2022 Haval Chitu - Haval's cheap small SUV really good? | Car in China

Starting price: $16,958 in CHINA

After a long wait, Haval Chitu, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, is officially listed. In terms of appearance, the car applies a new family-style design language, a large hexagonal air intake on the front is decorated with crisscross mesh, with an aerodynamic package in the bumper. At the same time, the headlights of the new car are also very sharp, equipped with an LED light source inside, and the daytime running lights and headlights are designed into two separate bodies, arranged along the sides.

★The object is positioned as young customers, young design is of course indispensable.

The hexagonal central grid design, the vertical air intake grille, the long and narrow headlight lines on both sides and the big dog "hanhan" design are two completely different styles. The matte black design of the bumpers and wheels, rearview mirror and door handles also shows that the design of this car is sporty and youthful.

On the side of the body, Haval Chitu does not use a slip-back design to emphasize the feeling of movement, but uses a black coating treatment on the mirrors and door handles. At the rear, the large upper spoiler and diffuser design at the bottom create the flavor of a small steel cannon, in addition to the two decorative exhaust outlets on either side. The brand logo "HAVAL" is placed in the middle of the rear of the car.

★Compared to the front design, the rear design does not have many noticeable points. The see-through taillight design is relatively common.

In terms of dimensions, the length / width / height is 4470x1898x1625 (mm) respectively, the wheelbase is 2700mm. And this wheelbase parameter is considered quite good in the same class, although it is a compact SUV, its rear legroom is also worth looking forward to. This specific feeling you should experience directly at the store.

★ The interior is decorated with lines, and the size of the floating center console screen is indeed not small

The design of the 12.3-inch hanging center console screen, with sporty colored stitching on the seats and the compact design of the electronic gearshift lever helps to make the overall interior decoration more refined. However, it is worth noting that the entire product line is not equipped with a full LCD device, and the size of the LCD screen is only 7 inches.

★ There is basically a master configuration, and a general configuration is basically there

According to specific configurations, the car is equipped with L2 level autopilot system, supports full-speed adaptive cruise in the speed range of 0-150km / h, collision warning, intersection assist, assist collision, pedestrian safety assist, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, emergency lane keeping, smart dodging, vehicle entry assist, door opening warning, sea information recognition traffic alerts, plus automatic speed limit and overspeed warnings, reverse braking and traffic jam assist.

Supports face unlock recognition, it is worth mentioning that in the event that the face is not recognized, the system will automatically call for voice recognition. In addition, the Chitu is equipped with an intelligent emotion recognition system, which can monitor the driver's expression information in real time, and provide passengers with personalized notifications based on the driver's preferences. expression judgment. As for the fully automatic parking feature, it is also equipped on some models.

★ 1.5T + 7 blocks wet dual clutch kit, catering to the power profile of mainstream independent brand products

1.5T engine + 7-speed wet dual clutch can achieve maximum power of 135kW / 5500 ~ 6000 rpm (184 hp), maximum torque of 275N • m / 1500 ~ 4000 rpm and ratio compression count 11: 1. It's worth mentioning that Chitu also supports launcher launch, which is relatively rare in this level.

Chitu is equipped with L2 autopilot functions such as lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, focusing on competitiveness in terms of technology configuration.

Those of you who are pursuing technology configuration, with a budget of 120,000 yuan, Chitu Golden Tutu, should prioritize consideration.

Not bad for the budget, and for those who commute more in the city, the comfortable, convenient and well-equipped Starway is a good choice.

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