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Prices start: $81,150 USD

Mansory is known for many things; restraint is not one of them. The German tuner has a huge portfolio of cars, from Aston Martin to Rolls-Royce, raising the bar in both design and performance. It also accommodates motorcycles (Zapico) and off-road vehicles (Can-AM), as well as luxury yachts and golf carts. Say what you would against Mansory, but it has an extraordinary set of preferences.

Mansory is back with some aftermarket enhancements to the Porsche Taycan. The notorious tuner certainly likes to go wild sometimes, but for a dress Taycan, the outfit is actually pretty modest. In this case, modesty is a very good approach for Porsche's electric supercar, in many ways. Add to that in a bit.

Standard operating procedure for any Mansory upgrade is carbon fiber, and you'll find a lot of that here. The front splitter is enhanced with forged carbon, with more forged carbon around the headlights and a wide, narrow air vent on the Taycan's nose reminiscent of the 911 GT3. The forged carbon side sills are part of the body kit, extending towards the rear, where we find more carbon for the rear bumper and diffuser, with a small spoiler above. The side mirrors also get a forged carbon treatment, and a pair of thin carbon strips spanning the front fenders and doors add a bit of character to the Taycan's styling.

Mansory couldn't help but upgrade the wheels, and this Porsche is no exception. The Y.5 one-piece alloy wheels are bolted at the front and rear, all measuring 22 inches in diameter, although the rear wheel is slightly wider. Mansory says the slim 5-spoke design helps dissipate heat from the brake system, which remains the same but can enhance the aesthetic with the brake calipers painted in any color you like. This rounds out the external upgrades.

Inside, Mansory is a bit shy with photos of possible greenhouse upgrades, but the company emphasizes customizing to customer preferences is the order of the day. As such, carbon coatings and leather treatments for almost any surface are offered, and you can of course have contrast stitching with all sorts of wild colors. Custom steering wheel and door sills with Mansory branding are also available.

Choosing small improvements over bodykits serves a very important purpose in the world of electric vehicles. Enhancing items that increase drag will have a significant effect on the vehicle's range, and one cannot simply turn on a boost or plug in a new tune to increase battery life. In this case, keeping things mellow is not just about taste but essential. And we're just fine with that.

The new Taycan Cross Turismo is pretty much a full-time all-wheel drive Taycan sedan with the large battery pack of the model line. , Gravel driving mode, standard air suspension and minimal increase in travel height — just 0.8 inches for the standard Taycan Cross Turismo or 1.2 inches for the Taycan Cross Turismo with the Off-Road Design package . The latter also includes most of the body wrap you'd expect from a scooter raised like a crossover SUV.

A $1,780 Taycan Cross Turismo without the Off-Road Design package — like the Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo test car in our photo — sits at the same vehicle height in the default Medium setting (which is shown in the picture below). use for both Normal and Sport driving modes) like Taycan Elevator settings. With the Taycan Cross Turismo in the Low suspension setting (activated in both Range and Sport Plus modes or selected in the Individual Driving setting), its cruise height is comparable to that of a sedan. Taycan in standard Medium mode.

While the standard Taycan can drop an extra 0.9 inches in Range or Sport Plus modes, the Taycan Cross Turismo adds 0.4 inches over its standard ride height at the High setting in Gravel mode. or 1.2 inches more than the default height in its Elevator settings. The Taycan Cross Turismo with the Off-Road Design package uses the High setting as the base driving modes for Normal, Sport and Gravel, although there are a variety of side mirrors on models without the Off-Road Design package. .

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