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Starting price: $15,303 USD

2021 Fiat 500 is an electric vehicle product by Italian manufacturer Fiat. It was announced on March 4, 2020, in Milan, Italy. It was scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but that event was canceled amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The New Fiat 500 car is produced at the Mirafiori plant in Turin.

One of the most iconic vehicles in the global auto industry has now arrived in Brazil. Fiat's first 100% electric model to be sold in the country, the electric 500 will be completely refreshed in the third generation: built on the new Mini EV platform, the car is larger, more connected, with more unexpected equipment for the new segment and style, reinforcing its inherent mission of changing its surroundings.

Fiat's historic model, responsible for intelligent mobility since its debut in post-war Europe in 1957, the 500 symbolizes the essence of the brand today: pop, glamor, improvisational and Italian-Brazilian. More than a new product, the 500 electric for Brazilian consumers shows that Fiat is aware of the needs of today's society, which seeks sustainable, urban, connected and autonomous mobility.

The electric 500 will be sold in Brazil with the Icon version at ten franchisees in nine cities: Porto Alegre (RS), Curitiba (PR), Florianópolis (SC), Campinas (SP), São Paulo (SP) with two stores, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF) and Recife (PE).

Classic design combined with modern

All-new, yet unmistakable from its roots, the 500 electric car reinterprets the iconic look of the classic with a clean, updated design. The simple, sinusoidal surfaces make the car more elegant and sculptural.

The new car has received a dedicated logo, appearing in the center of the front emblem for the first time. The current logo on the back still maintains its link with the past, albeit converted into an electric configuration: distinguished and embellished by a light blue border, with variable design and color the last zero becomes the letter "e".

The electric car 500 is instantly recognizable by the optical cluster with all-LED headlights and high beams, highlighted by the DRL on the hood as if they were "eyebrows", the headlights with the Infinity Mirror effect. poles and directional lights on the bumper.

The new LED illumination is also included in the flashlight. The rear has a classic luggage compartment and a new spoiler, now even more accented, helping to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Without abandoning the traditional proportions, the new car has increased in size by 61 mm in length, 22 mm between the axles, 57 mm in width and 29 mm in height, prioritizing interior space, but keeping the model. compact and agile in the city. . 16-inch alloy wheels with a dark finish ensure a more dynamic look.

The new front grille, chrome inserts in the window frames and side badging and the adoption of an electronic instead of a mechanical closure provide the opportunity to redesign the grips, now fully integrated with the smart solution Inside the door, are other elements of prominence and elegance, which increase the perceived quality of the model's look and feel.

2021 Fiat 500 - Fully refurbished interior

Focusing on horizontal lines emphasizes the real increase of interior space. Despite the all-new design, occupants will be able to recognize a contemporary interpretation of the model's timeless styling. The dashboard, the two-spoke steering wheel and the round lights make a clear connection to the original 1957 car.

Modern design, wide 10.25" touchscreen infotainment system combined with 7" TFT digital cluster provides connectivity and information delivery for a unique user experience .

Modular storage solutions between the two front seats, where the original transmission was located, have significantly improved perceived comfort. Striking new center console offers 5.7-litre capacity, rear cup holders and additional retractable cup holders in front, plus new armrests for added comfort when driving.

The flat floor containing the lithium-ion battery does not reduce the trunk capacity, unchanged (185 l). The result is a well-thought-out environment with fewer nodes.

In this sense, the traditional mechanical handle disappears, replaced by an e-latch button. The door panels are designed based on this novelty, giving a technological feel and a more streamlined and necessary look.

Mini BEV Architecture

Electricity 500 is designed from a blank sheet of paper. More than 90% of its components, including the Mini BEV platform, are proprietary. For example, the position of the battery on the floor of the vehicle ensures that space is maintained on board, improves weight distribution between the front and rear axles, and lowers the vehicle's center of gravity. These last two features greatly improve the compact's stability without sacrificing driving pleasure and safety.

With few modular components, the architecture received a high capacity (42 kWh) storage lithium-ion battery system, while improving the vehicle's size, comfort and performance. It also ensures the driver the most comfortable driving position and access to the rear seats.

As a completely new project, the electric car 500, for example, also received a new steering column with axle adjustment, electric parking brake and a new rear axle.

Conveniently, the Power 500 comes with a standard 20-foot family charging cable that plugs into a three-prong home outlet and has enough room for the cable in the trunk.

The Type 2 smart socket, located on the right side of the vehicle, allows charging both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). It is called "smart" because of its ability to schedule a charge and provide information about the charging status of the battery.

To optimize recharge times, the Power 500 includes an ultra-fast DC charging system up to 85 kW, which recharges the battery very quickly. In this way, it only takes 5 minutes - similar to drinking a cup of coffee - to generate enough energy reserves to travel 50 km in the city, more than what is needed for average daily use. . And the ultra-fast charging can also fully charge the battery up to 80% in just 35 minutes.

Brazil is the second home of FIAT, the market leader

Brazil is FIAT's largest market outside of Europe. It currently leads sales with a 22% market share, up 52% ​​year-on-year, thanks in part to a number of new vehicle launches that have sold in incredible numbers: the new Strada pickup truck , updated last year, was an instant hit, becoming the best-selling car in Brazil; The mid-size SUV Fiat Toro, refreshed in April last year, has won the hearts of the public, increasing sales by 25% compared to the previous generation.

"The recast Fiat 500 is a compact, refined electric car"

500 is small, but if you don't need the space, it could be your only car. That's because it will go far enough for a fee to be able to rent freeway trips. Meanwhile, the Honda e or Mini Electric would have to be second cars to anyone who's ever driven out of the downtown area instead of just staying inside.

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