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The new Citroën C5X is very similar to the Palace of Versailles, which used to be home to the French aristocracy. Both are large, both are unashamedly luxurious, and for those who enter, expect that to be an experience to remember. Indeed, the C5X is the largest and most luxurious car the brand will ever produce.


Citroen is paving another path in the mid-size segment with the latest C5.

Like the smaller C4 that will launch later this year, the 2021 Citroen C5 X has adopted a higher-than-ground body style similar to a crossover but with more back-lifting styling.

Citroen Australia says it is "working closely with the factory on the evaluation of the new Citroen C5 X for local introduction" so there is no confirmation or specific date yet.

Citroen says the C5 X, in addition to a higher ground clearance than a typical midsize model, also offers "720mm large diameter wheels fitted with 19-inch tall and narrow tires on most trims".

C5 X has dimensions of 4805mm long, 1865mm wide, 1485mm high and has a wheelbase of 2785mm.

That makes it 80mm shorter, 25mm wider and 40mm taller than the Toyota Camry with a 40mm shorter wheelbase.

Open the rear doors and there's 545L of space, which expands to 1640L with the rear seats folded.

Unlike the C4, there is no all-electric version, but the C5 X will offer a plug-in hybrid in addition to the regular petrol powertrain.

The plug-in hybrid version has a total system output of 167kW and offers an electric range of more than 50km using WLTP standard.

It can be driven in pure electric mode at speeds up to 135km/h.

Those are the same specs as those of the Peugeot 508 Hybrid, which suggests the C5 X plug-in will share a 132kW 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine, an 80kW electric motor and 11 lithium-ion batteries. ,8kWh.

The 508 Hybrid is only available with front-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Detailed specifications have yet to be released for the rest of the C5 X's powertrain range.

Citroen's air suspension may be gone, but the C5 X uses the company's latest Advanced Comfort suspension.

While this lacks the old hydro-pneumatic spheres, it uses progressive "hydraulic cushioning", or two hydraulic stops to separate from the springs and dampers - one stop for compression and one stop. To recover.

Plug-in hybrid models go even further with the Advanced Comfort active suspension, which electronically adjusts the cruise depending on the driving mode you choose.

All models come standard with LED headlights, part of Citroen's new V-shaped front lights that debuted on the new C4.

Inside, there are Citroen's Advanced Comfort seats that include special padding reminiscent of a mattress pad, along with a thick layer of foam.

Available features also include a sunroof, a hands-free power tailgate and a “large scale” color display.

The infotainment system uses a 12.0-inch touch screen, and has wireless phone charging and 4 USB-C sockets in the cabin.

Safety and driver assistance technology including highway driving assist, which combines adaptive cruise control with stop/go and lane-keeping assist, as well as blind-spot monitoring, vehicle alerting rear cross section and surround view camera.

The Citroen brand has been absent from the local mid-size car segment since discontinuing the second-generation C5 in 2016.

The last C5 was also the last Citroen to use air suspension, so electronically adjustable.

Citroen isn't just withdrawing from the midsize car segment in Australia. The C5 ended production in Europe in 2017, leaving Citroen with no offering in the admittedly declining segment, although production continues in China for that market.

The C5 X's premium hatchback styling may be different from past mid-size Citroens, but it's not without precedent.

Honda already sells a premium hatchback version of the Accord called the Crosstour in markets like the US, though the company continues to sell a more conventional sedan alongside it.

Even Citroen itself offers an attractive full-size hatchback, the DS5.
2022 Citroën C5X Versailles Edition - equipped with plug-in hybrid power and high-tech interior | Car in China 2022 Citroën C5X Versailles Edition - equipped with plug-in hybrid power and high-tech interior | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on July 29, 2021 Rating: 5

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