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With 350 sensors and cameras that watch, listen, and record every step on the road, every wink and word, EQS is a learning machine that uses AI-like algorithms to analyze and anticipate the driver's needs, habits and comfort. Consider the automatic massage function, which detects and, um, controls hot spots on the person sitting in the chair, by blowing compressed air. I never know if I should tip or not.

When Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius announced the EQS 2022 in April, he described it as a pivotal moment for the world's oldest automaker. It's hard for us to exaggerate when it comes to car launches, but in this case it's hard to argue with the 52-year-old Swede, who wasted very little time getting the company in. electric vehicle market.

Unlike the EQC, EQV, EQA and EQB - all of which are based on existing internal combustion Mercedes-Benz models - the EQS is a standalone model in its own right. Benz's first dedicated electric-car platform features a newly developed range of drivetrains, a battery promising a range of up to 485 miles under the European test procedure, and arguably the most advanced interior you'll find in any current production car.

Positioned at the top of the growing list of EQ badged models, it also acts as a technology showcase for the Mercedes-Benz brand, featuring a number of innovations that we can also enjoy. Expect to see on upcoming models, including the Lidar-based Level 3 autonomous driving function.

Aesthetically, the EQS is a complete departure from the traditional internal combustion-engined Mercedes-Benz models, with a forward-cabin styling similar to the EQS Vision concept previewed in 2016. 2019. Different exterior elements include a black grille, angled headlights. available with what Mercedes calls a Digital Light, which has matrix projections with 1.3 million pixels in each headlight that can be used to project warning symbols onto the road surface or for some movie theaters to start. dynamics, and a horizontal light bar on the top edge of the hood.

For the first time on a production Mercedes-Benz model, the clamshell hood is fixed, designed to open only during servicing. The accessory for the windshield washer is integrated into the driver's front panel, which pops out when pressed. The steep windscreen flows into what Mercedes describes as a single-arched roofline, its arc extending all the way to the rear deck. The doors are frameless and have flat handles like on the latest S-class. Mercedes-Benz claims the EQS is better than the Tesla Model S in aerodynamic efficiency, with a record-breaking production drag coefficient of 0.20 in basic rear-wheel drive — combined with the optional AMG styling package. Select and low drag specially developed wheels.

Compared to the new S-class, the EQS is slightly shorter and narrower. It rides on a 126.4-inch wheelbase, just 0.2 inches shorter than its combustion-engined companion, giving it relatively short overhangs and a very spacious interior.

EQS's aluminum-intensive platform supports two powertrain layouts — either single-engine and rear-wheel drive, or dual-motor, all-wheel drive. The electric motors, manufactured by Valeo Siemens eAutomotive, are mounted low in the subframe at the front and in the axle assembly at the rear.

The 396-volt lithium-ion battery, assembled by Mercedes-Benz sister company Accumotive, uses a steel and aluminum housing and is integrated into the floor, giving the EQS a much lower center of gravity than the S-class. Meanwhile, the power electronics are packed up front under the fixed hood.

Mercedes has put a lot of effort into the interior of the EQS, combining its own unique elements with features from other models in the Benz lineup. The standard setup has the same layout as the latest S-class, with a 12.3-inch digital instrument display and 12.8-inch infotainment screen, combined with a multi-function steering wheel. There are touch control buttons on the upper spokes.

North American buyers will also be able to opt for the so-called Hyperscreen, a one-piece curved display that spans the width of the panel. It has three digital screens — one for the tools, one for the infotainment functions and another in front of the front passenger seat. It is impressive, no doubt. But the 56.7-inch wide screen is prone to reflections in sunny conditions, despite the built-in auto-brightness sensor. However, it operates at impressive speeds thanks to its octa-core processor and 24 gigabytes of RAM. Either display setup is controlled by the latest generation of MBUX — an operating system that supports conversational voice input via the Hey Mercedes prompt. There's also a head-up display with augmented reality navigation commands.


The most versatile part of the EQS is the amazing MBUX Hyperscreen display — 56 inches wide, like a car with its own hard drive — backed by eight CPU cores and 24 GB of RAM. My borrowed 580 4Matic is also equipped with a 710-watt 15-speaker Burmester sound system, which is bottled in 5,888-pound German schhhhteel, wrapped in thick leather and soundproofed glass. It was like performing a rampage in Juliet's tomb.

As the first of four models that will share an all-new electric architecture, including an SUV, the EQS is a key product from Daimler AG, if produced in force. After Dieselgate (2015), German carmakers argue that they need more time to make the transition to electrification. Daimler's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality of the hope fleet is titled "Ambition 2039."

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