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Starting price: $24,481

Chery is on the upswing with their crossovers, and they have a decent selection that spans pretty much every segment, from the smallest Tiggo 2 to the biggest 8. Admittedly we're not the best biggest fan of the middle child, the Tiggo 7, compared to other models in the lineup. The Tiggo 8 seems to be the best of the bunch, however, the brand's Tiggo 7 Pro is definitely an incredible and amazing offering if you're choosing from among the models in the lineup.

Now, the Chinese automaker is expanding its lineup even further with the all-new Tiggo 7 Pro. This new five-seat compact crossover is a bit more premium than Chery's original offerings, but it's still relatively affordable. Let's take a look.

In terms of styling, the Tiggo 7 Pro looks a lot like its stable friends. It has this Mazda-like grille at the front with a sporty stance all around. Inside, it boasts a very upscale vibe with a range of leather and glossy materials.

The modern grille with various surfaces adds more visual interest to the crossover. On the grille there are interesting shapes, creating a sense of pleasure to look at. It's just that the luxury is a bit faded by the color of the body. It's visually interesting, and it reminds us of some of the flatter paint jobs of European cars. It's fun, but it won't be everyone's cup of tea. It really is a love-or-hate-it color. If you love it, it's a beautiful finish, if you're not too sold on it, there are different colors you can choose from.

Other items like 18-inch wheels help the crossover look good. It's a great contrast to the more standard wheels of other Tiggo crossovers. The Tiggo 8 has a black set that looks good, but the two-tone looks better. It gives the car a modern touch and a luxurious beauty that matches the exterior design. Best of all, you get the right ground clearance, so unless you're off-road you don't have to worry about scraping your chassis.

The dashboard is a beautiful piece, and is clad in a multitude of surfaces and materials. We're glad the crossover uses soft-touch materials in this case. It looks pretty premium from the infotainment screen to the gearshift paddles; Tiggo 7 Pro's interior is a great place to stay. Combined with the ambient light, Chery has created an atmosphere that can be as vibrant as you want it to be, plus the lights can sync with the sound of the music. It would be nice if one of your driveway agendas was to take a fun ride. In addition, if the sun is out, the panoramic sunroof allows you and your passengers to enjoy the scenery around you.

There are some attractions that we have with the 7 Pro, such as the digital gauge cluster. It's not the most obvious or readable, but it gets the job done. In terms of looks, it fits the futuristic motif we think Chery will be aiming for. However, the touch control buttons of the air conditioning system are located behind a glossy surface, which is easy to attract fingerprints and dust.

In terms of space, you can stretch your legs on the 7 Pro in the front passenger seat or in the rear bench. In addition, cargo space is also quite good. When you open the power-adjustable tailgate, this is also a rarity at this price point. With all the seats you're looking at 475 liters of usable space and if you need more storage fold the second row of seats up and we estimate around 1500 liters of easily usable space .

Beyond style and performance, what makes the Tiggo 7 Pro such a compelling crossover is the sheer number of features it offers. Vehicles equipped with smart key that allows remote engine start and A/C control, rear doors and windows, integrated wireless smartphone charger, panoramic sunroof, electronic parking brake and multi-color ambient lighting system for the cabin. There's also a 10.25-inch infotainment screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

There's also a host of safety tech, such as a 360-degree HD camera with front and rear distance sensors for parking assist, traction control, downhill assist and downhill control. There's also a brake override system that helps control the throttle when accelerating accidentally, and an emergency signal system that flashes a hazard light when braking suddenly at high speeds.

Chery Auto Philippines President, Rommel Sytin, said: “We are delighted to finally fully reveal our all-new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro. “With their premium styling and luxurious features, they

As said earlier, the gauge cluster is not very inspiring, however, it is fully featured and shows trip, odometer, speedometer, tire pressure and fuel consumption. your. This is all well and good, however, the tachometer is not the easiest to read.

As for the infotainment, we were generally fine with the 10.25 system that the Chery offered. Apple CarPlay is standard, but Android Auto is not included in the tech package. However, Android users can still connect and display their phone on the touchscreen via QD Link. This is an extra step because it's not built into Android, but after downloading the app, you can view your map data and song data on the 7 Pro's touchscreen. As for the quality of the sound, we're not over-selling the speaker's clarity. It's not that small, but we wish there was more depth to the sound. You can still adjust the equalizer settings for more bass, but during our review we listened to music at standard settings. You can also see everything around your car with the 360-degree camera, a feature we love using in and out of the city.

As for other tech features, it's standard for a well-equipped and affordable crossover. We were impressed by the electric tailgate as well as the ambient lighting. Cruise control is standard and is expected to be simple to use.

With the driver, front passenger, side and curtain airbags, you can expect full coverage with the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro. In addition, you also get Anti-lock Braking (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Emergency Braking Assist, traction control, horizontal departure assist slope and downhill control, tire pressure monitoring system, anti-theft electronics, engine immobilizer and ISOFIX connectors.

The Chery is certainly up to safety standards, and the cars are equipped with everything you need and more. We wish there was some active safety technology, but that requires a bit of value for money.

Fuel consumption
According to our testing, we achieved 7.3 km/L in city traffic and 11.6 km/L in clear weather. On the highway, the Tiggo hit 16 km/L, which is pretty good.

After reviewing the spec sheet, we see that the Tiggo weighs 1465 kg, which is true to the class. The result is fair. Not the biggest, but fair. It is reasonably effective.

On the go, the Tiggo 7 Pro isn't the liveliest of all, but it does have a good pick-up when you consider with its accelerator input. The engine responds pretty well, but there's a bit of a delay in the transmission, especially in traffic through twists and turns. Therefore, the Tiggo performs well in faster drives when the 1.5-liter turbo engine glows. Torque is sufficient and provides enough power for a daily drive and then some. On the highway, the car sped up to 100 km/h, but not too spectacularly, which is quite fair for the segment.

The steering is quite good, the steering is light and the chassis is solid. The Tiggo 7 Pro works well in tight places thanks to its 360-degree camera. The compact size of the car is also quite manageable and it is not too wide either. You also do not have to worry about collisions and potholes because of the spacious ground clearance. At speed, the car handles well, only hindered by its weight and height. Body roll isn't much of an issue, but it's noticeable when you're really trying to get into the corner.

However, does it drive as the spec sheet suggests? We feel that 145 hp and 210 Nm of torque from the 1.5 liter turbo engine have been properly announced. We're not too passionate about acceleration, but if you want you can switch it to sport mode and get a heavier ride and more responsive throttle response. This is how we like to drive the Tiggo, and we recommend trying the sport mode here as the variable steering is also quite nice and gives adequate feedback at speed. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) has 9 simulated gears, but they only work if you call it manually in the gear lever. Unfortunately, engine braking is not as obvious, which is typical of most CVT transmissions.

2021 Chery Tiggo 7 Pro interior & exterior review | Car in China 2021 Chery Tiggo 7 Pro interior & exterior review | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on June 30, 2021 Rating: 5

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