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Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show last week, the retro four-door EV is certainly "inspired" by the iconic Volkswagen Beetle.

And predictably, Volkswagen, which killed its own Beetle in 2019, has attracted interest. When we asked the German company for comment, they told us: “We are examining this matter for any violation of Volkswagen AG utility model or design rights and have the right to take any necessary legal steps”.

What we understand is that they are looking into the matter and are ready to expel the attorney if they feel they have a lawsuit. And, since VW was found to have trademarked the e-Beetle name last year, suggesting the legendary Bug could be reinvented into an electric car, could Wolfsburg's lawyers please bring the case to court.

Great Wall Motors said:

Ora received an EU exterior design patent about a week ago, good for at least 5 years! So, at least legally, it's not a Volkswagen Beetle.

On the outside, the Punk Cat is a long and modern Beetle. There are 4 doors instead of the original 2, the roof line is slightly longer.

Many chrome accents add to the classic look of the car. 10 two-tone color schemes are available and were recently selected by netizens through an online vote. The modern rims are an odd choice for this classic car, although recent photos of the color options show retro chrome rims being installed.

If you like bling, you'll love the interior of the Punk Cat; With every metal surface painted in gold, it's not a design for everyone. However, the blue and beige interior along with the vents and round dials have a bit of a retro vibe!

First appearing at the 2021 Shanghai auto show, Punk Cat has created quite a stir among car journalists as well as netizens, with discussions largely centered around “uniqueness.” of design. Along with the Punk cat, an idea of ​​Panamera's suspicious-looking Lightning Cat was also displayed, which further fueled the controversy.

What do you think; Were the Volkswagen lawyers injured? Let us know in the comments section.

2022 Great Wall Ora Punk Cat - related to Volkswagen's copyright | Car in China 2022 Great Wall Ora Punk Cat - related to Volkswagen's copyright | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on July 24, 2021 Rating: 5

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