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On July 6, "the height difference of 10,000 meters with an area of ​​​​9.6 million square kilometers-Beijing X7 Quality Limit Challenge" officially kicked off. In the next 40 days, the Beijing X7 will depart from Beijing via the Beijing-Xinjiang Expressway and the Duku Expressway, and arrive in the Turpan Basin, which has the lowest elevation above the surface and base on Mount Everest, The highest altitude after more than 10,000 km long distance measurement, it will challenge altitude differences of up to 10,000 meters. The footprint covers nearly 9.6 million square kilometers of the motherland, to verify the reliable quality of the products and the core strength of Beijing Zhizhi, which aims to let the majority of users feel the quality of Beijing X7 intuitively through experiential and scene-based activities.

"Beijing X7 practices the spirit of 'Great Power Craftsman' and integrates pure high quality into every link of the manufacturing process. This is more than just a comprehensive summary of 10 years of accumulation. BAIC's independent car manufacturer but also the culmination of BAIC's future car - Shen Peng, BAIC Marketing Vice President, said, “The launch ceremony was chosen to be held at the Aviation Industry Base. not Zhongpingguan Beijing because aerospace technology is the "background" to test the difficult strength of a country's manufacturing industry.Aircraft need experience from take-off to landing. . The 10,000 meter difference in elevation fits the theme of this event very well."

After 12 hours of roasting, successfully challenged at high temperature 70 ℃

The Beijing X7 Extreme Challenge will be held on the hottest days of the year and will pass through Turpan, the hottest place in China. To test the product quality under high temperature conditions, at the launch ceremony, BAIC Motor specially built a high temperature cabin that simulates the extreme temperatures of Turpan, the temperature in the cabin is as high as 70°C. , and will be almost fully cooked after a few minutes.

Such an overheated environment not only easily causes the car engine system to malfunction, but also causes the coolant temperature to rise, making it difficult for the engine to dissipate heat, even "strike", and poses a test. strict about the cooling effect of the air. conditioner. Beijing X7 successfully beat the 12-hour high-temperature barbecue with temperatures up to 70°C. Through smart remote control APP butler, one-time ignition start, car engine and the air conditioner can work properly and after idling for 4 minutes, the temperature inside the car is successfully controlled. Pleasant temperature drops from 70°C to 26°C.

In addition, exposure to high temperatures easily leads to the evaporation of TVOC organic matter in the vehicle, causing serious air pollution in the vehicle. However, after Beijing X7 was "steamed" in the high-temperature cabin, there was almost no peculiar smell in the car, and the professional on-site air testing equipment showed that the formaldehyde concentration and TVOC content were in accordance with the standards. national standard. This is because from the very beginning of its design, BAIC Motor integrated a library of environmentally friendly materials, built an automotive odor laboratory, and adopted a "active design + active control" approach. ", carry out technical approval of interior non-metallic materials, and through initial synthesis The Simulated Cabin conducts simulation verification of TVOC performance and odor to wipe out odors in the budding state.

After the event at Beijing Station, the Beijing X7 Extreme Challenge will continue to enter Jinan, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu. Through simulated high and low temperature cabins, test driving in urban multi-road conditions, extreme urban missions, and more. to show users nationwide the core quality power of Beijing X7.

The whole journey is more than 10,000 km long, facing the challenge of height difference of 10,000 meters

In addition to the extreme heat and challenges of urban road conditions, the Beijing-Jingxin Expressway-Duku-318 National Highway-Chengdu Expressway, the whole journey is more than 10,000 km, the altitude difference is up. to 10,000 meters and the extreme temperature difference between Turpan and Mount Everest Base Camp, will affect the Quality of the entire vehicle posing the ultimate challenge.

The Duku Expressway and National Highway 318 that pass through this event are the two major highways in the world with the highest elevation, treacherous roads, poor road conditions and the worst environment. They have strict requirements on body structure. production technology and strict quality inspection standards, adopt closed energy-absorbing structure cage body design, Kawasaki NC positioning system precise positioning welding process, high strength steel ratio in the whole car achieved 67%, far exceeding the same level standard, and the C-NCAP crash test in 2021 Won a five-star safety rating in China, building a solid "security bastion" safe for the driver and passenger.

From Beijing to Urumqi to Lhasa and finally to Chengdu, there are long stretches of high-speed driving that can be tiring to drive. Beijing X7 has L2-level autopilot, equipped with three-dimensional AR real-world navigation, IACC High-speed, full-speed adaptive cruise system HWA Up to 17 ADAS intelligent safety technologies, including road assist, 360-degree 3D panoramic image tracking, can display real-time road images to avoid missing high-speed exits, and can follow the vehicle ahead to automatically Dynamically controls the driving speed, thereby effectively reducing fatigue and allowing long distance driving to be easier and more relaxing. It is also equipped with a facial recognition system, which will sound an alarm in case of frequent blinking or falling asleep and other fatigue phenomena to ensure the safety of the occupants.

From Urumqi to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, it is sparsely populated, has been driving on the national highway for a long time, the service area is scarce, and needs to carry a large amount of supplies. The space advantage brought about by the Beijing X7's 2800mm wheelbase has been fully demonstrated. Not only does it allow passengers to be spacious and comfortable, but it also creates a flat space twice the size of a king. When the rear seats are lowered, it can form a high ground clearance 1000L flat space equivalent to the volume of 40 24-inch cabins, after unloading the material, it can also be used as a bed with mattress. Up to 29 sound-absorbing materials are separated from 26 compartments to isolate noise from outside the vehicle and provide a quieter driving environment.

Starting today, Beijing X7 will pass the extreme test of "9.6 million square kilometers of ten thousand meters altitude difference" to verify its hard core quality in harsh environments. This is not only a comprehensive test of Beijing X7's all-round performance, but also a comprehensive test of BAIC Motor's intellectual production ability and technical strength, fully demonstrating confidence. absolute strength of BAIC Motor into Beijing X7 and the strength of quality as well as high quality of BAIC Motor developed. Unwavering faith to step on a new path.

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