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Starting price: $44,408

A few days ago, Loose SS SUMMER was officially sold on the market, a total of one model was launched on the market, priced at 288,000 yuan. The new car focuses on the MPV market and adopts a nostalgic design to honor the Volkswagen T1 and is equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Although it is a multi-purpose MPV model, from its appearance, one cannot at all see it as an MPV model, because it looks so cute, as if it is not a car that can be driven out. which is an enlarged version of a toy car.

It looks like a classic Volkswagen car and can be remembered at a glance. Ka writes about new cars for everyone every day. After getting used to modern cars, he suddenly found it a bit uncomfortable at first. Its look uses some of the elements found on the Volkswagen T1 van, such as the rounded front end. Face and round. The profiled headlights, chrome rims, plus the white circle of details, the outer spare tire, ... are still a bit difficult to accept for those who like avant-garde design, but for the ladies, they might like that. . The interior is very retro, and the tech profile is not low. In the classic-looking interior, more modern elements are used, such as the dual-screen gauges and LCD display in front of the co-driver. It is estimated that there will be more entertainment functions. The steering wheel is also classic. As for the feeling I don't know if it's any good.

Stepping into the car, the separate SS SUMMER applies a minimalist design style, the overall design is white with extremely light green and leather material is used in the cockpit. The instrument panel and center console are both LCD, and the extremely sturdy steering wheel Jane takes it to the extreme, adopting a classic retro three-spoke design, as if through such a car, they We immediately go back to the 60s.

The layout of 7 seats creates a comfortable feeling when riding. The body dimensions are length, width, height respectively 4950/1980/1880mm and wheelbase is 2820mm, compared to Buick GL8 (5238mm long, 3088mm wheelbase), this size is still a bit smaller. , however it also uses conventional side sliding doors.

It is worth noting that the seats on the car are arranged in the style of 2 + 3 + 2. The second row of seats can be fully electrically adjusted, the back of the seat forms a small coffee table. Imagine how comfortable it is to sit in the car and drink afternoon tea.

In addition, the car seats can be customized with 6 seats, 7 seats and customized models suitable for long-distance travel, in addition to the same tractor, turning into a long-distance Road Trip weapon.

In terms of power, the departing SS SUMMER uses a plug-in hybrid system including a 1.5T four-cylinder engine + a permanent magnet synchronous transmission motor. All-round power can reach 235 kilowatts and all-round torque is 475 N m Officially announced pure electric battery life The range is 80 km and the all-round flight range can reach 1,000 km. In addition, the car also has the ability to reverse power supply, thoroughly solving the problem of power consumption for long outdoor trips.

What is the origin of Loose Locomotive? This is a company from the United States that designs vintage cars, custom motorcycles, and motorcycle modifications. The classic MPV of Lose SS SUMMER looks like a classic style, giving people the feeling of a classic Volkswagen car. The interior technology is well-equipped and the most important power is the plug-in hybrid engine. People with personality are still very attractive, but nostalgic looks will only become a toy for a few people. Will people consider it?

2022 SS SUMMER - Is this retro-styled MPV worth it? | Car in China 2022 SS SUMMER - Is this retro-styled MPV worth it? | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on July 09, 2021 Rating: 5

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