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Starting price: $30,901 in CHINA

Since the official delivery in 2019, the cumulative sales of Xpeng G3 have reached nearly 40,000 units, although this number is really not worth mentioning compared to a group of gods, but for Xpeng himself, G3 is also true. in the early stages of development. .Accept the important task of increasing sales. 2 and a half years have passed, G3 has come facelift time, after the midterm facelift, what will this new car look like?

The new car is expected to continue using the 145-kw front-wheel-drive engine, and it will also be upgraded in terms of cruise range. The current model offers 460km and 520km endurance versions to choose from.

★ Exterior - light and delicate

This Xpeng G3i upgrade focuses mainly on exterior and interior design, most notably the new car has added the Xpeng family's X Robot Face design concept After the new X-shaped front design , G3i In terms of looks and style, it is also unified with its own P5 and P7, and the final family is neat and tidy. In addition, in fact, the appearance of the new car has not changed much, let's take a look at the adjustments in those details.

The biggest change on the body side is the use of a newly upgraded hidden door handle design, which not only helps reduce wind resistance but also makes the body contours smoother. To meet the needs of more personalization of consumers, the new car will also be added with three new body colors.

Intellectually, as of March 31, 2021, Xpeng G3 has completed 15 major OTA firmware upgrades and added 55 new functions. The adoption rate of artificial intelligence voice assistants continues to exceed 99%. "We hope that the G3i will become a smart SUV of choice.

G3i optimizes the aspects of intelligence and looks that people care about most. We still believe it will become the first choice of youth smart electric SUVs for under 200,000 yuan ($30,901).

★ The interior continues the cash design

The interior of the G3i is no different from the old models, still the familiar full LCD clock + large vertical screen. Judging by the current situation, it is possible that in the future the Xpeng series will retain both vertical and horizontal large screen layouts, and the interiors of all its models will not be unified into one. style. The upcoming P5 will also use it. The design style of the large vertical screen is improved.

★ Current known capacity information is as follows

Currently, since the G3i has not been officially launched, there are relatively few details about the new car, what we can be sure of is that the G3i's NEDC range is still available in two versions of 460km and 520km. In addition, through talking with the factory staff, we also learned that the current lithium iron phosphate battery version of the G3 has quite a lot of sales, so it can be predicted that the G3i will likely continue to be equipped. lithium iron phosphate and tertiary lithium batteries. versions.

★ Personal opinion

This time G3i can be considered as a mid-term facelift of G3, in fact we can also see the changes, the focus of this upgrade is to unify the overall design of the G3 series with P7 and P5, at the same time integrating Xpeng Family After the design language, Xpeng Automobile also achieves the goal of keeping the family tidy, after the number of assets increases gradually, I believe the design of X Robot Face will also leave an impression. Deep impression for everyone The information we have received is that the G3i will officially launch this month and ship in September. Will the new car bring us many surprises in terms of price?

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