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Starting price: $16.300 USD

Not long ago, GAC Motors China officially launched the GAC Aion Y 2021 urban SUV model with 5 diverse versions for customers to freely choose.

It is not uncommon for independent brands to enter the new energy sector, especially in the 100,000 to 200,000 yuan range, where countless models are fighting here, but it seems because of this , new energy models at this price have not won the market. Compared with the tens of thousands of Hongguang MINIEVs and Euler Black Cats, and hundreds of thousands of Tesla BYD Weilai, the all-new energy vehicles for more than 100,000 yuan have a lot of room for improvement.

When I first met the AION Y, I thought the car was sci-fi, a bit like a concept car, but TA's biggest feature is actually the "change". GAC Ion is no longer content with design recognition but allows users to make their own, turning each car into a "limited edition". Users can freely select the front lip, wheel arches, wheel hubs, and even bodywork. And the author found that the wheel of AION Y has a Tesla-like design, i.e. a cool decorative wheel is attached to the original wheel, so it can satisfy the design of different users with low cost. relatively low fees. need.

Viewed from the side of the body, it can be seen that the front and rear overhangs of the AION Y are relatively short, the intersection point between the A-pillar and the hood is also significantly forward compared to cars of the same class. This design gives the AION Y Come a great "placement area".

The biggest feature of the AION Y car is also “changeability”. The new car can not only lower the rear seats like traditional models, but also can lower the front seats into long seats. The diverse space brings more possibilities for this vehicle's usage scenarios. For example, if one side of the front seat is lowered, it can become a dressing room; For example, if the front seats on both sides are lowered, and then the optional projection screen is brought down, the car becomes a private VIP theater. .

Of course, the ideal is complete, but the reality is still a bit flawed. For example, the wooden panel used to place cosmetics in the "stand-alone dressing room" has not yet offered a foldable option, and its practicality may not be good. "Private cinema" not only loses the front headrest, when lowering the projection screen, it becomes inconvenient to get in and out of the car from the front or rear seats.

Intellectually, AION Y also spends a lot of thought. For example, when turning at low speed, the surround view camera simulates the road conditions around the vehicle and under the vehicle on the center console display, which can help users feel safer while driving. pass through some congested roads.

GAC AION Y is equipped with ADiGO 2.0 automatic driving assistance system, integrating a variety of active safety configurations such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, monitoring. driver condition and traffic jam assist. However, during the test drive, the author noticed that the lane departure assist function of the system prompted an error and it only took effect after the car was restarted. When the author wants to experience the automatic parking feature of the car, but the car cannot determine the exact parking space that the author wants to park. These small flaws may be an example of the author's test drive, but they also show that the AION Y's stability in terms of intelligence needs to be improved.

After test driving, the driving feeling of AION Y is still very similar to a fuel-efficient car. When in normal driving mode, the sense of kinetic energy recovery of the drag is not obvious, and when the driving mode is adjusted to sport, the overall acceleration and braking experience is close to that of a petrol car. Although the TA engine only has a maximum torque of 225N m, it feels very powerful in the early stages of acceleration, and there is still room to overtake at high speeds. The AION Y chassis is tuned for comfort. While it's not to my taste, there's no problem with absorbing and suppressing vibrations of the entire chassis.


The Aion Y is priced from 104,600 to 148,600 yuan (US$16,300 - 23,100 or €13,300-18,900). This figure will be compared with the Aion S sedan at 139,800-205,800 yuan, the Aion V SUV at 177,600-239,600 and the Aion LX SUV at 229,600-349,600. Its pricing positions the Aion Y against the BYD Yuan EV (89-900-139,900), Neta U (99,800-179,800) and Geely Emgrand GSe (109,900-159,900). The sales benchmark for the Aion Y should be the Aion S sedan, the closest Aion model since the Aion V and LX are still in the niche. S peaked at 8,460 units in December 2019 and has been lower than 6,100 since. We want to regularly have 4,000 pieces for Y to take the Aion sub-brand to the next level.

After the initial success of the AION S, GAC Aion was able to figure out what to call a new energy vehicle. Therefore, it can be seen that AION Y is very suitable for the travel market in many different characteristics such as spacious rear space, rich configuration, affordable price, three battery life options, etc. For the average consumer, AION Y is also an interesting choice for the 100,000 to 150,000 new energy market. Rich configuration, options and seating space are the key characteristics of this vehicle. Long battery life is the solid foundation of the AION Y. Let's wait and see what results will be achieved in the market.

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