Suzuki Katana 2021-This new motorcycle is inspired by Suzuki Katana | Original 1982 Mini Auto

Through its products, Suzuki has absorbed Japanese culture and found opportunities to celebrate the beautiful, unique parts of society and nature. The original 1982 Suzuki Katana created a sensation in the motorcycle world when it was released. Both motorcycles blend a powerful Suzuki engine with the radical styling and spirit of the traditional Japanese samurai sword.

The original Katana has a connection to the GS1100E while this new KATANA builds on the proven superior performance of the long-stroke GSX-R1000 engine and the rock-solid stability of the GSX-S1000 chassis. KATANA's frame makes it easier to control the GSX - The engine is based on R and adds a comfortable riding position. KATANA's impressive bodywork is based on an aluminum alloy frame, dual spokes and a Superbike-style swingarm for excellent traction performance.

The sleek styling and performance features of the new KATANA will appeal to many riders, especially those who value owning a unique motorcycle. Potential KATANA riders are looking for a motorcycle with exceptional looks with the right quality and finish that will also offer an enjoyable riding experience.

Unlike flashbacks of competitors that are styled and equipped with old technology and looks, the new KATANA is a sportbike that has elements of the original but blends style and performance perfectly. all modern. reflects Suzuki's ongoing commitment to fine craftsmanship and dedication to ensuring every detail of a motorcycle is done right.


Forged to perfection and polished to a dazzling beauty. Designed to provide maximum control and optimal performance. Finely crafted to take driving pleasure to the next level. Suzuki KATANA was named to create a new legend. From the sharp lines and accents that define the length of the body to the driver-friendly handling of the 110kW (150PS) engine, every detail of the Suzuki KATANA speaks to its distinctive beauty.

While its design cues pay homage to the iconic GSX1100S KATANA, which stole the hearts of racers worldwide in 1981, the KATANA is a thoroughly modern machine. , breathtaking and inspiring to drive for use. It combines the epitome of fine craftsmanship, sophisticated Japanese aesthetics and pure beauty in a crisp design. Powerful performance is optimally balanced with handling, ease of driving and comfort that bring pure joy to the soul.

No matter how you cut it, the Suzuki KATANA feels just right, like a natural extension of the rider's intentions and spirit.

Suzuki Katana 2021-This new motorcycle is inspired by Suzuki Katana | Original 1982 Mini Auto Suzuki Katana 2021-This new motorcycle is inspired by Suzuki Katana | Original 1982 Mini Auto Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on June 03, 2021 Rating: 5

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