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Starting price: £10,500 ( $14,513 )

Dacia has revolutionized the automotive sector with its currency and automotive versions. Logan has democratized the all-new car brand since 2004, the Duster has rocked the SUV segment, even as the Sandero was the standout car in European retail and was simply remodeled. to redefine the important modern automobile.

Dacia is now making a brand new bankruptcy with the unveiling of its first all-electric version. The arrival on the electric urban car market was introduced in March 2020 with the introduction of the Dacia Spring Electric auto show.
Dacia Spring Electric will now have a stylish model with new variants for all-new amenities: a model designed with car sharing in mind for powered city commuting. General electric and automotive transportation applications, for last mile delivery without polluting emissions.

The Spring is revolutionary: as the lowest priced electric urban car in the European market, it makes electric mobility more available. With its unconventional SUV styling, it boasts unparalleled spaciousness, an easy and reliable electric motor and a reassuring driving style. It is a flexible and sensible urban car.

Electric mobility is gradually becoming a part of our daily lives. As pioneers in the field of electric mobility, Groupe Renault and the Alliance have enjoyed ten years of special fascination with the outside world. In Europe, one in five electric cars is produced through Groupe Renault. More than 30,000 employees are highly skilled on the specifics of electric mobility.

Dacia is adapting electric mobility to its philosophy of providing a modern automobile that fulfills important desires: The Spring is a small, spacious, powerful electric car powered at unbeatable rates.

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Orders for the all-new Dacia Spring Electric will open in spring 2021 with easy variety and business incentives: batteries are included in the redemption fee and trim levels.


Dacia's first small urban car, the Spring Electric breaks the codes of 'conventional' electric cars. Its excessive ground clearance, wheel arches and roof rails give it a fitting adventurous quest to traverse the city jungle.


Its assertive layout features functionality attributes from the SUV arena, including wider wheel arches, roof rails, reinforced front fenders, rear skids and raised ground clearance (no load). one hundred and fifty mm). With its large shoulders and curved bonnet, the Spring boasts a strong silhouette, even if its reassuring stature reveals the beneficiary of the indoor area. However, despite all expectations, the Spring Electric is a true urban car with modest dimensions: it is simply three long. Seventy-three m, a giant 1. sixty-two m (except for the wing mirrors) and a height of 1.functiony one m.


Dacia spring electricity completely no longer moves unnoticed. Its front fascia exudes a strong character, with horizontal tapered LED lights extending into the grille layout, ribbed bonnet and large bumper. An exclusive signal of electric cars, Spring's front grille in general. It's an ultra-modern layout with a three-dimensional factor that stylishly conceals the charging socket that opens from the passenger compartment.


The rear lights are fitted with the all-new Dacia Y-shaped lighting fixture signature.


Dacia Spring Electric fully assumes its ambitious look, which is reflected in the % of colors available in the release version: mirrors, partial trim of the roof slats and rings below the side grille. the front is orange. With this device, electric mobility is elegant and enjoyable.


Spring Electric's wheels decorate the alloy wheels in an aesthetic way. Here's one possible way for the Flexwheel era: perforated sheet metal rims to accommodate luxurious wheel trims - a valuable and cultural answer they wanted to change.


The top of the rear end emphasizes the Spring's alleged cause as a distinct circle of urban cars with its curved rear windows, rounded headlights and clean lines. The reduced function element lends itself to the reassuring attributes of an SUV, with the bumper fitted with a solid, unpainted bumper and a gray skid plate. The reflective reflectors are fitted in the false air scoops. The hind wings are ribbed. These style hints enhance the back silhouette of spring.


Inside, Dacia Spring offers ample indoor space and trunk space. Welcoming and thoughtfully prepared, the cabin can accommodate up to 4 adults.


In the compact exterior dimensions of a 5-door urban car, Spring Electric offers 4 authentic adult-sized seats. With ample headroom and a knee radius of one hundred millimeters, the rear seats should have no trouble accommodating taller adults. The sense of space also contributes to the overall comfort of the occupants of the home. Front passengers have 23.1 liters of garage space with large glove compartments, door sills and garage center console box. Rear passengers have chapel purses in the back of the front seats.


