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Starting price: $10,000 USD

Recently, Shanghai Fashion Ceremony Thu Dong 2021 was accelerated, gathering global fashion eyes. The latest fashion trends are performed in the program, and the trend of taking street photos outside the show is amplified infinitely by a large cafe. The attention attraction is that the new Baojun E300 of SAIC-GM-WULING has become a modern single-fashioned fashionable product.

On April 14, 2021, New Baojun officially announced that the new E300 would officially be presented at the Shanghai 2021 Automobile Exhibition, breaking the boundaries of fashion items with modern style, bringing much Surprise delicate travel for users to pursue fashion trends.


Personalized design to create a camera work, unlock new definitions on fashionable items

At Shanghai Fashion Week, the street defeats the audience of the new E300 Slay program, modern red body with white polka dots design, appearance of modern style, especially underneath the lights Mix is ​​designed for photographic students and character designs, bringing inspiration of unlimited fashion streets. It is not difficult to find that the E300 has continuously opened new definitions of fashion items, and continues to bring more unique travel surprises to fashion followers.


Bring in the new changes, the modern E300 "transforms" attracts the expectation

This time the new E300 will bring more surprises and changes, high compatibility with the "Embracing Change" theme of the upcoming Shanghai 2021 automobile exhibition that makes people expect into the powerful market expansion of E300 . At that time, what modern surprises will be brought to the E300? Shanghai 2021 Automobile Exhibition will soon reveal the answer!


This model is positioned as a pure electric tourist car. Length, wide, high of the new Baojun E300 is selling is 2625/1647/1588 mm, the wheelbase reaches 1750 mm, 3 seats and 4 seats. 4 seats plus body length, width and height of the version reached 2894/1655/1595 mm and the wheelbase reached 2020 mm.

From this exposure, the new E300 body uses bright red and black contrasting colors, more and more female users and the overall design of the old sample is still retained. Notably, there are grooves under the lights similar to external "chairs", convenient for users when taking photos of selfie. The model shown in the official image is also equipped with a new style of black rims with red decoration as a reinforcement. We do not expect its body size to change.

Currently, officially has not announced the new E300 interior configuration, but we hope it will continue the overall layout of the models selling. In terms of strength, Baojun E300 is currently sold with a 3-seat version and 4 seats Plus, previously equipped with a 31 kWh lithium battery pack, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has a full range of electricity to be 305 kilometer; 4-seat Plus version is equipped with phosphoric acid 31.9 kWh. Lithium Iron batteries have a fully powered flight range of 305 km by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It uses a synchronous permanent magnet engine with a total engine capacity of 40 kilowatt and total torque is 150 n · m. Time to fully charge the battery in a slow charging mode is 4.5 hours and 5 hours.


Listed environmental analysis:

Compared to the popular Hongguang Miniev, this model works better on battery life, but compared to the new Baojun E300 is being sold, its price range is reached from 64,800 yuan to 84,800 yuan. With this price, you can also buy Euler White Cat (7,18-88.8 million yuan), Chery Little Ant (6.68-73.8 million yuan) and other samples with duration The battery is equivalent, but the size of the following type has more advantages. This time, Baojun officially upgraded the car, which is expected to have more competitive product performance.

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