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Starting price: $34,040 USD

In order to meet the actual needs of more and more young consumers in China, car manufacturers have spared no effort to launch sports cars, fashion and personality, especially self-owned brands. Friendly, responsive and responsive in the market, Among the more subdivided models, the Xingyue S just launched by Geely Automobile is one of them. As a full-size fastback SUV, Xingyue S has created a sportier design based on Xingyue's platform, and has maintained a very high popularity in the market from launch to launch. official.

Compared to the "basic" Xingyue, when you first see Xingyue S, you will be attracted by its strong fighting feeling. First of all, about the color combination, Xingyue S focuses on high-tech fighter gray, with the embellishment of fluorescent green, the whole car looks extremely public and individual. In addition, to highlight the sporty feeling, Xingyue S also has a full sports suit, especially the fluorescent blue decorative strip along the sides of the air intakes like fangs showing the fighting spirit of the company. car. In terms of details, Xingyue S applies a black design to the grille, rearview mirror, wheel hub and tailgate, making the visual experience of the car more sharp. At the same time, the full-LED headlight cluster and large chrome-plated decorative strip also increase the sense of technology and refinement to the front.

To the side, the most eye-catching feature of Xingyue S is of course the large roof design, the flexible lines of the entire roof create a low-body posture, even when the length and width of Xingyue S is as high as 4605. . / 1878 / 1643. Millimeter, wheelbase reaches 2700mm, the visual experience of the car is still very smooth and natural. In terms of details, Xingyue S also has a fluorescent yellow color scheme for the sides of the car, in the middle of the decorative strip there is also a CMA logo, highlighting its own advantages on the background.

Thanks to the large back design, the tail of Xingyue S is not too bulky, the sense of hierarchy is also more prominent. In detail, Xingyue S applies a tail wing design with a small duck tail, the two taillights are connected by a wide chrome-plated decorative strip, helping to extend the visual width of the tail. At the same time, under the design that surrounds the rear of the sports spoiler and the dual exhaust design, the rear of the car is also quite stylish. In general, the appearance design of Xingyue S has had a sporty upgrade on Xingyue's platform, which is indeed very attractive to consumers "looking at" after the 90s.

The interior is embellished with bright colors and striking sporty atmosphere

Looking at the car, the overall design and interior layout of the Xingyue S also match well with the Xingyue, but the Xingyue S still highlights its own sportiness in the details. Like the exterior color scheme, Xingyue S uses fluorescent yellow on the interior handles, seat belts, door panels, center console trim, leather stitching and other details. The embellishment of bright colors also makes the entire interior youthful and fashionable.

At the same time, the seats of Xingyue S also use many fluorescent yellow colors, the material uses suede to occupy a large area in the side wings, the inside is fuller, the whole seat makes the driver very happy. desire to sit on it. In addition, the center armrest, door panels and other positions are also made of suede material, details that add accents to the interior.

Configuration is ready and there is still room for a slippery back

Although the main focus is on sports, Xingyue S still uses a combination of LCD clock + large screen LCD central control. technology is in place. In addition, Xingyue S is also equipped with configurations such as heated seats, 360-degree panoramic images, ambient lights in the car, transparent chassis, overall practicality is also quite good.

In terms of space, the Xingyue S can also fully meet the needs of home consumers. The 1.85 meter tall "Car One Circle" editor can get a pretty good view in the front row. , and the rear seats are not available. head because of the back design There is a space of one to two fingers. In addition, the padding of the rear seats is also suitable for the front seats, the overall support is very good, creating a comfortable feeling when sitting in the car is also very friendly to the rear passengers.

Full range of 2.0T engines, high and low power options

As a mainstream sports car, power is naturally the focus of everyone's attention, and the entire Xingyue S series is powered by a 2.0T engine, and there are two high- and low-power models to choose from. In particular, the low-power engine has a maximum capacity of 190 horsepower and maximum torque of 300 N m, combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission; high-power engine with a maximum capacity of 238 hp and a maximum torque of 350 N m, suitable for an 8AT gearbox. For this type of power selection, "Car One Circle" of course recommends that people buy large capacity cars, in addition to more powerful capacity, the 8AT transmission is also more reliable.

From the perspective of "Car One Circle": Whether comparing Xingyue or placing it in the entire self-driving sports SUV market, Xingyue S gives people a very strong sense of movement in terms of appearance, interior and exterior. loss and strength. attractive to trendy young consumers. In addition, after officially launching Xingyue S, Geely also formed a triangular product matrix consisting of Xingyue, Xingyue S and Xingyue L to further subdivide and cover the SUV market. The market performance of the next 3 models is also very expected.

Xingyue S also launched the S-class green optical electric motor styling package, which will have 5 driving modes to choose from, and is equipped with a switchable electronic exhaust valve that can increase the sound Exhaust bar and improved. About 5% power efficiency. It is worth mentioning that Geely has officially completed the "hook test" for Xingyue S before, which is a limited test of anti-rolling ability. It was tuned to a standard speed of 56km/h-80km/h, and an initial speed of 122km/h also completed the challenge.
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