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Americana is living well in China: It is possible that my friend was paid 600 yen an hour in his old days to teach the son of a government official's mistress how to speak English with an American accent. local Starbucks, 'natch') or Songsan Motors' latest creation. The latter, ahem, was heavily influenced by Chevrolet's first-generation flagship sports car. Your eyes don't fool you — the SS Dolphin is actually Songsan's turbocharged, plug-in-hybrid powered engine in a 1958 Corvette.

Maybe we're not so different?

es, the car looks like a 1958 Corvette staring at itself in an animal mirror. Judging by its tall stance and uncanny short brick-to-axle ratio, the SS Dolphin is based on a front-wheel drive touring car, not a bespoke chassis that truly celebrates the sports car replica. American sport.

It's hard to imagine that this project didn't involve some cut corners, as it would have been very expensive to cram a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine, electric motor, all the necessary batteries and six-speed dual-clutch transmission into something as small as the original Corvette. Renowned industry analyst Tycho de Feijter of Car News China goes even further, arguing that BYD Auto's powertrain and interior bits (buttons, central large screen) were used in the creation process. out SS Dolphin. It all looks very possible, as Songsan is a boutique brand known for its Harley-like motorcycles while the full-sized BYD partners with Toyota and even sells a small number of the fleet's bikes in the US.

The SS Dolphin's powertrain produces 315 hp and 395 lb-ft of torque worthy of a muscle car to accelerate to 62 mph in 5.9 seconds. You won't have any luck picking Teslas, but the SS Dolphin should theoretically land you in sock with the performance of a four-speed C1 Corvette fuel tanker. Instead, use the 62-mile range that's electric only and isn't likely to smell like hydrocarbons on arrival.

The 1958 Corvette car theme continues in the background and check out Car News China's interior photos to see how this car combines classic American interior design with the latest technology you'd expect for a tall car. how level. Just how much is the premium price? At nearly $88,000 at today's exchange rates, buying a nicely stocked Corvette in the US closes the door on this plug-in hybrid clone.

But in the land of formal social credit systems and alternative engine taxed vehicles, this retro hybrid is pretty cool, isn't it? The SS Dolphin could be the worst thing for people who can't afford to keep a real sports car on China's roads… as long as we wipe all that pirated content under the rug.

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