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In January of this year, Geely unveiled the KX11, which is the company's third model based on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) after Xingyue and Xingrui/Preface - the platform also used for the Volvo XC40. The SUV will then be named - Xingyue L - in February, along with more official images ahead of the Chinese market launch.

Before starting sales for the Xingyue L, the company took to social media to show off one of the SUV's more notable features, a meter-long display panel inside the cabin. If you think Tesla's screen is huge, Geely's unit spans 100 centimeters and takes up almost the entire dashboard.

It should be noted that the display is actually split into two separate screens, both of which link to the vehicle's infotainment system. The main screen sits above the center vents and climate controls provide access to all vehicle functions, while a second, co-driver screen for the front passenger is likely to be limited. in some functions such as media and/or navigation.

Beside the wide screen is a digital instrument cluster for the driver, which provides all the important driving information in front of the steering wheel, proudly displaying the “CMA” script on it. As for the center console, it houses the vehicle's gearshift lever and drive mode selector.

The company has said that the "L" in the SUV's name stands for many things, of which "luxury" is one of them. It certainly seems to match the look of the cabin, decked out with brightly colored upholstery and expensive trim. Take a close look at the A-pillars and you'll spot the Bose sound system, which adds to the sense of luxury.

At the same time, the "L" also stands for "large", as the Xingyue L is a five-seat SUV, although we don't have a photo of what the seating arrangement looks like. It should be a generous space to live in, especially since the model has a wheelbase of 2,845 mm, with other dimensions being 4,770 mm long, 1,895 mm wide and 1,689 mm tall.

Another term Geely uses to explain the "L" means "to release," which we think refers to the powertrain that will be offered with the SUV. Reports say the model will feature a Volvo-sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged Drive-E engine with two tuning states: 238 PS (235 hp) and 218 PS (215 hp). An eight-speed automatic transmission will be standard regardless of engine output.

Comparisons are inevitable with Geely's other seven-seat SUV - the Haoyue - but that model is based on the Jiaji MPV, which is built on the company's CV platform and is therefore cheaper. Simply put, Xingyue L is clearly the more premium of the two.

In terms of dimensions, Haoyue actually occupies a larger area than Xingyue L, with a length of 4,835 mm, a width of 1,900 mm and a height of 1,780 mm. However, the wheelbase is only 2,845 mm, 30 mm smaller than its brother.

With different target segments, the Xingyue L will cost more than the Haoyue, which costs between 109,600 and 139,600 yuan (RM69,310 to RM88,282) in China. With that in mind, if it's possible that Proton plans to introduce a localized version of one of Geely's seven-seater SUVs, we think the Haoyue will get it, given its price-sensitive nature. of our market. Even so, a one meter long screen seems like a good flexible screen, don't you think?

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