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Starting price: $$22,000

Test drive With the college graduation season coming up, a new group of young people will join society. As "Generation Z" young people born between 1995 and 2009, they have begun to become a major force in China's consumer market. But for those who are just starting out, most people will choose a model that can meet their daily commute and travel needs while taking into account durability, low fuel consumption, good power and Cost savings. In order to meet the needs of young contemporary consumers, GAC Toyota has launched a youthful and fashionable model of a dual-engine C-HR with all of the above advantages.

For young consumers who want their car to have a dynamic and cool appearance to show their youthful and fashionable personality, in this respect, the C-HR has a big change from the more modest design. Compared to other Toyota models, its overall shape is more exaggerated and avant-garde. In particular, the front adopts Toyota's latest family-oriented transparent grid design combined with headlights. Compared to older models, the larger mesh area makes the front half look easier to coordinate with older models.

Newly designed headlights on both sides of the center grid have been optimized from the exterior contours to the interior lighting style, and the new feathered LED interior luminaire with long daytime running lights has been updated. added to improve illumination and visibility while making it look sharper like the eyes of the Japanese anime mechanized warriors. To make the front of the car younger and stronger, GAC Toyota has redesigned the front bumper. The undercarriage behind the original license plate has been changed to a more stylish suspension design, the two fog lights in the lower air intake have also been changed to decorate the fake fang-shaped air intakes on both sides.

The bodywork of the new C-HR continues the overall shape of the old model, with four prominent wheel arches creating a visually stable and solid look, along with a retractable hood and movable rear door handles. up Column C, The image of the two-door car created makes it look like a small performance coupe SUV and its characteristics are perfectly suited to a young person's understanding of a great performance car . It is a pity that although the factory stock 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels with good style as standard, I believe that if it is equipped with 19-inch wheels then I believe the effect of the whole thing. car will be better and it will attract the attention of young consumers.

As one of the most beautiful designs of the car's exterior design, the sexy upturned rear end and sporty dual tail fins at the rear are still retained. The difference compared to the old model is that the original boomerang-style taillights have been replaced by a new LED taillight with a more advanced overall look with flowing water-shaped turn signals. To be more luxurious and fashionable, the outside of the car body must have more bright colors. This time, the new C-HR has added 4 new car paint colors, such as Cyclone yellow, so this model has a total of 11 car paint colors for consumers to choose from.

This time, Toyota finally accepted, although overall the new C-HR still uses the old design in the interior, retains comfort features such as dual-zone automatic air conditioning, but has been increased in height. so many, so much. on the dual-engine model. Technological configuration, that's what young people who are well versed in electronic products appreciate nowadays. For example, to help drivers better understand the vehicle's current operating conditions and help them control the vehicle more intuitively, a 7-inch color LCD instrument that can display a variety of functions has been added to the dynamic model. dual muscle.

The original engine system with a 9-inch screen on the center console will be optimized for connectivity and intelligence. It can not only support a variety of mobile phone and car systems, but also provide passengers with online music, online radio and other entertainment software. In addition, this car also supports voice password to control car windows, air conditioning, central control screen and other devices. What I have to mention here is that although the sound quality of the 6-speaker unit installed on the flagship models is not bad, as a young consumer, music is an integral part of the lifestyle. their busy lives. than.

Not only young people, who doesn't want to enjoy high quality services? If you buy the C-HR this time, you will get 5 years free of Toyota's remote connection service "Fengyun Yuexiang", which can mainly provide 24-hour and 365-day emergency support, you also can check through APP application. Working condition and enjoyment of peripheral services can provide users with a safer and more secure vehicle experience.

Don't look at it as a small SUV with a body length of only 4390 × 1795 × 1565 mm and a wheelbase of 2640 mm, but when sitting on the car, it is not cramped but only due to the shape of the body. stop. Rear passengers 'Head space is a bit cramped. However, for younger consumers, their utilization of the rear seats is quite low, as long as they can provide parents or friends in the back seat with an uncrowded space when they occasional need. The large rear space exceeded their expectations.

If you don't expect such a small car in terms of power, the C-HR dual-engine version with catapult start will surprise you. As the whole is equipped with Toyota's fourth generation THS II diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, it includes a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine with 41% thermal efficiency, 107 kW of maximum power and output peak 188 N · m. It is connected to a motor with a maximum power of 80 kilowatts and a maximum output torque of 202 N m through a new generation of electronic stepless transmission E-CVT, so the dual C motor -This HR can also have motor torque at low speed. Large, quick response, high speed fuel engine power and other advantages.

The all-round 135 kilowatts make driving enjoyable while taking fuel economy into account. According to the official report, the vehicle's overall fuel consumption is only 4.5 liters per 100 km. According to the actual driving test, the fuel consumption per 100 km is only 5.8 liters.

During the overall test drive, the C-HR was a small car, with agile handling and solid terrain, that can be very steady and calm whether turning at low speeds in the city or moving. lane at high speed. It is believed that this is largely due to the use of a chassis based on the Toyota TNGA, a double wishbone rear suspension, and a small and lightweight nickel-metal hydride battery pack placed under the rear seats to keep the center of gravity balanced. of the vehicle.

As a young car owner who has just entered society or owns a new car, they certainly do not want to encounter any traffic accidents in the process of using a normal car. money, time even your health. Always have more driving safety systems that will effectively reduce the probability of an accident. The new C-HR dual-engine version is equipped with the new generation Toyota Safety Sense intelligent safety system in addition to many basic safety configurations such as tire pressure monitoring, 10 airbags, BSM parallel blind spot and BSM. panoramic camera.

It includes the PCS pre-collision system with pedestrian recognition, the DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system with the following function in the full speed range, the LTA lane-tracking assist system with rear function and AHB automatic high beam system. Upgrading it can also achieve almost L2 autopilot. For a small SUV from 150,000 to 200,000 yuan, its safety profile can be described as being equipped to the teeth.

Summary: A global model derived from Toyota's TNGA architecture, the C-HR has built a total of more than 600,000 vehicles worldwide in the three years after its launch with its unique and trendy looks, rich image and reputation of the Toyota brand. sales, that's enough to explain the popularity of this model. Today, with the young "Generation Z" as the main consumer group, GAC Toyota has optimized the C-HR inside and out according to the aesthetics and riding habits of today's youth. more relevant to the needs of young people. Finally, in the official C-HR guide price from 141,800 to 190,800, I recommend the dual-engine version starting at 169,800 yuan. Although other models with larger or higher configurations can be purchased at this price, Toyota's The car-building concept and 24 accumulate years of hybrid production technology that other brands do not have, with looks In addition to being so dynamic and cool, I believe that more and more young people will choose.

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