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Starting price: $30.935

Not long ago, Great Wall Motors announced an ambitious strategy to 2025. Wei Jianjun has three goals: annual sales of 4 million vehicles, 80% of new energy vehicles, and an operating revenue of more than 600 billion employees. yuan. A simple calculation shows that by 2025, Great Wall Motors' new energy vehicle sales will reach 3.2 million vehicles, of which pure electric models will be provided by two big brands Euler and Salon. received, the rest are "new energy" vehicles, which will include HEV hybrid models, and sales and proportion are not small.

Therefore, the DHT hybrid technology released by Great Wall Motors in the past is very important, in the future, the models of the Haval, WEY and tank brands will all be hybrid vehicles. Great Wall Motor's thinking is very clear According to the national new energy automobile industry development plan, car electrification is not only "pure electric", and efficient and practical hybrid vehicles are still the trend mainstream in a short time.

Before that, the representatives of hybrid models in the domestic and even global markets were Japanese models, Toyota THS and Honda i-MMD which have been famous for a long time. Randama car model. China Hybrid, BYD has the most influence, especially the fuel-efficient DM-i, which has gained a lot of fans in recent times. However, as a representative of the plug-in hybrid, its biggest draw is the exclusive limited number plate. -licensing city.

How about Great Wall Motors Lemon Hybrid? What are the characteristics of DHT technology? Let's feel it with a test drive of WEY Macchiato. As a new generation model of the WEY brand named after a coffee, Macchiato is positioned as an intelligent hybrid SUV, competitors include Toyota RAV4 Rongfang / Weilanda Shuangqing, Honda CR-V / Haoyingrui · Hybrid, but its price will be less than 200,000 yuan , has a price advantage.

Three cores of the DHT platform: hybrid dedicated motor, highly integrated hybrid powertrain and high-performance HEV battery

The DHT platform also includes two forms of energy, HEV and PHEV. There are three powertrains with different specifications, including the "1.5L + DHT100" and "1.5T + DHT130" HEV architecture and the "1.5T + DHT130 + P4" PHEV architecture" All-wheel drive, Macchiato used the first one.

Macchiato is equipped with an all-new 1.5L engine, high compression ratio, Atkinson cycle makes it more thermally efficient, a popular choice for hybrid engines, water-cooled EGR, low-friction technology , electronic water pump, ... can also be further reduced Fuel consumption. The feature of this motor is economical, and the overall system efficiency can be as high as 50% when an electric drive is available

A good match between the engine and the electric motor is the key to a hybrid powertrain. The DHT platform uses a highly efficient and highly integrated multi-mode hybrid transmission “seven in one” to solve power mixing and transmission problems. TM (drive motor) / GM ((Generator) Dual motor is combined with hybrid topology to achieve multiple working modes such as EV, series, parallel, energy recovery, etc. , to achieve a balance between power and fuel consumption in different working conditions.

The fixed-axle gear train, with a two-speed gear ratio in engine direct drive mode, provides a maximum transmission efficiency of 97%, which is also key to fuel economy. In the same situation, Toyota THS has very complicated planetary gear, Honda i-MMD is now fixed ratio, new model will also introduce two-speed or three-speed transmission, Great Wall Motors DHT will see considered four levels. transmission, multiple gears Too complicated.

In addition to the electric motor, the drive must have a battery that can provide sufficient output power. The battery power under the HEV architecture of the DHT platform is only 1.7kWh, but it uses high capacity and low resistance cells, and the discharge capacity can reach 70.9kW, ensuring the performance of power outlet. In addition, the battery is placed under the rear seats, using advanced silent air cooling technology to ensure safety and stability.

It saves fuel and power smoothly

Why develop hybrid power? The original and biggest purpose is to save fuel, and this is also very attractive to users. After all, under the current policy of my country, hybrid HEVs are not entitled to a new energy monopoly license and are more expensive than fuel-powered vehicles. use in the future.

The DHT hybrid technology applied by Macchiato also revolves around the issue of "economy", its core operating principle is to make the engine operate at the highest efficiency point and maximize the engine's efficiency to achieve the highest efficiency. get the best overall effect.

It can be seen through the operating status of 6 different working modes, the engine is mainly driven when starting and at low speed, equivalent to a pure electric vehicle. The speed exceeds 35km/h, the engine is direct drive, and the TM Engine only plays an auxiliary role, dynamically adjusted Engine working area. The engine is direct drive, with a limit of 65 km/h. Eco mode is applied at high speeds and the transmission is cut in high gear to reduce engine speed and save more fuel.

The hybrid DHT is driven only at full load when all electric units are involved in the drive and the power is at its strongest at this time. When decelerating or going downhill, the TM motor efficiently recovers kinetic energy to improve energy use.

How many provinces are there? The official figure is the Macchiato's all-round fuel consumption of 4.7L/100km, which is a very good result for a compact SUV, compared to the official figures it's sharper than 4, The CR-V Hybrid's 9L/100km is more economical. more than 100 km, and it is the same as the RAV4 Rongfang dual-motor two-wheel drive system.

In general, the actual fuel consumption will be higher than the official fuel consumption, the fuel consumption we ran in Beijing is 5.5L/100km, considering the road and weather conditions of the day. reasonable and fuel efficient.

For hybrid models, fuel economy is an aspect, and power cannot be ignored. Early Toyota hybrids were criticized for being too powerful. The Macchiato DHT hybrid system has a total capacity of up to 140kW and a total torque of 370Nm, due to the addition of an electric drive system at low speeds, so the power response is faster and more direct than conventional fuel electricity. . This official said, the ability to accelerate from 0-60km / h is 4.1 seconds, especially suitable for the daily use needs of users, when turning on traffic lights in the city, the ability to accelerate. The starting point is outstanding.

