2021 Lynk Co & 02 - “Strategic card” to gain market share in Europe | Car in China

Starting price: $18,830

Lynk & Co is currently owned by Geely Group from China, which is also the owner of the famous Volvo car brand in the world.

With the ambition to expand market share in Europe, Lynk & Co 02 not only owns a western hybrid design but also possesses many modern technologies. It is known that Lynk & Co 02 will be assembled at Volvo Ghenk factory, Belgium.

2021 Lynk Co & 02

The new car has sportier improvements in appearance and will be powered by a 254 HP 2.0T engine. In terms of appearance, the new front grille grille has become the latest design of the Lynk & Co family. The headlights on both sides of the front still apply a split structure.

The upper part is a vertical LED daytime running light strip, the lower part is the LED daytime running light strip. It is a cluster of integrated high and low beam lights, which are integrated with the front grille forming an integrated design, increasing the visual width of the new car. In addition, the front surround also uses a complex aerodynamic design to create a sportier feel for the new car.

On the body side, the biggest difference between the new car and the current model is that the black wheel rims on the front and rear fenders have been revised to have a body-color design, which improves overall feeling of the party. of the new car and undermines the SUV crossover attributes of the new car. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with 5-spoke dual-spoke wheels similar to Lynk & Co 03+, which adds to the sporty feeling of the new car.

At the rear of the car, a small spoiler extends at the end of the new roof. The taillights are still an inverted "L" shape. The center is connected by a black decorative plate that creates a see-through effect. In addition, the rear shell of the new car adopts a multi-layered design, which resembles the shape of the front shell. A small diffuser is also fitted under the hood and the exhaust uses a very sporty four-outlet layout.

Interior – Airy, comfortable

Stepping into the cockpit, customers not only feel the spaciousness thanks to the 2702 mm long wheelbase. In addition, the openness from the panoramic sunroof helps the cockpit and passenger compartment to access natural light sources.

Most customers when experiencing the cockpit of Lynk & Co 02 give comfortable comments. That is thanks to the minimalist design, without many cumbersome buttons with the most prominent highlight being the 10.1-inch touch screen for entertainment needs.

The Lynk & Co 02's flat-bottom 3-spoke steering wheel has a Volvo-influenced design and is wrapped in premium leather for a smooth grip.

The rear passenger compartment is of course not as spacious as the 01 senior, but still ensures comfort, no leg cramps. Comes with 3 central headrests and armrests to help reduce fatigue on long trips.

Convenience – Many smart technologies

Similar to elder brother 01, Lynk & Co 02 also has the ability to cool quickly and deeply thanks to being equipped with an independent 2-zone automatic air conditioner. Support along with vents for the rear seats.

In particular, Lynk & Co 02 also has an additional air cleaning system to help the cabin stay fresh even though it has to go through areas with unpleasant odors.

Lynk & Co 02 owns an interesting technology feature, which helps users control their car while renting it to others when not in use. To do this, Lynk & Co 02 has been connected to the internet and cloud computing with a separate data storage system.

Through an application developed by Lynk & Co with Ericsson, owners can precisely control the condition of the vehicle. The special thing is that the capacity of this application will not be limited and is completely free. Not only that, the manufacturer also commits to a lifetime warranty for this application.

Besides, Lynk & Co 02 also has some notable equipment and features such as:

10.1 inch touch screen co-developed with Microsoft and Alibaba
Connect Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Wireless charging
Services to assist with highway emergencies


Lynk & Co 02 has 2 engine options, the first is a 1.5L 3-cylinder with a maximum capacity of 156 horsepower, comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

More powerful is the 2.0L 4-cylinder version with a capacity of up to 187 horsepower, using a 7-speed automatic transmission and AWD all-wheel drive system.

In the near future, Lynk & Co 02 will have more electric and Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid versions. According to the manufacturer, the PHEV version will be able to run purely on electricity up to 50 km.

Safe as a luxury car

In addition to standard safety systems such as ABS, EBD, Cruise Control, electronic handbrake… Lynk & Co 02 impresses with safety features that are only available in luxury cars such as:

Forward collision warning
Blind spot detection system
Lane departure warning
Automatic emergency braking system
Smart cameras and sensors
Automatic parking system

In the Chinese market, Lynk & Co 02 is distributed to 6 versions with prices ranging from 122,000 yuan (equivalent to $ 18,830).

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