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Starting price: $19,350

BAIC Off-Road released the new car BJ30 for pre-sales. The discerning riders recognized that this car was a modification of the original BJ20. In order to adapt to the naming plan of Beiqi Off-Road, it was changed to BJ30. After redesigning and adding many design elements of BJ40, it looks more like a guide. In the early stage, BAIC Off-Road also declared the vehicle by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Pan off-road is what BAIC off-road calls SUVs in odd cities.

Although it has a new appearance, marking off-road parameters such as approach angle and departure angle, this is the front stage Drive, and it seems that BAIC Off-Road has no plans to equip it with four-wheel drive. The front-wheel drive transverse engine is the general layout of this type of vehicle. This time BAIC Off-Road purchased Harbin Dongan engine 4J15T and Dongan 6AT automatic transmission, replacing the previous CVT transmission. One of Harbin Dongan's shareholders is Changan Group. 4J15T engine is an improvement and upgrade based on 4G15M, equipped with continuously variable dual VVT, the maximum torque power is 115kW/5000rpm, peak The torque is 230Nm, and the torque speed drops to 1750.

6AT transmissions are two groups independently developed by Dongan Planetary wheel hydraulic automatic transmission, and P2 hybrid solution, model A6F5, carrying torque 300nm, with completely independent intellectual property rights. BAIC Off-Road purchases 6AT, in addition to its low-cost and reliable performance, it also values ​​Dongan's extended P2 hybrid solution, leaving room for future product upgrades.

The interior is also redesigned, the air outlet is the typical "Northern" style of BAIC, plus a large LCD screen , The electronic equipment has fashionable front and rear parking radar, low-speed moving object warning system (MOD), lane departure warning system (LDW), blind spot monitoring system (BSD), 540° omnidirectional imaging system.

The key four-wheel drive does not, The configuration of this front-wheel drive car is considered to be the mainstream level, but it is a bit far from the pan-cross country. In terms of size, this car is sub-compact, and it is also the most competitive field in the auto market. It is difficult to achieve success with a unique style alone. , As an example of GAC Fick's Jeep city SUV, they also have a four-wheel drive version. The volume models in this field have high requirements for core technology. The leading car companies are all new platforms to deal with the fierce competition, and the technology, design, cost, configuration, reliability, and even name. Therefore, whether BJ30 is to complete the product sequence task or can develop, we can only observe the future sales.

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