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Starting price: $18.000 USD

The Toyota Prius C left the US market after the 2019 model year but the electric compact hatchback went on sale in its home country of Japan, where it was sold as the Aqua. The second-generation model is launching today and there are some big shoes to fill as the original version hit 1.87 million units sold in its 10 years on the market.

After 10 years on the market, with 1.87 million units sold, Toyota Aqua is moving into the second generation. It left the North American market, where it was called the Prius C a few years ago, but it continues in the Japanese domestic market with a new look, a different platform, and some smart features. .

With a much more modern design than its predecessor, Aqua 2022 is equipped with a single-pedal operation mode when regenerative braking while the driver relieves pressure on the gas pedal. Supplied as standard with front-wheel drive, the electrified compact hatchback can be ordered with the E-Four system for better traction thanks to AWD.

An evolutionary step over its predecessor, the new Aqua (as we'll refer to it from here) incorporates the large front grille of its predecessor, vertical taillights and a 'flare' rear wheel arch with High-end C-pillar rendering similar to the new Yaris.

Carrying the same 'TNGA-B' architecture as the Yaris, the new Aqua measures 4050mm long, 1695mm wide and 1485mm tall, riding on a 2600mm wheelbase – 30mm taller and a 50mm longer wheelbase. Predecessor.

Powering the model is a hybrid system, which pairs a 1.5-litre petrol engine with a new bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery - claimed to be the world's first car to use battery technology.

Compared to Aqua's nickel-hydrogen battery (also known as a nickel-metal hydride battery), Toyota claims the new device delivers twice as much power, with improved response, smoother acceleration, and dynamic range. fully electric drive longer. Toyota quotes a combined fuel economy of 2.8L/100km under Japanese testing – a 20% improvement over the old model.

An output power is not quoted, although expect a figure similar to the Yaris' 85kW. Customers can choose between front-wheel drive or E-Four all-wheel drive. Like many other all-electric vehicles, the hybrid city car can charge home appliances during a power outage, thanks to a household outlet that supports up to 1500W of power.

Inside, the new Aqua introduces a new 10.5-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, combined with a digitized instrumentation box in front of the driver, electrically adjustable synthetic leather seats for the occupants. front and a variety of storage areas in the cabin.

The new model is added with Toyota's Safety Sense driver assistance package, which includes automatic emergency braking (with intersection assist), all-speed adaptive cruise control, lane center assist, and parking. automatic and the system prevents the driver from pressing the accelerator by mistake at low speeds, instead of braking.


It has another advantage by supporting two-way charging, which is a feature often associated with pure EVs. All versions of the Aqua come with an auxiliary power outlet (AC100 V / 1,500 W) and an emergency power mode as standard, with an Emergency Power Mode allowing the vehicle to supply juice to appliances electricity during a power outage.

From the EV mode to the swivel driver's seat, the new Aqua is impressively equipped for a compact hatchback. Its wheelbase has been extended by 50 mm (1.96 inches) for greater rear legroom and more cargo space. Speaking of the interior, this is the first Toyota of this size to feature a 10.5-inch infotainment.

Since we are talking about the first topic, the Japanese brand claims the Aqua 2022 to be the first production vehicle to use a high-capacity bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery. It has twice the output of the previous generation nickel-hydrogen battery and offers better acceleration response when working in conjunction with the 1.5-litre petrol engine. In addition, it allows Aqua to move at a higher speed in EV mode than before.

Customers in Japan can purchase the Aqua 2022 now from JPY 1,980,000 ($18,000) for the basic front-wheel drive B version, rising to JPY 2,598,000 ($23,600) for the all-leg E-Four model. in the Z guise. Alternatively, you can purchase an electrified mini hatch through the Kinto One subscription service from JPY 19,580 ($178) per month with a 7-year lease.

2022 Toyota Aqua revealed with hybrid powertrain, Debuts As Japan's Prius C | MiniAuto 2022 Toyota Aqua revealed with hybrid powertrain, Debuts As Japan's Prius C | MiniAuto Reviewed by Dang Nhan on July 22, 2021 Rating: 5

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