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Opel has revealed the all-new sixth generation of the Astra. The success story of Opel's best-selling book began 30 years ago with the descendant of the legendary Kadett. With the all-new Astra, the German manufacturer is now opening the next chapter: for the first time, a small car with electric drive.
One of the oldest cars in Europe's fiercely competitive compact car segment is moving into the next generation, bringing a completely new design inside and out along with overhauled platforms. . Once again assembled in-house in Rüsselsheim, the sixth edition of Opel's popular Astra has all the elements to go up against the giants of this class: Golf, Focus, Megane and Octavia.

It also has to contend with the mechanical-related Peugeot 308, with both sharing the EMP2 platform as both brands are part of Stellantis - the world's fourth-largest car maker. Although their bones are quite similar, the designers did a good job in distinguishing the two compact hatchbacks. The French version takes a bolder approach while its German cousin plays it safe with a cleaner look.

The new Opel Astra is also a design statement for the brand. More dynamic than ever, with a sheer, stretchy surface, stripped of excess elements and with a brand new face - Opel Vizor. With the next generation of compact class, Opel shows that Astra is ready to define a new era.

The new Opel Astra will launch this year as a sporty five-door with a lower profile and more space than its predecessor. At 4,374 mm long and 1,860 mm wide, it scores the top of the compact segment.

Thanks to a particularly short front overhang, the new Astra is only 4.0 mm longer than the previous model, despite a significantly increased wheelbase of 2,675 mm (+13 mm). Despite the muscular, confident appearance, the practical trunk of the new Opel Astra with an adjustable floor still provides a luggage volume of 422 liters for the driver and 4 passengers.

The new generation is designed and developed at Opel's headquarters in Rüsselsheim, where production will begin this fall. Like its predecessor launched in 2015, this new model brings improvements to the compact car segment that customers previously only knew from more expensive cars. Astra, for example, can turn night into day: the latest evolution of the adaptive Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel comes directly from Opel's flagship Insignia and, with its 168 LED elements, is a market leader. Compact and midsize.

A leap in time has taken place in the interior of the new generation Astra. With the fully digital Control Panel, analog devices are steeped in history. Instead, a new human-machine interface (HMI) with fresh, modern graphics gives customers a purer, more intuitive experience. Passengers can operate the new Astra intuitively through the ultra-wide touchscreen, just like a smartphone. Opel designers and engineers have taken great care to ensure that drivers receive all the necessary information and useful operating options, but without the burden of data or functionality. redundant. In addition, key settings such as climate control can still be operated via physical switches and buttons.

For example, the Opel is also the outstandingly comfortable seat of the new compact car. The front seats, developed in-house, are AGR-certified ("Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV") and, with exemplary ergonomic design, are extremely comfortable, especially on long journeys. Drivers are assisted by state-of-the-art assistance systems, from a head-up display to the Intelli-Drive 2.0 semi-autonomous assistance system and Intelli-Vision 360-degree camera.

"The all-new Astra - a new Blitz has been born! With sensational design and leading technology. Electrification and high efficiency to reduce emissions as low as possible; towards a new era. Astra is made with the utmost precision to the smallest detail We are confident that the next generation Astra has all it takes to become another bestseller and attract new customers to the brand. brand," said Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller.

New interpretation of the bold and pure Opel design philosophy

After the Mokka, Crossland and Grandland SUV, the new Astra is Opel's first hatchback model to embody the brand's pure and bold design philosophy. The Opel Vizor (the new face of the brand that first appeared on Mokka and the central exterior design element) follows the Opel Compass, where there are vertical and horizontal axles - the crease in the hood and the wing graphics of daytime running lights - intersect with the Opel Blitz logo in the middle. Stretching across the front, making the new Astra appear wider, the Vizor also seamlessly integrates technologies such as the ultra-thin Intelli-Lux LED® headlights and the Intelli-Vision system front camera. Seen from the side, the next-generation Astra looks particularly dynamic thanks to its pronounced front-protruding C-pillar.

At the rear, the Opel Compass is repeated with a centrally mounted Blitz light, vertically aligned overhead brake light and tail light (energy efficient LED, as well as all exterior lights). The Blitz emblem also serves as the tailgate latch, which is made of modern composite materials. Not only is this technology lightweight and sturdy, it also allows for precise execution of design details such as the exceptionally slim tail lights.

