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Haval officially released the official interior image of the monster. The car is defined by Haval as a new technology flagship model, so its interior will also focus on creating a sense of technology. According to previous news, the Haval Monster will make its debut at the Chengdu Auto Show and will be officially listed later this year. 

From the official picture, the new car interior adopts a new design style. The 12.3+14.6 dual-screen design on the center console is very eye-catching, and the physical buttons are completely eliminated. In addition, judging from the homepage interface on the central control screen, the new car will be equipped with Great Wall Motors Coffee Intelligent System, or Qualcomm 8155 chip, with full-scenario intelligent interaction, personalized voice interaction and other functions. The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is relatively novel in shape. From the details, the new car supports one-button switching of sports driving mode and ACC adaptive cruise function, and it is equipped with a gear shift mechanism.

In terms of configuration, it can be seen that the new car is equipped with a front-row wireless charging function. The camera on the A-pillar also indicates that it will be equipped with functions such as fatigue driving detection, identification and emotion perception, and also equipped with a HUD head-up display function. In terms of seats, the new car seats will be wrapped in suede + leather stitching material, which is expected to provide very good comfort. In addition, it is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof to take care of the sight of the rear passengers.

Looking back on the appearance, the new car is based on the design concept of “super-space and sharp aesthetics”. The front face is designed in a borderless style with strong recognition. Above the grille, it is equipped with a through-type LED light group, which broadens the visual horizontal ductility. The waistline of the car is combined with the lines of the penetrating lamp group, and the lines on the side of the body are also full of three-dimensionality. In terms of body size, the length/width/height of the new car are 4780/1890/1675mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm.

According to the declared information, the new car will be equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 135 kilowatts (185 horsepower) and a fuel consumption of 7L/100km or 7.15L/100km by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In addition, the new car may also launch a model equipped with the Lemon DHT hybrid system. Judging from the details on the LCD instrument, the new car will also provide a 9-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It is speculated that it may match a 2.0T engine, and it also supports off-road mode selection.

2021 Haval Monster - The official image of the interior of the house is published | Car in China 2021 Haval Monster - The official image of the interior of the house is published | Car in China Reviewed by Góc chia sẻ 'Of Nhân on August 10, 2021 Rating: 5

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