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Starting price: $51,300

On June 30, the first mass-produced Lantu FREE vehicle slowly drove out of the assembly workshop of Lantu Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. announced their 52 millionth car out of the assembly line.

"As a leading player in China's auto industry, Dongfeng Motor has gone from the first car shipped on the assembly line to 52 million units sold globally over 50 years; from a well-known brand The first reputation in China's auto industry to become zero- worry high-end smart electric brand Lantu Mass production; from a local national enterprise into the world's top 500, Dongfeng has become into the banner of China's auto industry and a beautiful Hubei business card," said Wang Zhonglin, Vice Party Secretary of Hubei Province and Governor of Hubei Province.

Luo Junjie, Director of the First Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said: "After generations of relentless struggle by the people of Dongfeng, they have achieved remarkable results. moving to a new stage of development, Dongfeng has also proposed moves such as "Dongfeng Qi." Upgrade the development plan and actively lead the breakthrough of independent brands with the launch of Lantu Auto ."

"Today, the official launch of Lantu Auto is another important step for Dongfeng on the road to building its own brand stronger, better and bigger." Zhu Yanfeng said.

The proposed Dongfeng Company will strive to transform into a technology-based enterprise during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Announced in conjunction with the company's new positioning, there is also Dongfeng's technological innovation "Leaping Transformation Action", devoted to new energy and smart driving.

In order to fully promote the realization of the strategic goal of carbon peak and carbon neutral, Dongfeng will complete the core assembly of the three electric power, vehicle platform architecture, charging and replacement technology, hydrogen energy and other fields.

At Dongfeng New Energy Industrial Park, the construction of phase 1 of zone 1 and zone 2 has been basically completed. 800,000 sets of electronic controls, 280,000 sets of motors and transmission assemblies, 100,000 sets of battery systems and 300,000 sets of IGBTs have gradually completed the production line and come into operation. Among them, Dongfeng and CRRC have independently developed and manufactured automotive-grade IGBT chip modules.

Regarding "future energy" hydrogen power, Dongfeng completed the development of an 80kW fuel cell system and realized a stack cold start without an auxiliary heat source at minus 20 °C. Based on Dongfeng Fengshen AX7, the country's first all-powerful fuel cell passenger vehicle, the Dongfeng Hydrogen Boat, will also lead the way in demonstration activities in Wuhan and Foshan.

Regarding the new energy vehicle platform architecture, Dongfeng created the ESSA + SOA shared architecture for the industry. Among them, ESSA has taken the lead in launching Lantu brand line models, and the SOA architecture will also go into mass production by the end of 2022.

In the field of smart cars, Dongfeng aims to deepen research into high-level intelligent driving technologies and accelerate the innovation and application of new technologies.

During the gradual development of the passenger car field, Dongfeng L2 + intelligent assistance technology has been implemented on the Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan vehicle series. Dongfeng has accelerated the commercialization of autonomous driving technology through the pilot project of L4 autonomous driving and the shared travel product Dongfeng Sharing-VAN.

Today, Robotaxi, the autonomous driving pilot project in Dongfeng, has demonstrated its operation to the public, with more than 50 self-driving taxis deployed, 22 open test trips, and nearly cumulative operating distance 600,000 km. By the end of this year, Robotaxi's self-driving taxi fleet will spread to important transport hubs, popular tourist attractions in Wuhan, and open universities and hospitals. It is estimated that by 2022, there will be no less than 200 high-end self-driving cars gradually introduced.

In the commercial vehicle sector, in 2020, Dongfeng, COSCO SHIPPING and China Mobile jointly created a 5G driverless truck in Xiamen Port. This year, Dongfeng Company launched the unmanned driving brand "Infinite Star". In the future, "Infinite Star" will realize commercial demonstration activities that evolve from a closed script to a fully open scenario.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Dongfeng's R&D investment will increase to 100 billion yuan, while actively building an industrial cluster in the technology sector, creating original technology and wire modern industrial chain.