"The new Astra represents an exciting next step in our new design realization," said Vice President of Design, Mark Adams. "With its bold Vizor front fascia, muscular wheel arches and smooth surfaces, the new Astra has a very sporty and confident personality. The interior also takes a bold step into the future. The cockpit is directional. about the powerful driver with monolithic glass. The new Pure Panel will bring a whole new emotional experience to our customers."

Next-generation Pure Panel digital cockpit with full glazing option

The same German precision is applied throughout the interior, where absolute standout is the next generation of the Pure Panel, first introduced in Mokka. This spacious, digital cockpit (fully glazed option) features two 10-inch screens, seamlessly integrated - along with the driver's side vents - in a horizontal form. Thanks to a shutter-like layer that prevents upward reflections on the windshield, the design includes a cover plate over the screen, further enhancing the high-tech functionality and ambience.

With physical controls reduced to a minimum in the form of finely crafted keys, the Pure Panel achieves the optimal balance between digitization and intuitive operation, eliminating annoying visual stimuli and no sub menu needed. There's also no need for cables, so a next-generation multimedia infotainment system with connected services - which can be operated by natural language voice control as well as by touch - can be connected as standard on all models with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless via a compatible smartphone.

Advanced driver assistance systems including semi-automatic lane change

The architecture of the new Opel Astra also integrates the latest autonomous driving assistance systems. In addition to the multifunction camera on the windshield, the technology also includes four body cameras (one in front, one at the back and one on each side), five radar sensors (one in front and one in each corner). ), as well as front and rear ultrasonic sensors.

The camera and sensor are integrated with an electronic horizon connection in Intelli-Drive 2.0, which extends the range of the camera and radar. This allows the system to adjust speed in curves, make speed recommendations and perform semi-automatic lane changes. Steering wheel detection ensures the driver is always interested.

Rear cross-traffic alert, long-range blind-spot detection, and active lane-keeping help keep the vehicle in the middle of the driving lane, including Intelli-Drive 1.0.

The long list of autonomous driving assistance systems also includes adaptive cruise control, which accelerates or slows down to follow the vehicle ahead - without exceeding the set speed - and can stop if need. With an automatic transmission, driving will resume automatically thanks to "Stop & Go".

The offering offers class-leading assistance systems as well as a large display and Intelli-Vision, a camera and radar-based system for easier parking.

New Astra brings premium Intelli-Lux Pixel Light® to the compact market region

Opel Astra's role as a supplier of innovative technology continues in the areas of lighting and seating, areas of expertise typical of the Opel brand. The previous model pioneered the introduction of adaptive matrix lighting in 2015 and the next generation brings the latest developments in lighting to the compact market for the first time - Intelli -Lux LED® Pixel Light. This state-of-the-art technology, already available on Opel's Grandland SUV and Insignia premium vehicles, features a total of 168 segment-leading LEDs - 84 in each ultra-slim headlamp. The main beam adjusts seamlessly in milliseconds, without dazzling other road users. Approaching or getting ahead of traffic is precisely "cut off". The range and direction of the light varies according to the driving situation and surroundings.

Best in class AGR ergonomic chair with massage and ventilation

Opel's ergonomic AGR seats have an award-winning reputation and the new Astra continues this long tradition. Certified by "Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V." ("Campaign for Healthy Backs") the position of the front seats is 12 mm lower than the previous version, adding to the "sporty" driving feel. Good posture is guaranteed, with the seat's foam density optimized in the "Sport" or "Comfort" contours.

The new Opel Astra AGR front seats are the best the compact car has to offer and come with a wide range of adjustment options, from electric tilt to electro-pneumatic lumbar support. In Nappa leather trim, they even provide ventilation, driver massage and heating at the rear and front. Stylish Alcantara-decorated seats are also provided.

Opel Astra goes electric for the first time with a powerful plug-in hybrid

The new Opel Astra will be available from the start, with a powerful plug-in hybrid electric powertrain as well as high-performance petrol and diesel engines, for the first time in the brand's history, a class model. small of Opel is electrochemical. Powers range from 81 kW (110 hp) to 96 kW (130 hp) with petrol and diesel variants, and up to 165 kW (225 hp) with plug-in hybrid variants. A six-speed transmission is standard on petrol and diesel engines, with an eight-speed automatic (electrified on plug-in hybrids) optional on more powerful engines.

Orders will open this fall and the first customer deliveries are expected in early 2022. Opel has confirmed that there will be a new carriage once again for those. need larger cargo area. Expect the real estate variant to be revealed in the coming months. While it makes sense for the company to show both body styles in September at the IAA in Munich, Opel has announced it won't be attending this year's show.

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