Perhaps to increase the fun attribute, Macchiato even offers a catapult launch function. The operation is very simple. Turn off the ESP, step on the brake, and possibly activate the full throttle. Release the brake for the fastest start, but sitting in the Somatosensory car is not healthy. The motor and TM electric motor act simultaneously on the front wheel, the front wheel can grip the ground well. The front of the car lifts up and the body rushes forward. The dynamism is still mostly suppleness , perfectly in line with the Macchiato's positioning.

From start up to about 100km/h, the whole acceleration is very stable, there is no feeling of shifting (the engine is directly driven with a single shift), and the output power is very high. constant and stable output shows "seven in-one" highly integrated transmission The adjustment is laid out, while taking into account comfort and high efficiency, it will not give one a feeling of weak power, It can be said that the effect is comparable to Liangtian's hybrid products.

If you're confused by the start of the engine and think this is a sport-tuned SUV, you're wrong. From daily driving to practical tests, the Macchiato showed a more pragmatic side. An SUV must be stable and comfortable. The suspension is comfortable, the steering is not too sensitive even in sport mode, but the intensity is increased, the steering is fiercely crossing the line, the electronic system quickly pulls the body to normal, still very safe and suitable. for daily use.

Qualcomm chip, intelligent evolution

In fact, this feeling is clearly transmitted to the driver as soon as he enters the car, feeling the technology and design, with nuances, delicate leather seats, two-spoke steering wheel with multifunction keys. touch capacity. They all give the driver a comfortable atmosphere and are not sporty and mixed. You can see by comparing the feel of the VV7 GT.

The large central control screen has a size of 14.6 inches with high resolution, clear display, easy to understand interface, easy to operate. placed on the left. of the screen.Shortcuts and, at the same time, physical keys with corresponding functions are placed in front of the gear lever. In contrast, the dashboard size is a bit small, a lot of content is displayed, but all are relatively small but have little effect on driving, the important information is the head-up HUD screen.

Electronic system intervention helps the car to be more drivable, including steering mode, steering assist, energy recovery and Macchiato steering assist providing a variety of tuning options. The difference between the different modes can be large or small. It's up to the individual, but overall the car is easier to drive, allowing different drivers to figure out how to make their own adjustments.

These are also related to intelligence. Macchiato uses high-spec Qualcomm 8155 chip, octa-core processor, 12G memory, 64G storage space, 2.1GHz frequency and NPU neural network processor. These configurations have matched some smarts. For a smart SUV, it's more than enough to realize today's main functions, such as the G-block smart space for young people, which can bring online games and video games into the car. .

In terms of driver assistance, compared with the usual adaptive cruise assist, lane keeping and other functions (which are integrated together called TJA / ICA traffic jam assist), Macchiato also introduces for the first time. introduces reverse tracking, first introduced on the BMW X5. Everyone knows. In special road conditions such as narrow roads, the vehicle cannot move forward or turn around, if this function is activated, the vehicle will automatically return to the original position according to the travel route, the maximum distance traveled. is 50 meters. At this point, the driver only needs to control the brake, the rest is done by the car itself, this is a necessary function for some inexperienced drivers.

Similarly, Macchiato also has a more comprehensive and powerful smart parking function that integrates gesture navigation, hybrid parking, remote parking and memory parking. For example, the remote parking feature is connected via the mobile phone's Bluetooth. After finding a parking space, the driver can get off and use the App to remotely control the car into the parking lot outside the vehicle. This is also suitable for cases where there are obstacles on the side of the vehicle and it is not convenient to get on and off the vehicle.

With the continuous development of intelligence, there will be more interesting and practical new functions used in cars. The strength of Great Wall Motors cannot be underestimated compared to Chinese brands. This is the flagship model of the WEY Mocha brand. It appeared, and Macchiato was near the back. As a new generation SUV, how can you greet people without a smart card?

Family style, practical space

Putting the most basic but subjective design in the end, viewed from afar, Macchiato carries the characteristics of the WEY family, Compared to the previous VV5 and VV7 models, the details are more subtle, suitable for Mocha , from the body contours. To the grille, headlights, wheels, and more. A very attractive bright green (with blue is also very fresh), has no official name but indeed it stands out from the traditional colors of black, white, silver, very eye-catching. .

Macchiato is a small SUV model, the body size has not been officially revealed, the appearance is not much different from competing products, the interior space of the car can also meet the needs of users. Common. more comfortable in the front and rear rows. Especially the head will not feel tight. The storage compartment in the car is reasonably arranged, the luggage compartment space is large enough, the rear exhaust is almost flat. The battery of the hybrid system does not affect the load capacity, but there is no spare tire, instead a tire repair fluid and an air pump.

Great Wall Motors has ambitious goals and it needs to take it one step at a time. The meaning of new energy vehicles is becoming more and more widespread, in addition to pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles must also be promoted, this is the meaning of the DHT hybrid platform. WEY Macchiato has a clear position, clear characteristics, focuses on the practicality and economy of the product, does not take into account the preferential policies and is attractive enough to consumers, and the market it has to deal with. face even bigger. After a simple test drive, the hybrid system's satisfactory performance, smoothness and fuel economy has reached the level of Japanese hybrid cars, and has relatively outstanding performance in terms of intelligence. smart.

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