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Starting price: $38,718

In the post-commercial era of material abundance, "taste" has become a new way for people to pursue inner satisfaction. Then a definition of "niche" was formed: it has a sense of texture and accentuates its individuality, and it requires a more subtle perception and even height to perceive and appreciate its charm.

The Polestar 2 2022 has a lot going for it, namely a four-door hatchback with the proportions of a sedan and the height of a crossover, but above all it is an electric vehicle. Its Polestar branding will be familiar to fans of Volvo's performance division, but it now denotes all-electric and plug-in-hybrid models, with the Polestar 1 coupe falling into the latter category. The 2's odd design isn't very pretty, but the hatchback's bodywork and much lower price make it practical and achievable. Of course, its interior is richly furnished and equipped with an intuitive infotainment system. The 2022 Polestar 2 is available with one or two electric motors. The car with the single-motor setup is front-wheel drive and has an estimated driving range of about 260 miles. The twin-engine 2 has a shorter range, but that's offset by all-wheel drive and significantly more power for quicker acceleration.

From a high-performance version of Volvo Cars a few years ago, to now positioning itself as an electric vehicle with high performance, environmental protection and advanced technology, Polestar has always given us the impression of superiority. dominant, focused. about style, dare to create breakthroughs and always innovate. Polestar 2 is a pure electric car full of Nordic minimalist design concepts and humanized technology, bringing a completely different temperament from the popular electric cars on the market.

It is true that the unique product, as well as the arrogance that does not succumb to the needs of the world make Polestar 2 only "the darling of the crowd" in the market, but I think the character, the talent, the aesthetic The aesthetic and even the style of this car deserves more understanding and recognition. All it takes is a specific scene that can truly portray its own charm, and the magical 8D Chongqing city at night is where Polestar shines.

The Polestar 2 is a compact five-door hatchback model that, at the same time, has the same body height as a crossover, it is difficult to classify it into a certain category, it is like a completely independent category with respect to the algorithms. common language. Species. The unique and cool design of Polestar 2 is a special style against glare.

The body is dominated by simple and practical straight lines, without complicated decoration but also with attractive details. Under the simple design lettering, Polestar 2 presents a design feeling that has no trace of design, at first glance it seems like nothing, after a closer look, I find that everything is worth it with pleasure.

At first glance, the "Thor's Hammer" LED headlights of the same model as Volvo contain 84 independent LED clusters in each lamp group, which can more precisely control the illumination direction and angle of each LED light source. More flexible lighting.

In the dark, Polestar 2 with Pixel dot matrix LED technology and corner lighting function is like spreading a light blanket in front of the car. Whether running at high speed or rushing into a U-turn, the visibility light makes me feel more comfortable.

The front camera can identify vehicles moving in the same or opposite direction, then control 84 LED dot matrix light sources for flexible adaptive near and far beam adjustment. It can also automatically adjust the height and direction of the light so that the driver can have high beam coverage, have a super-distance vision without worrying about glare affecting other road users, and Safer times for everyone and yourself.

In addition to the high-tech headlights, the Polestar 2's other lighting settings have also been pretty much done. Translucent taillights are inlaid with a total of 288 luminous units. The light stream displayed when the vehicle is unlocked or locked is also adequate.

The sense of celebration on the car also includes the presence of lights: The star logo projected on the panoramic glass canopy of the Polestar 2 echoes the glowing Polestar logo on the gear lever — Polestar 2 does not mind piling hundreds of varieties onto the vehicle. The color of the atmospheric light, once the two stars are up and down, gives car owners an artistic conception of looking up into the future and raising their hands to the stars.

Polestar's carriage looks plain, plain and even a bit upright, but a few details make texture, emotion and warmth instantly overflow. It doesn't need complicated configuration to please anyone, it cares about whether you can build an emotional resonance channel with it.

Based on the Huawei application market, Polestar 2 provides users with a large variety of Android connected smart applications and quick applications, the commonly used mobile applications can basically find the corresponding program on the car. In addition, Polestar 2 also supports OTA remote upgrade, which can provide users with the ability to use frequently, often to new and grow better as they are used.