The boot offers exceptional load capacity in its category: three hundred liters (now no longer includes the area under the trunk for the optionally available spare wheel). A distinct value of the leading segment. For added modularity, the rear bench can be folded down to provide a load capacity of six hundred liters.


Standard functions include an all-electric variation that enhances durability, a substantial lockout, and 4 intensity windows.

To maintain the eye of the driving force on the street and the arm at the wheel, a 3.5-inch virtual screen is displayed between the dials and the voice reputation of Google or Apple can be firmly activated. secured via an emergency button on the wheel.

Manual air-conditioning, multimedia facilities, power-reflecting changes and authentic spare wheels are optional.


The passenger compartment of the Dacia Spring Electric boasts air vents with a blue display. The chrome plated rotary gearbox can be very clean to apply with only 3 positions: D (pressure), N (neutral) and R (reverse).


With the turning radius increased and reduced to simply 4.eight m, Spring Electric can easily cross the city. Its optionally available parking assistant supports visibility and audio assistance with 3 ultrasonic radar sensors in the rear bumper and a digital camera in the rear, with pix displayed on the screen. multimedia utility display with dynamic driveways.


Available as an option, the Media Nav multimedia add-on includes an elegant seven-inch touchscreen display, satellite navigation, DAB radio, Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility, Bluetooth, and a USB plug . Voice reputation (by phone) can be activated via a button at the registration wheel.


True to the philosophy of the Dacia range of vehicles, Spring Electric is low cost to buy and use. Marketed at an unbeatable fee with a riding variety of 225 km (one hundred forty miles) WLTP, it promotes simplicity, reliability and robustness. These features created the perfect shape for its electric motor.


The 33 kW (forty-four hp) all-electric motor is paired with a light, age-appropriate 26 kWh battery. This era takes advantage of Groupe Renault's ten years of electrical knowledge. Reliable, powerful and safe, the engine has many benefits: clean linear acceleration, quiet walking and no vibration. Dacia Spring Electric charges much lower pressure than an equal internal combustion car, due to the fact that durability and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.


Spring Electric is a fully flexible electric car. The raised ground clearance and balanced road clearance make it clean to pressurize urban centers and American roads. Its reliable mechanics, riding variety and indoor comfort offer great freedom of use.


To give it greater independence, Spring offers a huge desire for charging options: on a domestic 220 V power outlet, it is fashionable to use the supplied cable, on a Wallbox (available). optional cable) or on a DC charging station (option available).

The charging time of the Lithium-ion battery is:
less than one hour with 80% charge on 30 kW DC . terminal
less than five hours with one hundred% charge on Wallbox 7, four kW
less than 8:30 hours with one hundred% charge on a 3.7 kW . Wallbox
much less 14 hours with one hundred % charge on 2.3 kW . home outlet


The loose MY Dacia app allows the driver to discover the battery stage and end of mileage in kilometres, in real time via the phone, to release the passenger compartment's pre-conditioning (air conditioning) and Also to explore cars in real time. When Spring Electric is plugged in, the application announces the development dynamics of the charge and allows them to turn it on or off.


Operating without oil and with much smaller moving parts than an internal combustion engine (since there are no belts), an electric motor is reliable and uses far fewer spare parts than an internal combustion engine. The Dacia Spring Electric is assured for 3 years and one hundred thousand km (sixty two,one hundred forty miles) and its battery 8 years and 120,000 km (74,six hundred miles).


Spring Electric gives customers low-cost access to electric mobility. Its compact length and reliable variety make it versatile in terms of use and cleanliness to experience the full advantage of on-board comfort and the joy of riding.


The light-weight and compact Dacia Spring Electric has a riding variety of 225 km (one hundred forty miles) in WLTP cycle and 295 km (183 miles) in WLTP City cycle (approval cycle that consists of handiest the city a part of the approval cycle), giving a certain great flexibility in using each in the city and suburban areas.

