2022 Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan MAX - enjoy driving passionately without believing in limits Car in China

Starting price: $15,110 in CHINA

The test drive on the national media "Mach Power does not believe in limits-Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan MAX Extreme Challenge Tour" will depart in Lijiang, Yunnan. Nearly 300 professional auto vehicles from all over the country have come to Yunnan in batches, starting from the ancient city of Lijiang and discovering the most mysterious journey from Lijiang to Shangri-La through the "four poles" extremely high, steep, curved and beautiful. Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan MAX test drive enjoy driving passionately without believing in limits.

This test drive meeting is the first large-scale nationwide test drive event organized by Dongfeng Fengshen for Yixuan MAX. In order for the media to better understand the vehicle's product power, Dongfeng Fengshen carefully selected high-altitude roads, continuous ramps and bends, mountain roads, highways and test-drive routes. Another multi-track allows everyone to fully experience the track-level power of the Yixuan MAX in terms of performance, technology and on-trend quality. At the same time, rich and colorful experiential links such as aerial photography, motion and still photography also make the vehicle more intuitive to test-drive and a deeper experience of Yixuan MAX's unique craftsmanship in design. design and product workmanship.

The protagonist Yixuan MAX taking on this extreme challenge is a pioneer work built by Dongfeng Fengshen based on DSMA architecture, which is also Dongfeng Fengshen's distrust of limits. The sedan body is "no longer" enough "" First equipped with the latest Mach power of Dongfeng Group, officially opening Dongfeng Fengshen's advanced path from "Fengshen driving pleasure" to "common performance high class".

Mach power + DSMA super blessing, enjoy driving pleasure with unbelievable power control

Yixuan MAX is the first all-new model equipped with Dongfeng Group's Mach Power brand. Its 1.5T engine won the China Automotive Research Institute's "Energy Efficiency Star" and the "Heart of China" 2020 for its quantitative breakthroughs in core energy technologies. Authoritative endorsements such as "Annual Special Award" at China Automobile Festival.

This new generation 1.5T engine independently developed by Dongfeng takes into account both power efficiency and fuel consumption efficiency, maximum power reaches 150kW and maximum torque reaches 320N m, the power parameter exceeds through imported brands and joint ventures such as BMW, Honda under the same amount of displacement. Most of the engines have a thermal efficiency of 41.07%, comparable to the famous Toyota Dynamic Force engine and completely up to the international first class standard. The fuel consumption per 100 km of the Yixuan MAX hybrid model is even as low as 4.3L.

In terms of braking and noise reduction, the performance of Yixuan MAX is also very good, the braking performance is only 34 meters per 100 km, the noise reduction function makes the idling cockpit noise low. more than 36 decibels. This performance is in the same vehicle category. Unique, one of the few.

The Yixuan MAX is the first model in Dongfeng's "14th Five-Year Plan" phase under the new DSMA main structure. The DSMA architecture is Dongfeng Motor Group's advanced modular architecture that integrates globally superior resources and is suitable for mid- to high-end vehicles. the main force of Dongfeng Motor Group during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

DSMA architecture adopts layered architecture design, supported by hardware layer, software layer and service layer. It has the first-class comfort, safety and reliability of the main architecture, giving Dongfeng Fengshen the "driving preference" gene carved into the bones. Can be liberated better. Thanks to suspension optimization and expert tuning by the racing championship team, the Yixuan MAX has race-grade handling performance. In addition, Yixuan MAX also applies a multi-link independent suspension design front and rear. It has struck the golden balance of driving performance and comfort. The car has a resounding tagline, "My sedan can be a race track too!".

As Dongfeng Fengshen's first entry-level and high-end model that redefines family sedans and is no longer "just enough", Yixuan MAX is inseparable from the luck of smart technology. This model is equipped with quasi-L3 automatic driving assistance system, which integrates 28 auxiliary functions. The system uses 5 ultra-high definition cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars to ensure that there is no 0-200 meter 360° dead angle monitoring and that the vehicle is moving forward, crossing the intersection, change direction to change lanes, drive at high speed, park, etc. Provides multi-directional safe driving assistance in all driving conditions, protecting users in all aspects of safety and driving confidence.

Yixuan MAX is equipped with the latest Windlink 6.0 car system, which not only has intelligent voice, intelligent car control and rich car ecosystem, but also upgraded with convenient and future functions such as CCTV audio and video, Car KTV, Huawei HiCar and Smart View car control. Intelligent services for the entire journey from boarding to disembarking allow users to enjoy the convenience and driving pleasure brought by technology.

The new design concept is lucky and you can enjoy the trendy driving feeling without trusting the limit

Yixuan MAX "Track Storm Aesthetic" uses a blend of performance and technology to inspire your racing desires instantly. It has optimal coupe proportions, such as the widest body in its class at 1870mm and an ultra-low aspect ratio of 0.788, offering exciting space and low-racing control.

In terms of interior design, Yixuan MAX is committed to creating a "technological elegant cockpit" that perfectly combines ergonomics and smart technology equipment through a styling aesthetic to create a luxurious experience. and elegantly integrate technology and texture. The wraparound cockpit and the upper and lower dual trim strips are designed to connect the instrument panel and the left and right door panels to form a dual surround visual effect with a wide field of view. The dual-layer three-way suspension panel expands the use and riding space. The driver's C position design with the center console tilted to the 9.8° driving position matches the best ergonomic design, making driving more focused and safer.

Yixuan MAX pioneered the standard 3D curved central control large screen throughout the system, which broke up the display area and made the shape more concise. The only car in the same segment equipped with intelligent scanning vents and intelligent touch-sensitive climate control panel to help perform 360-degree intelligent scanning.

The cockpit uses JAMO Zunbao brand audio, including 11 JAMO speakers, a center surround speaker with independent power amplification and Ajiamis advanced sound effects, comparable to the live experience. really continue.

In addition, Yixuan MAX also provides comfortable non-pressurized seats with all-inclusive design, 10-way power adjustment, smart pressure relief and precise lumbar protection, and 24 smart massage styles equivalent to other models luxury, bring comprehensive health. experience for the driver. The ultimate in care and relaxation.

The Yixuan MAX, positioned as a "luxury wide-body sedan", is intended primarily for discerning dads who desire passionate control, have high expectations for high-end performance, and care at the same time. to the space and comfort of their family members. It will compete with Yixuan. Together with other models in the family, they will coordinate the layout of the mainstream A-class family car market to further meet the personalized car needs of different groups of young consumers.

Through this test drive event, Yixuan MAX showed Dongfeng Fengshen redefining family sedans, challenging "enough is enough", popularizing high-end performance and making efforts to promote the car brand image from the middle. level to advanced. trademark. Its clear driving genes and excellent ride quality have been fully tested by the national automotive media and it has resonated well. The user brings a completely new developed experience.

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