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The Lexus NX: like all automakers, is in the midst of a major transition to electrification. However, unlike many who focus solely on battery electric vehicles, the world's largest automaker is even more committed than ever to hybrid technology. In addition to the 10 BEVs it hopes to introduce by 2025, there's also a pledge that all of its models will offer an electrified option within five years.

For Lexus, leading in that charge is the all-new sporty-cute NX. Not only does it boast an all-new turbocharged engine, but two of its three available powertrains feature lithium-ion to credit at least a little of their dynamics.

However, the gasoline engine did not completely disappear. In fact, Lexus designed an all-new 2.4-liter, a turbocharger, for its new NX350. Boasting 275 horsepower and a whopping 317 pound-feet of torque, Lexus says that's good for the 7.0-second to 100-mph sprint, half a second quicker, Lexus says. , compared to its equivalent.

That still pales in comparison to Lexus' first plug-in hybrid model, the NX 450h. It's essentially the same powertrain that powers the new RAV4 Prime, which boosts it by three hp - to 305 hp - but sees a slight drop in range, to 58 km, and due to its heavier weight it's slower to zero. 2 seconds (6.2 seconds in total) down to 100 km/h. However, the Atkinson-based 2.5-liter four-four PHEV will come to life, especially since Lexus says it has biased the 450h division to direct more output to the rear than the RAV4. Available on both the 450h and the Turbo is the F-Sport Handling Package, which adds an adjustable damping shock absorber to the mix, along with a range of doo-da styling (20-inch wheels, front wheels) and after new, as well as many internal bits).

The NX 350h hybrid also shares the base powertrain with the RAV4, this time a regular, non-plug-in-hybrid hybrid. For example, its 2.5L four is identical to that of Toyota. However, the Lexus version has a more powerful electric motor, so the total horsepower of the system increases by about 20 hp, to 239 hp. That means it can accelerate to 100 kilometers in just 7.4 seconds, Lexus says, 1.7 seconds faster than the previous generation. And, despite the increased performance, it consumes 1.0 L/100 km less than the old NX, averaging 6.5 L/100 km overall.

If you're looking for other eye-catching tech upgrades, Lexus has significantly upgraded the human-machine interface inside the New NX. While the standard system has a fairly normal 9.8-inch touchscreen, the dashboard of the PHEV and 350 F-Sport is dominated by a large 14.0-inch screen in landscape orientation. Inside the NX's relatively small interior, it looks huge. We don't get too many operational details yet, but along with the new Lexus Virtual Assistant - multiple microphones, enhanced noise cancellation, and even a seat detection sensor for location for everyone - Lexus promises "guests" a new way to interact with its multimedia system.

There's more tech in the Lexus Safety System, which in the new NX has been upgraded to 3.0 status. There's a new Hazard Avoidance Emergency Driver Assistance System that can help avoid accidents with both braking and steering. There's also a new Left Turn Detect/Brake system (which I think is pretty straightforward) as well as a Front Detect/Brake function that can automatically brake if the driver turns left in front of the vehicle. walk and bike.

And Lexus' standard Dynamic Radar Cruise Control now has something called "curve management," which "maintains a travel speed in line with traffic while managing speed on the curve." ." There's even something called a Digital Latching system, which Lexus claims helps open doors smoothly while the NX's Safety Exit system scans the periphery to prevent accidental collisions with pedestrians. passing by cyclists.

In terms of styling, the NX is a bit less exotic than before. Oh, the super-large “spindle” grille is still ubiquitous, but the rest of the design has been softened and rounded so that the new NX looks a little less aggressive than the previous Lexi. Perhaps more interestingly, the 2022 NX is the first vehicle to carry the new Lexus logo, which, unlike some ornate brandings from other automakers, is nothing more than the brand's name in a Elegant, yet simplified writing.

New Lexus NX 2022 Interior and exterior Cute sporty look | Mini Auto  New Lexus NX 2022 Interior and exterior Cute sporty look | Mini Auto Reviewed by Dang Nhan on June 12, 2021 Rating: 5

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