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Overlanding, a combination of off-roading and camping, has seen a surge in popularity in the US recently. Along with custom builds from creative off-road enthusiasts, the automakers themselves have caught on to this trend. Last year, both Toyota and Ford showcased off-road mission prepared vehicles, and now GMC is joining the party with the Canyon AT4 Ovrlandx concept, revealed today at the Overland Expo Mountain West 2021 in Loveland, Colorado.

GMC unveiled its Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX concept truck at Overland Expo Mountain West 2021, exploring GMC's vision for its growing line of premium trucks and SUVs.

Building on the capabilities of the Canyon AT4, the concept further enhances the Canyon's off-road prestige by showing how it can be customized for an off-road enthusiast.

"We wanted to showcase GMC Canyon with this concept and underscore GMC's commitment to premium off-road vehicles. The consumer response to this concept's design will help us serve better. half a growing market of true outdoor lifestyle buyers," said Buick and GMC Global Vice President Duncan Aldred.

With the impressive styling and premium amenities GMC customers expect, the Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX concept truck is designed with off-road enthusiasts in mind, with capability features including:

  • Spacious factory-lifted off-road chassis with enhanced ground clearance
  • Off-road rocker dashboard protector
  • Cast iron control handle
  • Heavy duty front bumper with winch
  • Built-in restore point forward
  • Front and rear electronic locking differential lock
  • Wheel flares with built-in task lights
  • Versatile DSSVTM damper
  • Spare tire swivel bracket so the spare tire can be kept in the back of the truck and rotated out of the back door when a bed is needed
  • Lines to protect the windshield from low-hanging branches

The power to explore the rugged terrain is provided by GMC's 3.6L V-6 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The concept truck can confidently handle a variety of obstacles far from civilization with a 27.7-degree approach angle and 10.0-inch ground clearance, fueled by BFGoodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain 33 tires inches on 17-inch AEV Crestone wheels. The vehicle can be exposed to water up to 32.1 inches, and the tailor-made snorkel can allow for cooler and filtered air intake.

Additional features that can help drivers get off the beaten track include:

  • All-terrain rear bumper AEV
  • Stainless steel truck bed cover
  • Covered Tent
  • 270 degree eaves
  • Jerry cans of gasoline and water
  • Drag table
  • Off-road jacks and brackets
  • Cooler and kitchenette
  • Storage truck with drawer system
  • Solar panel

All concept features are integrated with GMC's premium design cues, providing a solid yet premium look. The unique grille and headlamp finishes, distinct AT4 badges and exclusive leather interior create a sense of confidence in competence without compromising on style or comfort.

"The Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX concept car is designed to strike a balance between function and aesthetics. When you're out of water, ability is an important factor, but do it with premium style and enhanced comfort. further experience for customers who really don't want to compromise." John Owens, the lead creative designer for the concept truck.

GMC first introduced the AT4 on the Sierra light-duty pickup truck in 2019, positioned as a unique character to deliver bold capabilities while maintaining cutting-edge technology and premium amenities. associated with the brand. Since then, it has expanded across the entire GMC lineup and continues to gain popularity, with more than 30% of Canyon buyers choosing the AT4 this year.

Canyon is also attracting new customers to the brand with more than half of the buyers in 2021 being new to GMC. The Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX is the perfect concept car that shows how GMC envisions the future of Canyon, and the brand's aim is to serve a growing customer base of off-road and off-road enthusiasts. .

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