During a test drive in the 8D city of Chongqing, reliance on navigation was mentioned to an unprecedented degree of importance. Polestar 2's in-depth partnership with AutoNavi Maps features an in-car navigation app customized for pure electric vehicle users. For example, the battery map function can accurately predict battery life and streamline navigation based on road conditions and current battery life. When the journey exceeds the vehicle During the endurance period, the power supply can only be used for route planning and can also prompt the charging station information along the way. Charging route points are added to the navigation system for worry-free long-distance travel- free.

In addition, Polestar 2 owners can also synchronize their AutoNavi map account to realize the synchronization between mobile phone and car engine The car engine system has a larger screen, beautiful display interface. more, can perform multiple functions at the same time (such as displaying maps at the same time. Answering calls), safer and more convenient to use car and mobile phone while driving. .

In terms of intelligent driving, Polestar 2's hardware includes front millimeter wave radar, front camera, 4 surround-view cameras, 2 blind-spot radars, and 12 parking ultrasonic radars. Pilot Assist integrates map information to more accurately predict the vehicle's position during acceleration and deceleration, and provides drivers with automatic acceleration, braking, and steering assist. in the range of 0-130km/h.

In addition to the usual navigation assistance features, Polestar 2 also has a steering assist function, when the vehicle deviates from the lane or the radar detects a vehicle in the side blind area and the driver is still engaged, Polestar 2 will automatically Apply a steering torque. to help the vehicle return to a safe driving trajectory to avoid a collision.

At a glance, the Polestar 2 has a lot of smart technology configurations, but with very few keys hidden under the 11.15-inch touchscreen, the center console layout does not look much different from a regular car. Unobtrusive, non-sensational, but all functions very easy to use, this is the unique highlight of the Polar Star brand.

Similarly, you will find that the interior decoration of Polestar 2 uses a unique WeaveTech material, which is not as delicate and gorgeous as leather, but it is eco-friendly, waterproof, dustproof and durable, and it also comes with a fresh and cold texture. In short, Polestar spares no expense in using environmentally friendly materials, rather than sacrificing some so-called "luxury" and resolutely embarks on a product line that emphasizes the value of life. and human. This is also a unique highlight of the Polestar brand.

Given these sensory impressions, it is easy to accept that the Polestar 2 is a car with a very strong personality and self-perception. If you understand Polestar's origins well, it's not difficult to understand that even though it is a pure electric vehicle with an emphasis on environmental protection, it must demonstrate the ability to operate and the enjoyment of the driver.

The Polestar 2 in the sports kit's upper body is possibly the purest all-electric in its class: Ohlins twin-valve shock absorbers / Brembo4 piston front brake calipers plus Continental SportContact6 tires , hike in mountains, bends, and more Chongqing on the ramp is simply too exciting.

Under the dim lights of the 8D city, what you enjoy is the driving feeling that only mountain running has. The Polestar 2's strong acceleration, fast braking and flexible handling during stable cornering are indeed worthy of this valuable product set.

Some might say that Polestar 2's acceleration isn't the fastest and the range isn't the longest either, but I believe you can drive 100km on the ups and downs of Chongqing, and you will see the true power of Polestar 2., for it is not a master of examination but a master of the senses. Its hard stats may not be outstanding, but it combines pure electric car with pure driving feel. In the field of pure electric motors, it is so popular with driving enthusiasts, it is truly the only one.

But as a replacement driver for a solo driver, as a passenger, you have to accept the endurance of a long trip due to the lack of tension in the rear, a stiff and upright sitting position. , and difficult walking mechanism.

Not a comfortable car, but electric cars always have plenty of options for buying food at home. On the contrary, I look hearty, use it smoothly and drive a fun and elegant electric car.

When the first release was discontinued and sold out, Polestar 2 also opened a new chapter. The recently launched 2021 car uses LG batteries to replace the Ningde-era batteries. Power battery capacity has been increased from 71kWh to 78kWh. A low-end version with a single motor and 64kWh battery has also been launched. The starting price has also been brought down to 250,000 yuan.

Cheaper and 
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