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Announced only for the Chinese market at the time of writing, the Envision Plus - as the name suggests - sits above the Envision in the company's range, although it is smaller than the Enclave. Mechanically, it's related to the crossover with which it shares the nameplate, but it seems to receive a specific design with a redesigned front bumper and more upright grille. It also takes on a power boxer silhouette that allows Buick to add a third row of seats.

In a surprise move, the Buick Envision Plus 2022 in the Chinese market debuted last month with a standard two-row, five-passenger seating configuration – a surprising move considering its existence. of the "regular" second-generation Envision. Now, three weeks later, General Motors has introduced a three-row variant of the Envision Plus.

Buick left the sedan segment when it banished the Regal, but it will fit perfectly into crossovers and SUVs. It has released a dark preview image giving us an early look at the three-row family car called the Envision Plus.

While we saw the cabin of the new Tri-Shield crossover last week, in the base trim, the automaker released the first official interior images of the Buick Envision Plus. The all-new 2022 , shows three rows of seats with room for seven people. In fact, GM has confirmed this configuration will be the most representative model compared to direct competitors and will be available from the base trim level and up.

2022 Buick Envision Plus adopts a practical 2 + 3 + 2 seating arrangement, designed to meet the needs of families with top-notch comfort. Thanks to optimization and high packing efficiency, Envision Plus can offer a lot of flexibility to users and their luggage.

GM claims the second bench of the Buick Envision Plus has an adjustable backrest, while both sides of the seat are equipped with an easy-to-access feature. The second row of seats can slide forward and backward with 9.8-inch floor grooves, facilitating access to the third row. In addition, the new crossover promises spacious head and pillow space in the last row.

The seven-seat variant of the Buick Envision Plus also has plenty of storage, with storage compartments in the front and rear doors, built-in drink holders and plenty of space in the front center console. Meanwhile, maximum cargo volume reaches 58 cubic feet (1,642 liters) for carrying larger items.

A Buick spokesman said the model's debut at the Shanghai Auto Show is only intended to represent the exterior of the elongated crossover, with interior details to be revealed in due time. short. As a result, the most interesting information for potential buyers, such as legroom, headroom, cargo space and seating capacity, is not currently available.

However, the manufacturer says that the novelty will be led by a "light hybrid", based on a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine. It is interfaced with a 48-volt starter-generator and a 9-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the model uses the GM electro-VIP architecture with wireless update and cross-run capabilities running Buick eConnect 3.0 operating system.

Like most vehicles on display at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Buick Envision Plus will be sold in China. However, it is said that he has a real chance to go to other countries. It should also be recalled that this crossover is part of the company's plan to bring 13 models to major auto markets in the next few years.

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