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Starting price: $30.935

As a pioneer in China's sports sedans, the excellent performance of the MG6 created a triangle with the Civic and Festa at that time, the pioneer product of the Chinese sports sedan, has been greatly affirmed by the younger generation of consumers. After undergoing a facelift last year, MG 6 has now launched the MG 6 PRO, a bolder and more advanced design and once again enriching the lineup. Now that its prototype car has been revealed, let's take a look at its actual content.

In terms of appearance, the biggest change of the MG 6 PRO is the front, the split headlights look strong, especially the daytime running lights using a light strip that combines a matrix that looks very murderous.

The MG logo placed on the hood makes the air intake grille look larger, this design is also very sporty like a car, really looking like Maserati. The air intakes on both sides of the main light group seem designed to undermine its existence.

The side of the car has not changed much, the body size data has not been released, it is expected to be similar to the current model, the 2715mm wheelbase remains unchanged. The side window trims, mirrors, fender trim, bottom trim and wheels are all painted black, more in keeping with its sporty temperament.

Cyclone-style wheels are painted all black with red brake calipers inside, creating a very sporty visual effect. Tires use Bridgestone Tyran T005 tires with size 225/45 R18.

The rear end maintains a swept back shape, and the visual effect of the black tail is also very prominent, and the disconnect shape in the middle of the tail is also very technological.

Regarding the interior, the shape of the center console is basically the same as the current model, in terms of colors, in addition to the black and gray color scheme, the yellow border is appropriately inlaid, which also contrasts with the color. exterior. very good.

The sport steering wheel is covered with suede for a very good grip. And the red Super Sport button on the bottom right might interest anyone.

This guitar is completely electronic, rich in colors and great visual effects, however it is currently in the testing phase and the final design has yet to be officially launched. series.

The car-machine function is the same as that of the MG 6, with a rich intelligent connectivity and voice system. However, the car engine in the state of display has not been activated yet, there is a chance to experience it in the near future.

The seat uses an integrated headrest, the main color is black and gray, the stitching is yellow, the visual effect is also sporty enough. And the top of the headrest is inlaid with the MG brand logo, which looks very classy.

Regarding the front seat space, the tester with a height of 1m80 can reach two fingers with just one punch.

The rear seats also retain the same design, the backrest angle is also very comfortable and convenient with the central armrest, air vents and two USB ports, the space is also great in the compact car sector.

In terms of rear space, with three fingers on the head and two punches in the foot, overall performance is in line with the usual standards of compact cars.

The hatchback design not only has a sporty look, but also significantly enhanced usability and practicality, making it easier and more flexible to load large items.

In terms of power, current information is that the new car will combine the power between 1.5T + 7DCT, the engine is MEGA Tech 1.5T, maximum capacity of 181 horsepower and maximum torque of 285N m. The suspension structure still uses the rear Macpherson multi-link type, which is more suitable for its ability to position movement.

Evaluation: This generation of MG 6 was only born about 3 years ago, but today's new car design trends have changed significantly faster, the user's aesthetic is also diverse, so many car manufacturers today will push at least two on top One major trend these days is increasing split models like PRO, PLUS, MAX etc. Indeed, the shark-like front and large rear wings of the MG 6 PRO also appear to have broken apart, and the sense of motion is further improved. However, it still has a commensurate set of performance, making the name "civil supercar" even more famous.

2021 MG 6 PRO "Civil Supercar" with a bolder and more advanced look | Car in China 2021 MG 6 PRO "Civil Supercar" with a bolder and more advanced look | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on July 06, 2021 Rating: 5

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