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Starting price: $33,160 USD

Limited edition of BJ40 Ring Tower Champion Edition 2021, equipped with 2.0T plus 8AT engine, called Mercedes-Benz Small G

Off-road is the dream of many people. The trend that started after the 300 tank was launched last year has had an impact to this day. The only independent brand in China focused on off-road production, the Beijing-made BJ40 model, also launched Blade Hero Edition and City Hunter. As a true off-roader, each version of the BJ40 was very popular and sales grew. This time, the PLUS version of the BJ40 Ring Tower Champion Edition has been released. It attracted the attention of many people as soon as it was released, mainly because this version was too powerful and crushed the scenery of Tank 300. So what is this car strong at?

Exclusive, authoritarian classic appearance and interior

Among the heavy-duty off-road vehicles, many models have formed their own classic design style, such as JEEP Wrangler, Toyota Prado, etc. and Beijing BJ40 too, so on the BJ40 ring tower champion version, it still inherits the classic square box of the current BJ40 Very bold shape, but some exclusive designs have been added.

The first is its color, which adds a distinctive matte finish of stormy gray, which has a distinctive texture and is full of visual impact. I was attracted to it at first sight.

As the Tournament Champion Edition, in appearance, elements of the Tournament Champion are highlighted in many places, such as the exclusive wreath on the door, the championship logo, the words "" TAKLIMAKAN RALLY", "CHAMPION" and four stars. It highlights the exclusivity of this car and also attracts more attention.

The front of the car still uses a 5-hole grille in the middle, the LED headlights on both sides are also square and sharp, creating a cute feeling. The most important central grille, front and rear bumpers and contours are blackened. , Brings a more sturdy feeling when off-road. Looking at the entire appearance, many opinions say that this is a small Mercedes-Benz G500, better than the 300 tank.

In addition to the unique appearance, many exclusive features have been added to the interior. For example, on the LCD instrument panel and center console display, the ring tower glory theme appears when powered on, and the co-driver glove box features a ring tower and "CHAMPION" Logo, where The seat is embroidered with the words "WINNER" and a four-star pattern.

Of course, in addition to these signature designs, the most important and attractive thing is that each car of the BJ40 Ring Tower Champion Edition carries a unique, exclusive "Storm" number. This is also possibly the cheapest limited edition. Vehicle version.

Powerful off-road performance

After the 300 tank came out, many people used the 300 tank to do various hard work. Finally something happened and caused some disturbance. In fact, the tank 300 is an SUV with tough off-road characteristics. If you really want to talk about hardcore off-road vehicle, the domestically produced vehicle is the Beijing all-terrain vehicle, and the Beijing BJ40 is definitely one of the best, and this time the round tower championship version BJ40, version for off-road vehicles. - Road performance has improved, no wonder officials insist that this is off-road currency, off-road storm.

Power is equipped with a 2.0T engine and ZF 8AT gearbox, maximum capacity of 165KW, maximum torque of 380 Nm, equipped with 3 locks and 4-wheel drive to share time. These are actually in the 300 tank. There are also phrases, but the powers of the BJ40 Ring Tower Champion Edition are invisible in some parameters, and they are really reflected in the actual terrain, will not Easy to break shaft and get stuck in the wild.

The entire BJ40 ring tower champion version uses a lightweight front axle with high strength and durability, which reduces the weight by 23.7%, the torque load can reach 4000N.m, an increase of 12% and the efficiency heat dissipation increased by 170%. There is also a unique roll cage, plus 37° super approach angle, 31° super high departure angle, 220mm ground clearance, these structures and data, even without modification, the BJ40 Ring Tower Champion Edition can be used for high-intensity road trips and crater encounters. , the horizontal axis, and the muddy road are all very easy to pass. In testing, the BJ40 Ring Tower Champion Edition had more freedom of passage than the Mercedes-Benz G500 and Prado. For those who like off-road, of course there are more places to go.

Technological cockpit, comfortable configuration

As a heavy-duty off-road vehicle, the BJ40 has been criticized by some for its technology and comfort. While reliability is paramount in the eyes of true off-roaders, this time around the BJ40 Tournament Champion Edition takes into account both the cockpit and the configuration. In terms of technology and comfort, it can be considered on par with the Tank 300.

It is equipped with technology profiles such as built-in WeChat, high-precision voice recognition and intelligent networking. The forward-looking imaging system and on-board CN95 filter keep the vehicle safe and fresh on the scene, while improving comfort. Of course, the most important thing is the adjustment of seat comfort and the use of a large number of soft packaging materials on the interior. The comfort and luxury of the whole car is also immediately greatly improved.

Made in Beijing is filled with sincerity on this Ring Tower Champion Edition BJ40. This car is praised by many netizens as the Mercedes-Benz Small G, the most powerful off-road vehicle, whatever it is, it has strong performance, but it is a pity that the car is limited to the year. 2021, I don't know who will eventually get Stormwind #1.

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