The new Nissan X-Trail large SUV will arrive in Europe next year, with an e-Power hybrid powertrain from launch | Car in China

Starting price: $37,314 USD

A new version of the Nissan X-Trail was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, with the full-size SUV going on sale in Europe next year, using the same technology as Nissan's Qashqai family SUV. .

The brand has also confirmed some specifics in Europe for this fourth-generation X-Trail, with the car available in the market with Nissan's e-Power hybrid powertrain from launch. .

It transitions to the CMF-C platform that underpins the latest Qashqai. Designed with the adoption of the brand's e-Power hybrid powertrain, it uses the same setup as the Qashqai. A compact 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine charges the battery, providing an electric motor for a total output of 184bhp and 330Nm of torque.

This allows the internal combustion engine to operate at optimal levels for efficiency, reducing emissions and improving fuel consumption, and, according to Nissan, feels like driving an electric vehicle due to the The wheel is driven by an electric motor.

Nissan says the all-wheel drive version will give the new X-Trail "high flexibility" and improved off-road capabilities, with a four-wheel drive system configurable for snow, gravel or mud. , which boosts confidence in bad conditions.

The styling also follows the latest Qashqai, with a more pronounced V-Motion grille and narrow headlights. The SUV boasts some aggressive, angular styling lines that give it a more aggressive look than its softer-surfaced predecessor, while in the shallow rear taillights a large silver paneling. Contrasting bumpers and roof complete the look.

The new CMF-C platform means that the X-Trail will also be available with a third row of seats, offering the possibility of seven seats for larger families.

The interior will pack a more premium kit, including more driver-assistance systems to help make it safer in this family-oriented machine, while an upgraded platform will also help boost refinement. tuning and dynamic performance, according to Nissan.


The new generation Nissan X-Trail 2022 has a length, width, and height of 4681 × 1840 × 1730mm, a wheelbase of 2706mm, a ground clearance of 212mm, a large body and spacious space, which can fully meet the needs of customers. vehicles. such as family travel.

The new generation of Nissan X-Trail 2022 uses high-quality interiors and a large portion of soft materials are used in the vehicle to enhance the car's sense of class and provide a more solid experience for the driver and passengers.

The new Multi-Layer Ergonomic Seat is able to distribute pressure more evenly and effectively reduce fatigue when driving for long periods of time. It is also equipped with an electric heating function, which can be accompanied by heating at any time when traveling in cold weather.

The automatic air-conditioner independently controls three independent zones in the same level, employees of each zone can independently adjust the set temperature according to their needs, providing a comfortable body feeling. Through the mobile phone APP, you can also remotely start the air conditioner and adjust the set temperature, and you can enjoy the most suitable temperature when getting in the car.

The new generation of Nissan X-Trail 2022 realizes the link of three full-size and super-large screens. Among them, the 12.3-inch colorful 3D interactive panel, the largest in its segment, can display safety auxiliary information, multimedia, maps, navigation, call reminders, driving warning, 4×4i torque distribution, dynamic compression ratio real-time information and other function information; super-fast 6-core 12.3-inch center console display, support for custom settings, stronger performance and faster response; 10.8 inch HUD double-layer curved surface technology clearly displays and stabilizes the image, which can display vehicle speed, navigation, driving assistance and other kinds of driving information.

Regarding the vehicle Internet, the new generation Nissan X-Trail 2022 is equipped with the newly upgraded Nissan Connect 2.0, more than 60 human-computer interaction functions, including voice control, remote control, garage connection. , KTV vehicles and other usage scenarios, bringing more powerful technology Experience.

The new generation of Nissan X-Trail 2022 is equipped with an enhanced version of ProPILOT super intelligent driving feature, L2 automatic driving assistance, key start support, intelligent cruise at maximum speed, vehicle tracking. intelligent, lane keeping, vehicle recognition at top speed, smooth braking, downhill speed adjustment, etc. In addition to a pleasant driving experience, it also offers a great safety experience.

In terms of intelligent safety, the new generation Nissan X-Trail 2022 is equipped with the newly upgraded NISSAN i-SAFETY intelligent active safety system, which includes 12 active safety technologies such as the IFCW forward collision warning system. .

In terms of power, the new generation Nissan X-Trail 2022 is equipped with a VC-Turbo super-variable engine with 300 compression ratio and a new generation CVT intelligent continuously variable transmission. Rated power 150kW, maximum torque 300Nm, and fuel consumption in working conditions is 5.8L/100km.

The new generation of CVT intelligent continuously variable transmission achieves a high gear ratio of 8.2:1 and a wider speed ratio range. With the addition of a centrifugal pendulum shock absorber and an intelligent dual oil pump system, the natural vibration between the engine and the transmission is greatly reduced and the dynamic response is improved. Faster, better acceleration performance and lower fuel consumption.

The ALiS 12V mild-hybrid power management system, equipped for the first time, can perform functions such as torque assist, energy recovery and energy release during acceleration, deceleration, stop or idling, thus improving fuel economy. Aspects.

The new generation of Nissan X-Trail 2022 is equipped with the 2nd generation intelligent 4×4-i all-wheel drive system. It has a leading all-terrain 4-wheel drive control system at the same level. The car has 5 modes: automatic, sport, economy, terrain and snow. In different modes, intelligent adjustment of engine operating conditions, transmission logic, throttle response, traction control, dynamic stability control system, electronic differential lock and center differential focused to bring out the best performance of the vehicle under different road conditions and easier to conquer different types of road conditions.

Comment: As a global strategic model of Nissan, Nissan X-Trail 2022 has been on the market since its launch. , of which cumulative sales in the Chinese market have exceeded 1.42 million units. Ranked first. A new generation of Nissan X-Trail 2022, realizing a true product revolution inside and out, with new standard power at the same level, tailor-made for life explorers who want to discover and enjoy high-quality travel with your family, while helping them return to their original intentions and bloom to their true colors. Explore all the ways, enjoy all the ways.

The new Nissan X-Trail large SUV will arrive in Europe next year, with an e-Power hybrid powertrain from launch | Car in China The new Nissan X-Trail large SUV will arrive in Europe next year, with an e-Power hybrid powertrain from launch | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on July 30, 2021 Rating: 5

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