2021 Geely Geometry A Pro EV - Self-driving electric vehicle with a range of 600 km | Car in China

Starting price: $22,942 USD

Geometry Auto is a sub-brand of Geely Auto, and its main business is the development of new power models using pure electric power. The Geometry A Pro's appearance, interior, smart configuration and flight range have been improved. The W-HUD projection head-up display can project speed, autopilot, navigation and other information on the front windshield. The driver does not need to move of sight. Information can be read and driving safety is guaranteed.

Geometry A Pro is a remake of Geometry A and officially listed at this year's Shanghai Auto Show with a subsidized price of 11,87,10 thousand yuan-188,700 yuan, with the slogan "electric car" pure performance and real safety",
The main features are "real durability and real safety". Among them, the 2021 Pro Zhenxiang High Energy Endurance 6OOKM A600 model with a selling price of only 148,700 yuan, is particularly eye-catching.
A pure electric vehicle with a 600KM battery can be purchased for less than 150,000 yuan. It offers a brand new and affordable option for many low-budget consumers who demand durable performance.

★ In terms of appearance, Geometry A Pro continues the overall design of Geometry A. The overall shape is very recognizable and bold in technology. Closed grille, unique headlight cluster and cube design in front of the Geometry A Pro bumper. On the side of the car, Geometry A Pro runs throughout the car with a slightly protruding waistline, extending from the front headlights to the rear headlights, adding a small line in the position of the door handles and rear fenders. a little sportier for the car.

In terms of body dimensions, Geometry A Pro is 4752mm long, 1804mm wide, 1503mm high and 2700mm wheelbase, although positioned as a compact electric vehicle, the performance of this length and wheelbase brings. The entire interior space is functional. It is not too compact and has absolutely no problem to meet the needs of family use.

★ In terms of interior, Geometry A Pro is still the classic small dashboard of the Geometry series, with a floating center console screen, a two-spoke multifunction steering wheel and gearshift paddles, a touch panel and a display device. head-up marketing. Looking forward to driving. As for the seats, Geometry A Pro will be equipped with seats made of suede, using water-repellent, anti-fouling and oil-resistant paint technology.

★ Regarding power, according to current information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Geometry A Pro will be equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum capacity of 150kW and maximum torque of 310Nm. , and its performance will improve over current Geometry A. In terms of battery life, Geometry A Pro is equipped with a tertiary lithium battery with an energy density of 183.23Wh/kg, the NEDC range will reach 600 km.

★ The new Geometry A Pro price is 148,700 yuan to 188,700 yuan ($22, 942 - $29, 114).

It is worth mentioning that Geometry A Pro also features the intelligent power management system SEM, which opens the channel of triple power technology to achieve low energy consumption, precise energy control and efficient energy recovery.

2021 Geely Geometry A Pro EV - Self-driving electric vehicle with a range of 600 km | Car in China 2021 Geely Geometry A Pro EV - Self-driving electric vehicle with a range of 600 km | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on July 23, 2021 Rating: 5

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