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Starting price: $38,119 in CHINA

Huawei has announced that Chinese auto company SERES has launched an extended range electric vehicle - the new SERES SF5 and it will be available at Huawei flagship stores across China. For the first time, Huawei welcomes a vehicle partner to join its “1+8+N” ecosystem.

Top Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has taken its first step in the auto industry with its SF5 hybrid SUV, and it looks quite futuristic.

With the goal of diversifying products, Chinese technology giant Huawei has launched its first vehicle, the SF5 SUV, in cooperation with electric car and components maker Cyrus. The car was launched at Auto Shanghai 2021 and will be available at all Huawei stores across China under the SERES brand. The vehicle is equipped with the company's distinctive DriveOne petrol-electric hybrid powertrain, and according to the company's announcement, it will offer unrivaled performance and significantly higher range.

In terms of competition among tech-first companies in the auto market, Huawei beat Apple by launching its first car. Apple has planned to launch its EV in the market in 2024-25; so Huawei had an edge over the US smartphone giant.

The modern look of the SUV

This Huawei flagship SUV is built around a lightweight aluminum chassis suspended by a four-axle double wishbone front suspension and a trapezoidal multi-link rear suspension on optional 20/21-inch alloy wheels. . The bodywork is neatly designed in the direction of a conventional crossover with cleverly crafted improvisations. The overall dimensions of the car are respectively 4,700mm long, 1,930mm wide, 1,625mm with a wheelbase of 2,875mm.

The Seres SF5 sports a sporty front and hood with curved lines and is available in four elegant colors - Titanium Silver, Charcoal Black, Deep Sea Blue and Pearl White. At the front, the inspired LED light design gives this car a cool vibe. The sleek LED headlights are complemented by L-shaped curved DRLs that extend to the bottom of the front bumper. The matching mesh grille in the center of the headlights adds a touch of glamor to the styling. On the sides, it has a clean design without any frills and a smaller roofline. The LEDs also dominate the rear and cover the entire width of the back.

Smartly designed interiors

Keep the design modern, the interior sports with a neat and no-frills dashboard. The most eye-catching element is the central 17-inch infotainment screen. Equipped with Huawei's HiCar system, the large touch screen has various smart features. The system allows the driver to access both the smartphone app and the infotainment system features simultaneously. It also recognizes voice commands so the driver can stay more focused on the road. With 11 speakers inside, Huawei's surround sound system provides a theater-like entertainment environment.

Customers can choose from three color schemes including Midnight Black, Garnet Red and Ivory White for their own SF5 SUV. For added comfort and luxury, the front seats are ventilated and heated along with a massage function. The upholstered interior is designed with premium leather, metal accents and exclusive wood trim. The controls are featured in the driver's console with a flat-bottomed steering wheel with mounted controls and a digital MID. Drivers can enjoy a safe and sound driving experience with the help of L2+ autonomous driving, traffic jam assist, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane centering and adaptive cruise control with full speed domain.

DriveOne drivetrain

This SUV has a powertrain that will be the next level of hybrid powertrain. Dubbed 'DriveOne' or 'Three-in-one Electric Powertrain', the system includes a motor controller, motor and reducer. Along with the electric motor, the Huawei SF5 has a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that powers the battery pack along with its wheels.

Huawei claims that the batteries and two electric motors can solely drive this vehicle for 112 miles, and in hybrid mode, the range is extended to an incredible 621 miles. When the car uses three combined power sources, it produces 551 horsepower and 604 lb-ft of torque that can accelerate the car from zero to 62 mph in 4.68 seconds. The powertrain is offered in both two- and four-wheel drive configurations. The SF5's most spectacular feature is its refueling capability. A feature commonly found on airplanes is packaged in Huawei's SF5. With this technology, the vehicle will be capable of vehicle-to-vehicle charging (V2V) and vehicle-to-load charging (V2L). The first can charge other EVs or Hybrid vehicles, and the latter, it can charge other electrical devices such as Laptops.

The Huawei SF5 is a new sensation in the less competitive but thriving hybrid vehicle segment. In keeping with its reputation, Huawei has equipped cars with some special features. While the sale is limited to China for now, the Seres SF5 is expected to launch internationally in the near future.

High-performance monster with Huawei technologies

In response to consumer anxiety about electric vehicles, Huawei and SERES have created a new electric drive range extension system. Equipped with the HUAWEI DriveONE Three-in-one Electric Powertrain, it is not only the ultimate solution to reduce range anxiety, but also delivers world-class coupe performance. The new SERES SF5 offers user versatility, with a range of 180 km in pure electric mode to meet the needs of everyday city commuters, 1 and a range of more than 1000 km in range mode. vi extension for those who go long distances. High performance capabilities boast a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.68 seconds. Performance of the car is also supported by a lightweight aluminum chassis, a four-wheel double wishbone front suspension and a trapezoidal multi-link rear suspension. This makes the new SF5 a performance monster, delivering faster acceleration while providing more stable tilt control and superior shock absorption.

HUAWEI HiCar solutions allow users to seamlessly switch between their mobile apps to the vehicle's center console, providing access to navigation, music and more, anytime, anywhere place. This world-class coupe offers a whole new user experience: the music on your phone can be seamlessly resumed as you board. It also offers interactive voice control, allowing users to focus fully on driving. HUAWEI HiCar can also connect the car with other smart devices, so the user in the car can turn on the air conditioner, smart display and other connected devices2 at home easily.

The vehicle's three-way surround sound system consists of 11 sound units, tuned by HUAWEI SOUND ® core technicians and audio experts. Together with the vehicle's perfect NVH solution - library-grade silence of 38 dB 3 , the sound system delivers operatic and immersive sound quality.

The new SERES SF5 features vehicle-to-vehicle rescue (V2V) recharging, which can provide emergency power to isolated vehicles in the wilderness. It also provides a truck-camping (V2L) power supply mode, which powers the induction cooker, sound system and other devices, so that users can hold a BBQ while stopping.

The torsion and flexural strength of the new SERES SF5 meets five-star safety design standards, with a strong and reliable 1500 Mpa ultra-high tensile steel body. With L2+ level autopilot assistance, traffic jam assist, top speed domain adaptive cruise control and other features, users facing urban congestion need not worry about driving. long distance car.

In addition, the front seats are equipped with sophisticated, sporty seats with ventilation, heating, massage functions and an intimate intelligent welcome mode to make everything in and out of the car more comfortable and convenient. .

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