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Starting price: $9,400

Since its launch last May, Leaper Auto's second model, the Leaper T03, has enjoyed a good track record in the market. The premium version and the comfort version of the T03 further enrich the product matrix of the T03 family. Many people are asking if this car is worth it? This time we will look at the changes in the latest deluxe version.

As a member of the new forces in the country, the T platform that Leapmotor T03 uses is a platform specially developed for electric vehicles. It has a flat battery layout, balanced front/rear axle load distribution, long and high wheelbase ratio Features such as durable body, high safety battery, highly integrated triple power system and high level of intelligence.

Right from the first days of launch, Leapmotor T03 has attracted the attention of many female consumers with its cute shape, Model 2021 is added with two more fashionable color options: quicksand powder and coral orange. . This time our actual sample is quicksand powder luxury. Compared to other models, the appearance of T03 is more fashionable with quicksand powder material.

In addition, the special feature of the premium version is that you can choose a contrasting roof color, which comes in 3 colors of metallic black, light white and magnetic gray, this time the actual model is combined with magnetic gray roof color.

With full front lines and cute headlights, the car's charging port is hidden behind the front LOGO, both fast and slow charging ports are concentrated here, it only takes 3.5 hours to fully charge from 30 % to 80% during slow charging state.

The headlight of 03 has a very round overall, multi-layer layout inside, black background color plus condenser lens and silver decorative frame in the shape of glasses, looks very impressive. The headlights have LED daytime running lights and turn signals, the double light strips form a halo around the headlights, more classy.

Leaprun T03 intelligent assisted driving assistance level L2. Active cruise radar on the front air intake is a good option. L2-level autonomous driving assistance is still relatively rare in this price range.

The T03 uses a four-wheel and four-corner design to maximize the ratio between the front and rear axles, in addition to ensuring the largest possible space in the passenger compartment, it also leaves more room for the battery pack in the rear. below. In terms of size, T03 has a length of 3620mm, a width of 1652mm, a height of 1577mm, the size of T03 is not too large in the same product lines.

T03 uses 165/65R15 wheels, very designed petal shape, complemented by a two-color scheme, the visual effect is more coordinated with the body. In addition, the front and rear brakes of the T03 are all disc type, in the projects that many new A00-class cars love to reduce this gear, we still see the sincerity of running in zero.

The shape of the rear of the car has not changed much compared to the old model, the hood is contrasted and the spoiler is designed more aggressive, black border with the word "LEAPMOTOR" connecting the taillights, the luxury version also has a Engine. visual reverse image.

Five reverse radars are arranged on the wide bumper, the two left and right are the rear fog lights and the reverse lights, respectively.

The tank of the T03 normally has a volume of 210 liters. The entire rear seat row can be put down, with a maximum trunk space of 508L and six 28-inch suitcases that can be placed.

In addition, the car is also equipped with common tools such as household charging cable, warning triangle, tow hook, automatic tire patching solution.

T03 with the look of quicksand powder has an interior tone that matches the special edition. The air vent trim and door armrests in the car use the same quicksand powder color as the body.

The seats and interior are upholstered in gray leather with soft pink plaid stitching, very stylish.

The sports flat bottom multi-function steering wheel is also added with a pink quicksand decorative frame, wrapped in leather, for a good grip.

The 8-inch full LCD clock size is superior to most models in the same class, the display content is rich and supports linking with the central control system.

The 10.1-inch center console screen is very cost-effective, the display effect is exquisite, and it adopts the self-developed Leap On smart car system, and is equipped with the floating AutoNavi intelligent online navigation. more sound.

It supports iFLYTEK 3.0 voice recognition system and can be linked with a mobile phone app to perform functions such as voice control, navigation, remote control, video sharing, Cloud sync and automatic parking. The machine-vehicle system also supports OTA remote upgrade, which can support more functions in the future.

The cockpit design is equipped with a large 42-inch panoramic sunshade and an electric sunshade, making the driving space more comfortable.

The T03 also has a unique black technology on the same level - the facial recognition system. Based on HDCVI patented technology pioneered by Dahua, it can adaptively adjust the infrared light in cars in different life scenes, high-precision facial recognition, achieve fast capture second identification head and added security to the car.

The storage space in the center console can fit a mobile phone. Two USB ports and a 12V power port are provided on the front, enough to meet the charging needs of front row occupants.

T03's 4-door glass has a 1-key window lowering function, on the deluxe version is upgraded to 4-door 1-key, with anti-pry function, the remote control key also supports lifting and lowering the window function. , very convenient for ventilation.

The front seats of the 2021 T03 Deluxe Edition are designed in a one-piece form, covered with light gray leather with diamond stitches, the luxury does not need to be mentioned, if it is possible to add a hot stamping logo to the headrest position for the owner. Human, Motivation was in place!

The rear seats of the T03 use a 2-seater layout, the support and comfort of the rear seats is very good, passengers with a normal body will not feel uncomfortable even after sitting for a long time, fully responsive. Enough travel needs of 4 people at the same time.

In terms of space performance, our tester is 176 cm tall. The front seats are adjusted to a normal sitting position and headroom with a single punch. Hold the seat still and move to the back row. The occupant's legroom also has a punch. The space on the top is 3 fingers.

In terms of power, T03 is equipped with Heracles electric transmission assembly developed by Leapmotor, maximum power of 55kW, maximum torque of 155N m, acceleration time from 0-50km / h is 5 seconds, torque- Maximum torque efficiency is 94.9%, fully able to meet city travel.

Leapmotorning T03 2021 has two battery configurations. The newly launched Comfort and Light Edition are equipped with a 41kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, while the Deluxe and Comfort Edition use a tertiary lithium battery with a capacity of 38kWh. The NEDC battery life has a range of 403 km, so you can avoid getting in the way when choosing a vehicle.

2021 Leapmotor T03 - Is the "colorful" high-rise electric car really worth it? | Car in China 2021 Leapmotor T03 - Is the "colorful" high-rise electric car really worth it? | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on July 02, 2021 Rating: 5

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