On the basis of mastering the three-core electrical technology, Lantu Automobile has developed the native intelligent electric architecture ESSA. In production and fabrication, Lantu Automotive's world-class 4.0 digital factory utilizes a large number of leading technologies such as IoT, big data, edge cloud and AI for monitoring and surveillance. Real-time factory equipment alerts, improve operational efficiency in logistics plants, and improve production management. Siemens and China Unicom build a 5G smart digital factory.

As Dongfeng's first model in the high-end new energy market, the official mass production of Lantu FREE is off the production line, marking that Lantu Motors has taken a step forward to market and serve user.

As a user-driven business, Lantu values ​​listening to its customers' voices and meeting their individual needs. In terms of channel building, Lantu Auto approaches users directly. Offline, Lantu flagship store, Lantu space, delivery service center, fully functional user center 4 different store types, together with MATE product expert team, can feel the feedback customer feedback on the first site. Online, the user can view the entire process information of the whole vehicle from order creation, order matching, production, logistics and delivery after placing an order on the official APP of "Lantu Auto", which has can be monitored and controlled at any time.

"Offline operations and product delivery are not the end of our work, but a new starting point for us to build bridges with customers, build friendships, and earn trust." It is a new beginning for us to gather wisdom, continuously polish and mold products with ingenuity., is a new beginning for dreams come true.” Zhu Yanfeng said. promote the concept of "build an open dream platform together", actively co-create and share with the new backbone, devote ourselves to meeting the needs of "thousands of people and thousands of faces" , and strive to create a "landscape", to live life to the fullest with passion Cycle of high quality service, pursuit of excellence and perfection, truly make Lantu a close friend essential and partner of the new backbone of "move, live and work".

So, as the first new car of a luxury brand built by the painstaking Dongfeng, how does Lantu FREE explain its luxury identity? Might want to take a closer look at what materials this car has.

Let's look at performance first. The Lantu FREE extended version is equipped with a 1.5T 4-cylinder engine, plenty of power and excellent NVH, combined with a generator with a maximum capacity of 80kW, dual front and rear motors with high power. maximum power of 510kW, maximum torque of 1040N m, and acceleration from 0-100km/h. Seconds, the pure electric version reached 4.7 seconds. Compared to the ideal ONE, the extended range version Lantu FREE has obvious performance advantages.

In addition to the excellent powertrain, this result also greatly helps the body design. Lantu FREE bodywork adopts aerodynamic design, adopts aerodynamic rear spoiler and rearview mirror design, drag coefficient as low as 0.28cd, while improving vehicle stability and performance.

At the same time, Lantu FREE is also equipped with a front / rear double wishbone independent multi-link suspension system typical of high-end cars. It is made of all-aluminum alloy and is carefully tuned by a team of luxurious chassis to give users more stable and comfortable handling than expected. Sex. The addition of air suspension provides better passability and greater comfort.

Then look at smart technology. To provide a better and more comfortable driving experience, Lantu FREE focuses on users' high frequency usage scenarios. Using warm technology to create intelligent cockpit modes such as V-Moment (respect the moment) and V-Attention (wake mode), with ample space with five large seats and design The surrounding cockpit is like a yacht to take care of each occupant's driving experience. The first liftable all-in-one display, with four cockpit modes, four audio zones independent interaction and L2+ level intelligent driving assistance system, the smart technology experience is first-rate. head.

Like FAW waving a red flag, every auto company hopes to have a luxury brand that is the totem of the auto industry. Dongfeng is the "Second Car" and of course won't stay silent for too long. Lantu is realizing this dream, while leveraging the development of new energy vehicles to build a pure luxury electric vehicle brand that carries the group's strengths.

In July last year, the brand strategy and the first concept car iLand was officially launched. In September, the world's first mass-produced concept car iFree. On December 18, the first mass production model Lantu FREE was released. Pre-sale prices have been announced and are now taking reservations. Progress can be described as rapid.

The two current cars have options for both conservative and avant-garde users. This allowed the new Lantu brand to quickly accumulate a certain customer base and establish a strong foothold. I believe that on the path of new energy, Lantu The picture will bring even more surprises.

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