2021 HAVAL H9 2.0T + 8AT heavyweight off-road rival of Mitsubishi Pajero | Car in China

Starting price: $40,990

As a former giant in the media industry, BlackBerry's market share used to reach 20%, however, in 2016, BlackBerry decided to withdraw from the mobile phone market and officially announced the cessation of R&D and production activities. smartphone export. Like this: technology can't go up, prices can't go down, the only thing waiting for the business to finally be back out or passively abandon it.

The same is true for the automotive industry, only when we catch up with the trends of the times and have strong product capabilities can we gain a firm foothold in the industry. As the flagship model of the Haval brand, the Haval H9-2021 model has won widespread acclaim in the industry for its powerful off-road capability and super-cost savings, and it can be called a benchmark. in the industry; - The road champion Mitsubishi Pajero constantly attracts attention "There have been no obvious improvements in several generations of models. Both interior and configuration are seriously outdated with the times, sales are dismal. and past glory is no longer available.

This article compares the Haval H9-2021 and Pajero 2021 to see what sparks the new and old mainstays of the off-road vehicle will collide with, let's wait and see.

Golden combination, strong momentum

In terms of power, the Haval H9-2021 uses a golden power combination of 2.0T + 8AT, with a maximum power of 165kW and a maximum torque of 385N m. The output power is amazing. It is worth mentioning that this ZF 8AT gearbox has clear shift logic, good handling and shifting ability, many top luxury SUVs use this gearbox, including Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Tim. top luxury cars like Yue and BMW X7.

Pajero is equipped with a naturally aspirated 3.0L V6 engine, combined with an INVECS-II 5-speed automatic transmission, for a maximum capacity of 128kW and maximum torque of 255N m. The difference in power makes Pajero inferior to Haval H9-2021 in terms of speed and initial acceleration, when driving on harsh roads also reveals insufficient physical defects.

Hardcore off-road, all terrain

Regardless of power, off-road performance is the standard by which an off-road vehicle is powerful. Leap Haval H9-2021 is equipped with millions of off-road weapons such as triple lock, CCO low speed terrain cruise and tank spin. With the two-speed TOD intelligent all-wheel drive system from BorgWarner, the Haval H9 -2021 can be fearless in all road conditions.

The three keys are the front/middle/rear three differential locks. Eaton electronically controlled mechanical differential lock front/rear axle can be locked manually; central multi-disc clutch differential can perform locking function. With the fit of three locks, the Haval H9-2021 can easily pass even in the face of bad road conditions such as shell pits and horizontal axles. Low-speed off-road CCO can maintain the set speed to travel in bad road conditions, helping the driver to easily escape the problem. The tank rotation mode is even more "black technology", using the electronic force auxiliary brake to lock the inner rear wheel, at this time the car will draw a circle with a smaller diameter with the inner rear wheel as the center, star realizes a small turning radius and turns the vehicle, which greatly improves the turning flexibility of the vehicle and easily solves the problem of turning in a tight space.

Pajero, the former off-road champion, the off-road configuration is a bit shabby and only super select four-wheel drive can be demonstrated. First of all, the essence of the super select four-wheel drive system is all-wheel drive, but it can be converted to 2WD two-wheel drive separately to increase economy; second, it can switch between 2WD and 4WD at will at speeds of 100km/h or less Open or close the central differential lock directly without stopping. Finally, when in 4H, the center differential can adjust front and rear torque distribution at any time, which is more active. However, the selected super four-wheel drive system can only ensure that the vehicle is more stable and powerful during travel, once the road surface is harsh, the ability to escape difficult is another matter.


Although Pajero was once a hit, no one can always stand at the top of the times, so complacently refusing to progress, when the sentiment is exhausted, it will eventually be abandoned by the market and consumers. And Haval H9 has always followed the corporate culture of Great Wall Motors - a little progress every day, from first appearance on the list, to subsequent accolades, and then to standing on the world stage , step-by-step, it uses the power to prove to consumers that there's nothing wrong with choice, and it's no exaggeration to lead a new era of off-road benchmarking!

2021 HAVAL H9 2.0T + 8AT heavyweight off-road rival of Mitsubishi Pajero | Car in China 2021 HAVAL H9 2.0T + 8AT heavyweight off-road rival of Mitsubishi Pajero | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on July 13, 2021 Rating: 5

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