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Starting price: $8.940 USD

HOZON Auto, a Chinese startup that owns the “Nezha” electric vehicle brand, will strive to achieve an annual sales target of 40,000-50,000 units for 2021, said Zhang Yong, co-founder and CEO of HOZON Auto, revealed at a press conference.

In 2020, the electric vehicle maker saw its sales increase 51% year-on-year to 15,091 units. In the first month of 2021, the company sold 2,195 new vehicles, a rapid 119.3% increase from a year earlier.

Nezha, the electric vehicle brand launched by HOZON Auto, announced on November 3 its third production model, the Nezha V, officially hit the market. Targeting the low-end BEV segment, the new model is priced from 59,900 yuan ($8,940) to 75,900 yuan ($11,330).

Nezha V made its debut at Auto China 2020 at the end of September. With dimensions of 4,070mm long, 1,690mm wide and 1,540mm high with a wheelbase of 2,420mm, the car stands in the small SUV league.

The closed grille at the front is a rather trendy design among electric cars. The headlights have an irregular shape that is quite unmistakable, and at the same time conveys little strong visual effect. Under the grille is a rippled air intake.

The startup has positioned the Nezha V as a "crossover vehicle" because the downward-facing roofline is derived from the convertible's design. The pair of characteristic lines of the bodywork add to the dynamism of the car.

The design language of the three-spoke taillights is also applied to the headlights of the Nezha U, the startup's second production model, while the lines of the Nezha V look sharper and more elegant.

The Nezha V has a simple but thorny cockpit. Car occupants will see air-conditioning vents that stretch across the entire dashboard and a 13-inch display in the center console, where no physical buttons are there.

Notably, the dashboard-mounted display comes with an AI-powered voice assistant, allowing users to control the air conditioning, navigation, inbound & outbound traffic and the multimedia system by voice.

Among the four variants, the top-spec spec carries a host of driver-assist features, including cruise control, forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, road sign recognition system and more. traffic and lane departure warning.

Nezha V offers two power solutions. The standard long-range version powered by a 31.18kWh battery pack has a NEDC-rated range of 301 km, while the long-range version has a range of 401km during the NEDC test cycle thanks to the 38 battery pack. ,54kWh. In about half an hour, both versions can be recharged to 80% from 30% capacity through the fast charging system.

Although among the small electric SUVs in the same price range, the Nezha V is considered relatively high in terms of cost-effectiveness, practicality and configuration, but after all, it is just a model. low-end maneuverability and there's a lot that can be optimized. Of course, if you don't have restrictions on permits in the area, so I recommend you to buy a car that runs on fuel. What will you think about that?

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