In Europe, the common daily driving distance is 31 km for the urban car segment (A). On this basis, Spring may want a weekly unmarried battery charge.
The variety can be increased to almost 10% via the sure emergency ECO button in the instrument panel to limit the power to 23 kW (as opposed to 33 kW) and the top speed limit to one hundred km/h (sixty-two mph).


The electric motor offers many benefits on the street: precise response to acceleration (instant torque of one hundred and twenty-five Nm), no need to change gears, quiet when walking and no vibrate. There isn't any conserving thing again involved in playing an electric car, because spring now no longer emits any pollution or CO2.


Spring Electric's engines provide general freedom of movement in urban centers with restricted access, even during prime pollution periods. In positive countries, electric cars benefit from purchase incentives in addition to economic or tax savings. In many cities, parking for electric cars is also free.


Spring Electric has many stylish protection functions: speed limiter, ABS, ESP, digital brake force distribution, six airbags, emergency call (SOS button), computerized headlight activation and emergency braking automatic level. Operating from 7 to one hundred and seventy km/h (four to 106 mph), this device detects, via forward radar, the space for cars in front (tables bound or shifted) ). If a chance of collision is detected, it will indicate the steering force visually and clearly, earlier than amplifying the overall performance of the brake equipment if the steering force brakes however the opportunity is still a gift or due The robot applies the brakes or makes use of them more forcefully if the steering force is now no longer braking or now there is not enough braking.


The Dacia Spring Electric has value - and is green with a lower total ownership value (TCO) than a similar internal combustion car. It even delivers the lowest TCO on the market (combining electric and internal combustion cars).

TCO is an metric that measures the total ownership value of a car and is especially used by professionals, specifically corporate fleet managers, to optimize their costs.

With the modern power shift and the regulations surrounding it, the arena is transforming and so are its mobility desires and solutions. Spring Electric is Dacia's pragmatic response to modern day desires for sustainable mobility for all.


In Europe, the common use of cars in car sharing is forty minutes over 8 km. Dacia Spring is ideally equipped as it is fully electric, easy to use, reliable and powerful. Its pricing is also in a way that is particularly relevant to the monetary version of car-sharing and to the desires of its customers.

Building on knowledge gained from ZITY, the car-sharing carrier operating through Groupe Renault and Ferrovial in Madrid and Paris, Dacia has refined a specific model of Spring for the car-sharing market. It has been prepared to deal with the era from operators that allow geolocation and remote opening (by phone).

Available in white and light gray, this model will include black PET seats (durable, stain-resistant synthetic leather), front doors and boot sills, front and rear floor mats, black handles and mirrors to added sturdiness and 14-inch Flexwheel wheels. In the passenger compartment, the driving force can gain access to the auto-share operator's surroundings at the car's display to clone the phone (Apple Car Play and Android Auto). He may also have access to navigation and parking aids (rear digital camera and rear radar).


Designed for the tradesman, the Spring Electric Cargo features an extended launch function where the seat is normally placed, a plastic liner at the ground and in the indoor wheel arches, 4 anchor jewels and a wire mesh partition separates the front passenger from the loading area. The load length of this unique model is 1,033 mm, the capacity is 800 liters and the payload is 325 kg.

Available in white, the Dacia Spring Electric Cargo comes with stylish features including navigation air conditioning, radio (with Bluetooth, USB plug and phone holder), fabric upholstery, handles and Exterior mirrors with black grain and 14-inch plates- metal wheels are decorated "fashion". For reasons of weight optimization, this model does not currently have a spare wheel.


Length: three, 734 mm
Width: 1,622 mm (1,770 mm with mirror)
Height: 1,516 mm
Wheelbase: 2,423 mm
Empty floor space: one hundred and fifty mm
Electric motor 33 kW (forty-four hp)
Light 26 kWh battery
AC charging up to 6.6 kW / DC charging up to 30 kW (optionally available)
Driving variety: 225 km/one hundred forty miles (WLTP) / 295 km/183 miles (WLTP City)
Top speed: one hundred and twenty-five km/h (seventy-eight mph)
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