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Honda CB125R is a high-end naked bike with a different retro feel and uses the engine from the old CBR125R sports bike. It has full LED lighting, stunning looks and a small exhaust underneath.

Engine: Single cylinder 125 cc, 13 hp

Economy: 90 mpg

Range: 200 miles

Seat height: 816 mm

Riding the Honda CB125R for just over 300 miles I find it to have some good and some bad bits. The bike itself is amazing; Honda has created a small motorcycle like its big brothers CB300R and CB1000R. Over the years they have created some great 125cc motorcycles and seem to have a taste for the small bike market.

Let's take this back a few years. Honda launched the Honda C90, one of the best-selling motorcycles in history, in the last few years and they have had great success with two models of CB125 and Varadero 125, one small and one large. Now they've got the Honda CB125R, the killer of the MT-125, with a great engine and even better styling, so let's slow down and really take a look at one of the motorcycles. The best 125cc you can buy.


Let's start with the engine. Honda equips the new bike with a 124.7cc, two-valve free-rotation liquid-cooled engine, proven on the CBR125R sports bike. This nice little runner produces 13.1bhp of peak power at 10,000rpm, which feels good on the go and once it's up to speed it feels better. With the PGM-fi fuel injection system, the car will never let you down.

Let's take a look at the styling. From a distance, it is hard to tell what size engine the car has, only when you get closer do you see that there is a slight difference between the 125 and 1,000cc engines. The neo-cafe racer styling gives this bike a great look and feel. Any new rider will feel like a big racer on this one.

Color is sometimes a matter of personal opinion, but I think the pearl metallic paint is one of the best and gives the car a whole new look.

Honda has certainly thought of this by adding LEDs and indicator lights, giving it the advantage of good illumination in the dark. Following on from the LEDs, the control panel is one of the best digital dashboard assemblies I've seen with all the info you need plus a little extra.

Honda took a look and asked what the new rider would want. I've been biking for 10 years on the L plate and it delivers on that and more, from the handy side reminder, to the blinking shift light and what I thought was a pointless chronograph. Honda has made a good mark on the bike.

Overall, Honda has made a great bike with great styling, great performance, and all-around comfort. For me, the new Honda CB125R is one of the best 125 on the market.

Review of Honda CB125R - Café racer styling offers a great pose | Mini Auto  Review of Honda CB125R - Café racer styling offers a great pose | Mini Auto Reviewed by Dang Nhan on June 11, 2021 Rating: 5

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