to the Taycan. There is also a discreet rear spoiler and a large bumper although the designer did not emphasize the three-sided shape of the tail as in the original, with the lower part giving us a Jaguar F-Type feel.

Skip the four exhaust pipes on the diffuser as there is no such thing in an all-electric vehicle. The designer said he tried using Panamera's platform but it was too big for a 2+2 Grand Tourer and this is why he changed to Taycan's electric J1 architecture.

Inside, the sleek steering wheel is as eye-catching as a nod to the past, modernized with aluminum trim details. The dashboard is full of screens - a digital instrument cluster, a central touchscreen, a touch panel on the center console and a display for the front passenger. It seems the only analogy is the traditional clock on top of the dashboard since even all controls are touch-sensitive - even the door lock. While we appreciate the effort, we must say that we prefer the layout of the Porsche Taycan; a transfer would make more sense.

We don't have any more pictures of the cabin, but considering the position of the two front seats, there should be enough space in the back for two children or a huge amount of luggage. Given its all-electric nature, there will also be a second luggage space up front, making the 928 even more practical for longer journeys.

So would you like to see a Taycan-based all-electric promo for the Porsche 928? Judging by the book 'Porsche Unseen' published last year, we wouldn't be surprised if the folks at Zuffenhausen toyed with the idea.

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