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Starting price: $ 240,000 USD

The classic British sports car maker has unveiled a Plus Four version equipped for overlanding, i.e. the practice of traveling through remote regions, often for months or even years. , and take everything you need on the go. .

Given its compact size, Morgan's new Plus Four CX-T is certainly better suited for shorter off-road trips, although there's still a lot to carry. This is thanks to significant revisions made by Morgan in partnership with Rally Raid UK, a company that helps build Dakar Rally contenders.

Morgan launches the Plus Four CX-T, a car with adventure at its core. A vehicle whose capabilities have yet to be witnessed in a Morgan sports car, it opens up possibilities in terms of routes, landscapes and destinations that have been inaccessible to Morgan vehicles until now.

The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is inspired by Morgan's well-documented history of competing in all-terrain endurance tests. As early as 1911, Morgan sports cars competed and won test competitions, and this adventurous spirit has been key to shaping the Morgan brand ever since. The more adventurous journeys regularly undertaken by Morgan clients around the world further fuel the desire for Morgan to envision the Plus Four CX-T.

Following the launch of Plus Four in 2020, Morgan teamed up with Rally Raid UK, renowned creators of Dakar racing cars, to jointly design and build the Plus Four CX-T. One of the project's goals was to demonstrate the capabilities and durability of Morgan's new CX-Generation platform, along with the Plus Four on which the CX-T is based.

Only eight cars will be produced, priced at £170,000 plus local tax and supplied with full specifications on land, with each customer having the opportunity to work alongside the company's design team. Morgan to specify their own CX-T. Every Plus Four CX-T is built at Morgan's factory in Malvern, Worcestershire, before undergoing final preparation and setup at Rally Raid UK's own workshop facility. Morgan's design and engineering team worked alongside Rally Raid UK throughout the show to define the model's concept, specification, technical and aesthetic attributes.


The exterior of the Plus Four CX-T is designed to maximize luggage and equipment carrying capacity, while providing the necessary protection for occupants in harsh environments. At the same time, Morgan has ensured that its intuitive design reflects this ability and purpose.

Most prominently, the rear bumper of the car has been replaced with a storage rack, with a unique body shell design reminiscent of the classic 4-seat Morgan.

The rack holds two sturdy and waterproof Pelican luggage cases, one Zarges aluminum tool/tool ​​case, two 11-litre Rotopax cases and two spare wheel/tire assemblies. Additionally, for those venturing further off the beaten track, the recovery device is mounted on the outside of the vehicle for easy access when needed. All external mounting systems for all storage and equipment have been carefully designed to be sturdy and easily accessible when needed.

The protective outer exoskeleton can also be adapted to carry recreational equipment such as bicycles and surfboards, to enhance the owner's lifestyle activities, while the side screens are removable. removable can be mounted on the roof of the vehicle, allowing them to carry comfortably in case of changing weather conditions.

Rally Raid UK conducted a complete study of the standard Plus Four vehicle to determine the conversion potential. This study included assessments of the durability of the platform, powertrain and suspension.

The suspension has been engineered to be expedition-ready: stiff and fit for purpose. Durability and an obstacle clearance of 230mm, achieved using a modified Plus Six wishbone. These widen the track and allow for the additional arc of motion needed to achieve the desired suspension performance. The wheel arch apertures have also been revised, allowing the suspension to compress deeply into the wheels, providing maximum grip and stability.

EXE-TC coil assemblies with internal bumper stops are used, which were developed specifically for the vehicle by EXE-TC. These assemblies are born from the off-road competition and are calibrated to provide the ideal balance of compliance and durability.

2021 Morgan Plus Four CX-T - Exterior

In addition to the main suspension hardware, the lower suspension swingarms contain custom bushings for added durability. The combined suspension package is optimized to take on journeys never before tried in a Morgan sports car, while ensuring smoothness and comfort during any excursion into the country.

The five-part undercarriage protection system - consisting of the engine guard, rear chassis guard, center guard and rear fender - helps protect the chassis and critical components from damage. damage while driving in extreme conditions. The car is also equipped with a completely separate exhaust system with a rear side exit that improves the departure angle and contributes to an increased ground clearance of 230mm.

The Plus Four CX-T uses a BMW X-Drive electronic differential with preset software, calibrated and tested specifically for the application. Switches inside the cabin allow three modes to be selected depending on driving conditions; Each mode has a different degree of differential lock applied. Selecting the 'Road' mode fully opens the differential, while the 'All-Terrain' mode applies a lockout of about 45% to the rear differential, allowing torque to be distributed between the rear wheels. The 'All-Terrain - Extreme' mode locks the rear differential completely, delivering equal torque to both rear wheels. Two All-terrain modes are designed for use when handling rough surfaces and low-traction conditions. The gear ratio is also eventually shortened to create a larger diameter and all-terrain tire.

Inside the cabin, Plus Four CX-T features have been added to improve occupant comfort and usability in remote environments. A RAM slot is integrated into the control panel to allow secure fixation of a variety of devices such as phones or cameras. Flexible map lights, pencils and notebook holders are also included, all designed to withstand operation in harsh driving environments.

The luggage compartment has also been optimized with the addition of a removable map/document holder and an insulated cooler bag, both located in the passenger's legroom. A custom first aid kit is attached to the inner roll cage behind the seat. Just like the exterior equipment, every feature inside is designed with accessibility and convenience in mind, whether this is for remote use or the owner's entertainment. possess. The cabin is wrapped in a composite hardtop, typical of the Plus Four CX-T and has been sophisticatedly designed to fit between the inner and outer roll cages.

The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is the second of two special projects to be produced by Morgan in 2021, with the first being the Plus 8 GTR. The introduction of the Plus Four CX-T also coincided with the announcement of the Model Year 22 updates for the Plus Four and Plus Six, and helped inform the technical and aesthetic advancements of the range. Morgan's present and future. The Plus Four CX-T goes on sale immediately, with all vehicles to be manufactured before the end of 2021.

Jonathan Wells, Head of Design, Morgan Motor Company, said: “The Morgan design team has been conceptualizing modern experimental vehicles for many years. About 18 months ago, our investors and CEO, Steve Morris, showed up at the studio and commented on how amazing it is to bring one of these drawings to life. The project is unrestricted and born entirely from the desire to create an exciting British adventure vehicle. The CX-T, like many recent Morgan vehicles, embodies Morgan's design versatility. For me, it's a complete package: historical integrity, legitimacy and aesthetics lead a whole new adventure. "

Mike Jones, Rally Raid UK, said: “Applying my experience of 13 Dakar races, 60 building Dakars and a lifetime of land adventure with a unique sports car like the Morgan is the An interesting and useful project. Having the opportunity to design a car for such a prestigious brand is a responsibility I never imagined I would do. Rally Raid UK and Morgan have partnered with industry-leading suppliers to deliver the highest quality components, as well as design a range of bespoke parts that will remain unique to the model. The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is a genuine on-set adventure car and I look forward to seeing the incredible destinations owners will find themselves in. "

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